Friday, June 9, 2017

Sandie's Backyard Paradise Part 1

So, back in October 2016 Hubs and I decided to get a pool. After doing our research we had Pool people come and give us the numbers...YIKES!!! Are you kidding Me!!! And I told my Hubs I've always wanted a Koi pond, just a little one off to the side of the pool. Under the screen porch so birds don't eat them. Well, at these pool prices THAT wasn't happening. Sigh :( So, We went to the Home and Patio Show downtown to have a look around at all the different vendors to see what was what. And I ran into Earthworks. They specialize in water features. And they just happen to be having a Koi pond workshop the very next weekend. 

You bit your dollar I dragged Hubs there to see if we could build our own Koi pond. Um??!! After 5 minutes of watching the Leader of the Koi pond maker start sweating....the answer was clearly NO!!!!! So, I got up slipped into the office and made an appointment to have that cool guy come to my house and give us his numbers for a small Koi pond next to our pool. ( we were due to sign pool papers in 2 days) The gal at the register said..."We are also doing a Koi pond tour today too... here is a map of all the house that are open to visitors if you would like to see finished ponds." YES!!! So, I went out side and waited for Hubs to realize that he could NOT do this project. It took him about another 15 minutes...HA!!! We left and went on the tour.

3rd house in was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
No pool just one huge water feature and out door kitchen from one end to the other. It was like walking into a section of a Disney Botanical Garden or something. Turtles, koi, goldfish, plants, butterflies ...we were in awe!!! 

Called Pool man....Sorry we no longer want a pool.

Called Earthworks man....We want what you did over there but on a smaller scale.
I don't have 200,000 to spend.

Earthworks stuck to our budget and we have a BEAUTIFUL mini paradise in our own backyard.

We decided on 2 ponds. An upper pond and a lower pond. And 3 water falls. The tall wall in the back corner there is where the first waterfall will start.
The rock they are moving right now is a Tennessee stone, and weighs 2 tons. And it became my walking bridge to Hubs little space. It took 2 trucks, and 8 men to move!!! I thought I was going to pass out!!!             
Lower pond taking shape. Bridge in.

On the left you can see they have extended my porch patio out to meet the upper pond. And made steps. The original porch dropped straight down at the pillars.
This gives you an idea how deep this lower pond will be. 3 feet deep.
I was in my Art studio and my Bella was going bonkers growling and barking like someone was going to come through the second story window any second. I kept telling her to be quiet!!!! Knowing she was barking at the GROUND crew!!But, then I finally looked at her and she was NOT looking DOWN at the ground crew for Pete's sakes...she was looking straight out!!! WHAT?!!!! So, up I got to see what she was seeing!!! LOL!!!! Had to go get my girl a cookie for that one!!! LMAO!!!! The look she gave was..."I told ya so Mom!!!"
Here are my hero's ....There were more of them...but these guys were here all the time. :)
So, are the finished results. The water is a little murky. But it had not yet settled. And the plants are all brand new. And at this point I had no fish. But, I wanted you to see the the finish product.

Upper pond

You can see the bridge and my Hubs chair he picked out.

...and then this is my chair I picked out! LOL!!! yeah...I know!!! LOL!!!

Our first inhabitant ...his name is Turt. And he is a Georgia Slider.
He is so stink' cute!!!

and Yes, we let the boys out every once in a while. Supervised of course. Then we bring them back in. (Jasper)

Well, that's the new Porch. Will do a "What's it look like now Post soon."
Gorgeous!!! Plants have filled out, fish have gotten bigger, water is crystal clear, and baby turtles are getting bigger too.

Have a great day!!!

Sandra Kaye.


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I've Been On A MINI Roll

I haven't been posting here on my blog for a while. But I have been busy. I signed up for several Mini swaps. So, I have been a Mini making machine. Here are the mini's I made and sent off.

Above, is a teeny Hazel Hedgehog for the MiniMiniPinkSwap.

Then here is my Starbucks Valentine's Mug Rug Swap.

My Flying Geese Swap Mini.... 

Personal sewing ....making Pluses for a mini for Me.

Half a Dresden plate Mini ....for Me.

I bought this print from Melissa Averinos ....I took a Face class from her at Quilt Con. She signed it for me, and I quilted it and made a mini for my wall with it.

And then the Sleepy Sloth pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. For my Animal Swap 2017.

...and here is my updated Mini wall I have been working on. The new mini's have not been put up yet. But they will be...I have 3 mini's that I need to bind....before I can add them all. So, I can figure out what will go where. There are 21 up so far and I have only made 10 of them. 

I love it!!!

