Thursday, October 27, 2016

100 Days 100 Blocks Happy Style!!

                I jumped on the 100 days 100 blocks TRAIN.... toot toot!!! ..... and I am having a COLORFUL blast!!! My color choice for this quilt is Kaffe Fassett and Kona Solids. Because that is what I have on hand. I am using that stash!!! And I am totally HAPPY with the results so far!!!!

        Scream in your face HAPPY COLORS..... YEAH!!!!! My kinda quilt!!!
 The following photos were taken at the end of each section in the book.... I would lay all the blocks on my Dining table and do a group shot so I could see my progress.
Blocks 1-15 Crosses
 Blocks 16 - 35 Rectangles
                                                               Blocks 36 - 55 Triangles

                                                              Blocks 56 - 70 Strips

This is as far as I have gotten...I'm on block 72 today... I believe there are two more sections to the book. Then all 100 blocks will be done. I am just trilled with myself for keeping up. Of course there are incentives...a bunch of prizes at the end if you!!!  I will totally share the last two sections when they are done...and of course the quilt when it is done.

 The book is called.... 100 Modern Quilt Blocks Tula Pink's City Sampler.

Other sewing adventures I'm on....currently doing a HUGE secret sewing job for RJR Fabrics Blog Hop ..."What Shade Are You?" I can NOT wait to show you what I have been doing for that!!!

 Until next time.....



Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We Have A New Fur-Baby

I can NOT believe that September is almost over!!! Where did this month go?!!! Well, we had a wonderful new addition added to our family this month...
 His name is Jasper Skittles.
The photo above was sent to me by the breeder... and I mean who would NOT fall instantly in love!!! Am I right?!!!! He is 8 weeks old in the photo. Jasper is a Cornish-Rex kitten. As I am allergic to all cats.  I had to search for a cat that wouldn't bother me. I knew the Cornish-Rex wouldn't... I have been around them before. 

So, Mr. Jasper Skittles came home to live in the Poodle house.

This is me at the breeders home picking up Jasper....and my poodle heart being cracked wide open by a 2 pound kitty.

He has been a complete joy to have in the house. Because he has very little fur he is a snuggler. You sit still and he will find your lap. He LOVES my poodles. He was raised with dogs in the breeders home. My little poodles Zoey and him too. They even run around and play with him. My Big-girl Bella on the other hand... thinks a squirrel has gotten into the house!!!
Yikes!!! So, we have had to separate the two for the last month...slowly introducing Bella to the wee little kitten...showing her that he is NOT lunch. Nor is he going to hurt her or us. She is a very nervous protective dog.

We are very proud of our Big-girl Bella...she and Jasper are now...after a very LONG month...  best of buds. And the crazy thing is....Jasper wants her over the other two dogs every time. He loves her.!!! Even when at the beginning he was running for his life....LOLOL!!!!

He is a very curious kitty. He gets mesmerized by things...and just watches.
Like me doodling in my artjournal.

The whole family came together and made him his very own Cat tower. It is 5 feet tall....and faces the backyard. You should see him scale that front rope pole. He is so fun to watch.

We have all learned NOT to sit on the couch without checking for the kitten first...Where's Jasper? if we see him off the couch... fine. If not... start moving the couch cushions... and you just might find him snuggled down.

I bought this cement poodle a few years ago...her name is Happy. Got a photo of Jasper just taking in the commotion of all the people on the couch. I had company over at the time.
Love this pic. It gives you a great look at his whole body shape. 

Now instead of a lap full of poodles...I now have a wee little kitty there too. 
I almost had all 4 of my fur-babes in this picture...but Bella moved at the last second. Oh well...maybe next time.

thanks for stopping by....

Monday, September 5, 2016

BabyArtj with FREE Collage Kit

I have Re-Opened my Etsy shop at last!! It has been sitting empty for a good long while. LOL!!! But...not for any other reason than I just couldn't get anything over there! I would show the things I was making on Instagram...and before I could load them to my Etsy shop...people would buy them.
Not a bad problem to have :0)

So, above in the basket are my BabyArtj's ... 3"x3" art journals. They are made with 140 pound water color paper. They will stand up to whatever medium you use on them. They have 12 spreads each, and have hard book board covers. 

You can find my Etsy Shop link always at the top of my blog in the banner.

but for today's post.... click  ** ETSY SHOP **  to get a BabyArtj for yourself :0)

But... if you make it to the bottom you will find out about the FREE kit.....  :0)

Below are peeks inside my BabyArtj's  

              I just love working in these tiny little journals they are so much FUN!!!
                                                        Not to mention Quick!!

