Saturday, July 16, 2016

Where Bloggers Create 2016

Welcome to my HAPPY PLACE!!!  I am linking up with Karen Valentines "Where Bloggers Create 2016 today and showing off my studios. I am super happy to have you here today. So, please come in and have a look around. I wish you all could really be here in person...because THAT would be super fun!!! First studio......

This is where all the inky, painty, splattering, swirling, gooey, sticky, messy fun happens!!! :0)

I have been given or traded  artwork with others from all over the world... They surround my studio and give me inspiration everyday :0)

This room is the room were I have the freedom to just let loose and play and enjoy myself and try new things with all the different mediums that I have. I really enjoy that about this room.
I make art journals for sale...and the covers always are original artwork by me. It can get messy when I'm making more than 2 or 3 journals at a time.

My desk. It is very important to me that I have all my supplies handy and close to me.

My shadows.... Bella (big girl) Daisy (black girl) Zoey (cream girl)
I can't imagine my life without them in it.
and that wraps up the messy fun mixed media studio!!!

.....second studio


The "I-need-to-be-spot-on-my-quarter-inch-mark-or-the-whole-quilt-will-be-off-studio-room"
Now, I'm going to take a second to say, that in the past studio tours...I ALWAYS get comments about HOW NEAT MY STUDIOS ARE!!!! Who has a studio tour and doesn't clean up??? Right? Well, I cleaned up my Mixed-Media room for the tour...but this year I decided NOT to clean up my quilt room. So, here we go...into a REAL QUILT ROOM.

Now here in my Quilt room I'm not so adventurous ...that is to say...I am but I am not... meaning...I'm very fussy about my quarter inch sewing line, my cutting line, paper-piecing line...the straight of grain and on and on. So...I put on a totally different hat when I walk into this room. I am NOT the same kind of artist when I come into this room.   But, I do feel like lately some of the other room has been inching its way into this room bit by bit...and I have to say...its kinda getting a little fun!!! So, I will have to wait and see what the future artist Sandra Kaye will look like....Ha :0)
I happen to be in the middle of 3 very big quilt projects and didn't have time to clean up...or want to clean up... so this worked out for you to see my room in its working stage. And before anyone says..."How come your floors are clean?" that is for the safety of my big girl Bella...she is the house GOAT...she love little bits of paper, fabric, ribbon, you name it...she will eat it...then we are off to the dog ER and I don't want that for we have learn to keep our floors clean...and all trash cans have lids or they stay on counters.

My mid-arm sit down machine is in the background there waiting its turn to start up. Her name is Bertha :0)

This is Momma-Nina

Baby-Nina is covered up here

Goldfish in the works

 Love my mini wall...but the projects are creeping up the wall...yikes!!!!

Well, there you go. Thanks so much for stopping by...hope you enjoyed your visit!!!
Thanks again Karen for hosting a great Tour :0)

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Cultivating Creativity - July Challenge

I am super EXCITED to let you know that my video interview with Rachel from Handmade U is up on her blog today!!! She is taking the month of July and interviewing Artists about creating art.

My question was... How do I stay motivated? 

So click HERE and watch the interview and find out :0)
(after July 8th my interview can be found on the right side of her blog under ARCHIVES, Day 8 Cultivating Creativity with Sandra Kaye)

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope my tips in the video help you out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Redbubble....Fun Stuff!!


I did this painting awhile ago.... and she hangs in my house. My family calls her my!!!
My friend Mindy Lacefield suggested that I check out Redbubble. There they take your photos and print them on anything you want them printed on. And people can go in and buy your art on stuff too. Much like Society 6. So, I took this painting outside to get nice bright pictures and loaded her up to Redbubble. WOW!!!! It was easy and fun. Now... You wonder what the stuff looks like??
Well, here is the stainless steel travel mug!!! AWESOME!!!  And it is not a plastic wrap either. Its really printed on there. Love it!!!

My hubs wanted to order the pillow... he ordered it flat without the pillow form. (cheaper) and the colors are spot on true to the canvas I painted, and it is the same on both sides!!! 
My friend Becky came over to art one day, so I showed her the Redbubble site...and she ordered my Red Roses on the spot for her 6plus Iphone. It is super fun! She has told me if she had them on hand she could have sold them half a dozen times already!!! hehe!!! :0)

Playing with the camera...trying my best to get a new picture of myself with a quilt behind me. I think there were 50 shots this day, and this was the only one I liked!!1 lol!!!! 

If you want to take a look...head on over to Redbubble and look me up. 

Click HERE to find me.

Or you can write down my link and save it for later....

