Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Just a Spot of Journal Play

  Just a spot of journaling today.... Enjoy :0)

       Was feeling a little frustrated with some ugliness going on in the Art community a few months ago and made a spread and put this quote on it. One of the things I love about art you can work out your feelings.

I am doing a challenge with a friend. She and I bought these Jumbo composition journals. And we  each take a turn in the subject matter. This page was my idea...Wings. Love how it turned out. Darlene's theme is next and she picked.... Trees. 
Was doing my scripture for the day and a doodle. Jasper is always mesmerized by my drawing. And because he was sitting there he got doodled onto the page. :0)

LOL!!! I love this picture!!! I just had to share. My boys in their Sweaters. It was as close as I could come to Christmas sweaters.  Jake and Jasper....such good Boys.  If your wondering they are Cornishrex cats. Hypoallergenic and they don't shed.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Quilts and Happy News

Hello Everyone...I can't believe it's February already!!! What happened to January? I said I was going to blog better...and I lost January!!! LOL!!! Oh well! 

I have a bunch to share...Above is my first UFO finish for the year...."Scraps off the Floor". It is my goal to get at least 10 UFO's done this year....and now I only need to get 9 done!! Yeah!!! 
The back .... super love this small quilt. Made with batiks. Literally made from scraps off the floor.

Made this mini for my Sit and Sew group I have in my house.
Laura the Happy owner of the new mini now.

Here is the group with all our new mini's. 

Back row....Laura (mini made by: Me) Sandie (mini made by: Becky) Becky (mini made by: Kate)
Paula ( mini made by: Laura) and Kate (mini made by: Paula)
and my sweet little Zoey in her Christmas sweater.

It was a very fun night.
Joined the #Starbucksbemyvalentine mini swap again this year. This is the pattern used this year. Absolutely love it!!! 

 Quilting this mini with tiny swirls and curls.

Binding it next and sending it off to it's new home. Will come back and do a post of a finished picture of this mini and the one I receive.

I also, I got a chance to go to Orlando in December with a friend ...We went to Animal Kingdom. Which is the place of the brand new Pandora exhibit as well. I am A HUGE fan of the movie.!!! I was soooo looking forward to going.

It was just mind blowing the way they have made it look so real!!!
I really enjoyed my day!!! 
Darlene and I had an AWESOME day!!! You can see the Big TREE of Animals behind us.
And Of course I had to wear my Pooh ears!

Well...I believe I have caught you all up...

 Oh wait ... one more thing...

I entered my first juried quilt show (Quiltcon 2018)
and my quilt was excepted!!!! It will hang in the show!!!! WHAT?!!! YES!!!!

So, I will be flying to Pasadena California in February for the show to see it hanging with all the other AMAZING quilts. 

As you can imagine....I'm beyond excited!!!

As always...Thanks for your time...


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Wow...Is it the end of another Year?!!!

I can't believe it's the end of the year already!!! WOW!!! 

Well, I thought I would end my year on a project I am working on....(still working on)
Debbie from A Quilter's Table had a Improv Stripe QAL on Instagram a while ago on improve stripes. I thought "Yes!" I totally want to give that a try and played along.

You can find her instructions for the Improv Stripe QAL on her blog HERE

So, here are my beginning stripe sets.

I of course was pulling from my stash of strips and adding solid strips in between.

...and as you can see once I got going I found it really hard to stop. 
Now I believe this is where the large group on Instagram started putting their strip sets together into really cool stripe improve quilts. 

But....I was NOT liking the idea of putting all this together this way. It needed more somehow.?? So, I set out to cut all this up ....ha!!!

....And I ended up still needed more....

I started adding solids again and just made units... and put them up on the wall.

Then when the units were big enough to fit together...I added solid strips again. 

Then before I knew what I was doing I grabbed some solid strips and made an improve word....that fit the quilt. "HAPPY" which also happens to be my favorite word.

And this is going in the quilt ....not sure where? But it is going in....

....and sadly that is all I have to show you....Ha...but, my next post will be the finished top.

I pinkie swear!!!!

( I needed a pedicure!!!)

Hoping you all had a wonderful Blessed Christmas!!!

And HAPPY New Year!!!!!!

2018 Here we come!!!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Camp WatchaWannaDo :0)

Off to camp I go... Its been a long time since I've said that! But I joined a new Quilt Guild...and they do a yearly sewing camp!!! YEAH!!! I was so glad I joined them just in the nick of time to catch the camp fun.
Plenty for room for 34 quilters to each have their own 6 foot table. (everyone was at lunch when I took this pic)
We even got a chance to go to the local Quilt Shop. And as I like to take Selfies (to document my life) The sun played into my picture perfectly :0)
These are the things I worked ....above is my giant cross-cut quilt...pattern by Debbie from A Quilters Table.

Mary Anne showed us all how to make folded fabric stars!!

And I'm doing a travel Round robin quilt...and the quilt I got in the mail this time was Halloween themed ...LOL!!! So, out came Lillyellasworld paper pieced Spider. To add to the quilt. Pretty spooky right?!
We were gone for a five days...So we got some good sewing time in. We had show and share night...and here are the picks of finishes or how far Ladies got. ( and I'm sorry I can't remember names, I'm still very new to this guild)

I got a few selfies with the Gals the morning we were all leaving...I look like I'm wearing my PJ's..I'm not...just the top over my sleeveless dress, because it was butt freezing COLD that morning we got up to leave the camp!!!! And I had NO sweater. So I was stuck walking around with my PJ top on....LOLOLOL!!!! :0)

Vicki - Linda - Me

Me - Sunny

Me - Sherry - Sunny

Thanks for stopping by blog....see ya soon. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Scraps off the Floor.

I decided to make myself a Mini and didn't even know what fabrics to use...and saw all the fabric on the floor from a project I was working on and thought...lets just use that. Waste not want not. :0)

Started by making parts.... all random....improv...

No right or wrong.....

Then started putting all the parts together..

The top is done... now I just need to quilt it. But I am very Happy with the top.
Nice and Pretty.
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