                              So, I would like to entice you to give my BabyArtj's a try....
    for everyone who comes to my Etsy shop to buy a BabyArtj from this Blog post
                                               ....I will add a FREE Collage kit with your order.

                                                             will get...
                                                                   1- washi-tape card (6-8 tapes)
                                                                   5- cancelled stamps
                                                                   8- old vintage paper bits (not full sheets)
                                                                   2- of my Art stickers

                      A great Kit to start collaging in your wee little journal.

 Be sure to leave me a COMMENT in the "NOTE TO SELLER" that you came over from my BLOG.

And I will add your collage kit. You will know I got your note, because I will see it and let you know that I got your note.

                                  THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!!

                                            MUCH LOVE ** SANDRA KAYE

Friday, August 19, 2016

New Storage :0)

So how should I start this story.....Once upon a time...I was on a Shop-hop across Florida....LOL!!!! 
and came across this BIG beauty for sale!! For next to nothing!!!
and bought it!!!
The End!
lol :0)

The shop owner wanted more space and let it go for a rock bottom price...So, we came back with our truck and loaded it up and drove the 1 1/2 hour home. (yeah...not fun) 

Lots and lots of storage. The draws are about 14 inches wide and 24 inches deep. 
.... and there are 30 of them.

It has a lot of scratches and dents....I was going to leave it alone (no painting it) but when we pulled it away from the corner the store owner had it in...the side you can't see...has been replaced with a thin piece of panel. It is not as thick as this left side. and it is very yucky. And the only place it will fit in my house....THAT side will show. So it will need to be replaced...which means that side will be new...and not it will ALL need to be painted...

Bring on the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!!

But as soon as quilt season passes me by and I'm NOT tethered to my machines
I will start working on this big girl and turn her into a beauty again. 

Thanks for stopping by....

I'm here...I'm just quilting...I've got show quilts I'm working on...
*Note to year...don't enter any quilts into shows if they are NOT all ready DONE!!!*
...trying my best NOT to stress to much.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

21 Secrets...Early Bird Sign Ups!!!

I am super excited for my friend Dianne!!! She is doing her very first BIG teaching gig!!! Yeah!!! 
Today 21 Secrets released the new fall teacher line up...and Di is in the mix!!! support of my friend...I'm posting HER link to her blog. 

If your are considering or thinking about signing up...go to her blog and sign up up through her :0)

** The very last photo in the post is the link to sign up on her blog. **

There is a FANTASTIC line up of please go check them out!!!

I even found out that another friend is a teacher as well.... Robin Mead!!! Yeah!!! 

Looks like its going to be an AWESOME time!!!

Friday, August 5, 2016


I had a buzzing in my brain for a while to make some art dolls. I have been pushing it aside...cause lets face it I have plenty to do. But I woke up one morning and I just didn't want to ignore it another I set out that day and made my new friend...Ruby-Rose.

I gathered the supplies that have been swarming my head as to what I wanted her to be made of...old quilts, vintage lace, doilies, chenille, buttons, and I even printed a photo that I took in Paris onto muslin. Then I was ready to start playing. 

I am a big doodler...(not sure that's a word) lol... but I love to go back over my art work when I'm done with black pen and doodle.  And I found myself wanting to do the same thing with this I went with it. I stitched her together with black thread....and doodled my heart out!!!
The back of Ruby-Rose.
She is a flat Doll that I just I decided I wanted her to have hair...I added fun fibers in the seam line when I was stitching her closed. 
....and I added a tattoo on the back of her head so it wouldn't seem so blank..hehe!!! 
Yep...I am pretty happy with how she turned out!!! I will totally be making more!!! I have all kinds of ideas rolling around in my head now!!!  Not sure I made it better by getting it out of my system... I think I just might have made it worse...cause now I want to make a whole pile of dolls!!!! HELP!!! lolololol....snort!!!!
I took this photo so you could get an idea of Ruby-Rose's size..... like her creator...she is curvaceous, colorful, and spunky!!!!!!

As always THANK YOU for stopping by
your comments mean the world to me... I love hearing from you all.
Have an AWESOME-SAUCE day!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The finish of My 100 days

Well...these art journal pages are the last of my 100 days project.  They are all collages. 

Some of the collage elements are from Tangie Baxter printables...(above)

Here I used stickers from friends, Tessa and Cindy.

I took this photo in Paris myself.

I love that I can see the stuff coming up from the background under her face. 

Sad to say I did NOT complete the 100 days project. I fell short by 9 days. I filled up my 2 books and needed to start another...and just didn't feel like doing it.
Oh well, I'm happy with all the collages I have... and that is good enough for me.

Onto the next project.
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