Monday, June 27, 2016

My Poodles-My Loves

 I LOVE my girls!!!! I have three!!! Zoey (above) she is 12 years old next month, and the Mother of Daisy and Remy (who lives with my Sister). I was pulling out my cutter quilts to take chunks out of them to use in a project.... when I came back around the corner...and Ms. Zoey had made herself comfy. :0) I just didn't have to heart to move her. So, for the day I left them on the floor for her.
My sweet little Ms. Daisy ( She and her brother just turned 7 yrs old) They are toy poodles. My constant shadow. My velcro-pup. LOL!! She looks at me like the sun and the moon set on me. :0)

and then there is this delightful creature....Bella ( or whom I call "Bellabean") She is 4 years old. She is a Royal standard poodle. She is a very large poodle. Bigger than a standard poodle. And very protective of her Momma....Me :0) 

Me on the couch eating!!! Do they want something??? hmmm??? To be truthful when ever I'm on the couch eating my girls line up just like this every time. (It wouldn't be because they KNOW that if they are very patient Momma will slip something to them...would it?!!  :0) 

Me every morning when I put my make up on. "Bellabean" thinks it is a good time to watch and get snuggles!! How does one say no to such a face??? 

Due to the change in my finances I need to start grooming my poodles. Poor Zoey!!! I can't tell if she is telling me she forgives me despite my poor grooming skills or what?? But I put her on my bed and she layed down on this pillow. I had to take the picture. Like everything else...practice. I will get better Zoey I promise. She was the first to go that day...Bella went next...and I did better.

            heart melts when my girls look at me with such love in their eyes.
My last photo.... I was in the studio all day.... and Bella simply told me in her way that I had had enough. It was time for me to get up and stop. I am sitting in my chair and she is on her feet. I am NOT leaning over. THAT is how big my dog is!!! 
Bella wanted a hug... she layed her head on my chest and did not move. I held her like this for 5 minutes. I was able to get one selfie.

My girls complete my little world. I can't imagine my life without a poodle in it. And I never will have a life with out a poodle in it. I will always own one. They give you that unconditional love that we all need.

Besides Jesus Christ, my hubby, and kids.....they are a must for my life.

Friday, June 17, 2016

100 Days Update

I have been really enjoying my 100 days art project. I am still plugging along in my midori art journal. Doing a quick collage a day...for 100 days. I have found that some days it is just a quick page with no real meaning. But then some days after I am done and I study what I have made...I realize my collages may have more meaning in them than I realize. Part of my inner self coming out as I walk through my daily life. Interesting and yet scary at times...ha!!! Here are a bunch of pages....
please ENJOY!!!

I am sure by now you have seen that I really LOVE old papers! Those go down first every time. I have a new favorite magazine. "Bella Grace", by Somerset.... when I am done savoring each issue for months...I will take images and sayings that moved from them and work them into my art. Like the words in the page above.

....longing for a simple day....
Ever have one of those days?
I most have been having one of those days then :0)

Thank you for stopping by. I love it when you take the time to say HI :0)
Have a blessed day.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Handmade U 2016

I had the AWESOME privilege to attend Handmade U in Nebraska on May 12-14, 2016.  Rachel Mcgough is the Hostess and owner of this beautiful barn that holds the event. Her special guest teacher this semester was Mindy Lacefield!!! Which had me floating with excitement!!! I love her ART!!!

  Plus....Mindy and I have been friends for years on Instagram but have never met, because we have bonded over our poodles...hehe!!! Her Merlin and my Bella look so much a like...except in their sizes, my Bella is about 2 times bigger than Merlin.  :0)  Poodle Momma's that is what we are...LOL!!!

The Handmade U staff. 

Rachel's husband bought her a photo booth for her anniversary one year...and they got it to print the Handmade  U logo down the middle. Then we formed lines down the sides of the booth...and ran in and out as fast as we could for everyone to have as many people in their pictures as possible. That was super FUN!!! Here is my photo strip!!!
The grounds were just so pretty. Here you can see both the house and the barn. 

Class goodie bag and my name tag.
Inside the Barn...getting ready for classes. 
The first class was Quiltdori's with Rachel. Here you can see everyone's finished dori's. Mine is on the top row, second from the left. Mindy's is the first one next to mine. They all look great!!!

The second class was Mindy Lacefield.... an Altered child's board book. 

Mindy showing us some demos. If we all look cold?.... that is because we are!!
 Me probably most of all...I believe I was the only one from the southern regions. (Florida) My teeth chattered all day!!! lol!!! :0)
Here you can see my little boy and and messy space all around me.
My little man close up.
I got to meet another long time IG friend @packerdi_honestheartstudio . Dianne and I have never met...but have been friends on Instagram FOVEREVER!! It was AWESOME!!!!

                                                                           Smile :0)
This barn is just gorgeous!!!
Last photo...I wanted to take a selfie with as many people as I could get to fit in the picture. And Mindy took my phone and stood on the picnic table and peeked her head around the corner and snap...we had a great last selfie of the group!!! 

Awesome time!!! If you ever get a chance to go to one of Rachel's Handmade U's....I highly recommend it!!!

For future Handmade U semesters and website click >> HERE.

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