Thanks for stopping by :0)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Quiltcon 2017 part 2

 Quiltcon was soooo much FUN!!! I don't think I have ever had so much fun at a quilt show before. The people, the staff, the shops, and the show quilts. AMAZING!!! I'm ready for the next show!

Here are the pictures of MY favorite quilts...and NO...I didn't take pictures of their names...I totally forgot!!! (sorry...some I know, because I know the quilters...but otherwise.)
Let's start with the "Best of Show"...can you say "WOW"!!!!! it is paper-pieced.

                                                                  Elaine @messygoat

                                          I love this quilt!!! It is pieced...not raw edged appliqued.

Marla @Pennylanequilts

 ...and I saved my favorite for last :0) 
This was done by Michelle Wilkie @ml_wilkie

Well, there were so many more to see...but these were just the few that captured my attention. 

I totally have plans to go to the Quiltcon 2019 in Nashville Tennessee. Not sure about California next year...but ya never know.

Thanks for stopping by....

Monday, March 20, 2017

QuiltCon 2017

I think I have finally recovered from what I feel has been one of the most AWESOME quilt experiences of my life!!! QUILTCON 2017 in Savannah, Georgia.  It was non-stop for 5 solid days. Try doing that on one leg and one knee. Yeah....needless to say...I was exhausted by the time my all day Sunday class came around. I actually fell asleep sitting up in front of my sewing machine while the teacher was talking!!! Very embarrassing!!! But Zippy (knee scooter) and I made it through.
Today I thought I would start with all the awesome fun people I met.
Then the next post will have the quilts I saw.

The above photo was my #helloquiltcon photo for IG so people would know what I looked like.

I checked in on Wednesday night...and even got a Swag bag of goodies as I was one of the first 1500 people to register on line.

....and here is the bag I got and all the goodies that was inside. 
Those Elizabeth Hartman bags were a hot commodity...they sold out fast. To those that didn't get one for free. 

 Okay one thing I was really after besides meeting big name quilters.... was buttons. I had always heard that Quiltcon was really big on swapping buttons. The companies pass them out and regular people pass them out with their blog names or IG names on them. So, I had one made....its smack in the middle of the above photo. It says "SEW HAPPY" That's my button I past out. I missed some button's from people but I got a lot too. Now I need to make a fun quilt to pin them too.
Sometimes People would walk up to me...and say they knew exactly who I was...that they follow both my art feed and my quilt feed on Instagram. And they knew I was going to be here with buttons...and would ask for one. If they didn't have a button to swap...I told them they had to pay with a!!! They would always laugh and say sure thing. This happened at least a dozen times.

While I was at the show I did three mini quilt swaps. The first one was with my IG friend @freebirdquiltingdesigns .....Carolyn she is from Australia. I made the Pink quilt she is holding and she made the white quilt with applique that I am holding. It was absolutely lovely to meet her in person and swap mini's with her as well.
Then MQG hosted their very first mini-swap and I am standing with my partner Marla (@pennylanequilts) lol!!! friends were taking pictures...and I guess they caught me looking nervous as she was opening her quilt!!!
I had nothing to worry about ...she loved it very much!!!
The pluses measure 1 1/2" sq. 
I called the quilt "Happy Dance" 

There was a 3rd mini quilt ...that was to be given to me...but, on...

... Let's talk about all the FUN people I got to meet shall we?!!!

                                                     Mr. Giucy_Giuce and his big teddy-bear hugs!!!

               Mathew @misterdomestic ....He did and awesome demo that I want to try!!! I really          enjoyed meeting him in person!!!
I even ran into some Jacksonville Peeps!!!!! 
Ms. Sue Bleiweiss...I have her book. And she had a quilt in the show...and it won 1st place in its category.

The lovely Leah Day

Ms. Victoria Findlay Wolfe

IG friend..... @messygoat

Allison ....another IG friend I got to meet in person...(@quiltdesignatelier)

I even made new friends from IG!!!

Ms. Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Co!!!

Laura Hartrich (@Quiltstories)

Susan Brubaker Knapp.... Really?!!! Super-Cool!!!!

Ailson Glass ... Yes!!!! Laura and I were giddy school girls!!!

Tula Pink in the house!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! 

Angela Walters

Sarah Thomas (@sariditty)

I LOVE this picture.... I got both Nicole (@lillyellasworld) and Sarah (@sariditty) to do a selfie with me. LOVE these girls. They are sooooo talented and sooo sweet too.

Melissa Averinos ....and my face I worked on while in her class. Which I lost between Georgia and home :(  

and my partner for the show and room mate was Laura. 
We had a blast...Love Laura to pieces!! She is a great friend. I really enjoyed the show and hanging out with her and meeting all these awesome quilters.

If you get a chance to go to a should...that is my recommendation.

Next post will be of the quilts.....

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