Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More "Quilties"

For those of you who are visiting from Lily's Quilts welcome. My name is Sandie, and I have been blogging for only 2 months. So please look around , it is my hope you will enjoy my blog home.!!       Here are some more of my art journal quilties. I'm posting these quilties because I threw out my upper back, and can not sew. :(:(    I feel like my left arm has been removed!! I have sewn for a couple of hours a day for over 25 years!!!! What do people do who don't sew??? Any way, until my back comes (back) on line, I will post the quilties that I have done up to this point in the year. I hope you enjoy!!!!  
I love this quiltie!!!       All of these quilties are approximately  4x6 inches or smaller. Some of them are as small as 2x2. I made them to fit what I was working with, or the mood I was in at the time :):)

The background on this quiltie, is a piece of test fabric for my sewing machine. You know when you start a new sewing project and you want to test your stitches? Most people throw those away. Not me!! I put yo-yo's on top and a made a quiltie ::):):)

Last one for this post. I wanted to do the year, so I would know when this art quilt was made. !! I'm having a super time doing these quilties. :):) Until next post.!! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Quiltie Art Journal 2011

Welcome to my one year project. I LOVE to art journal. (with paper and paints.) As you all know I LOVE to quilt also. So, I decided to mix both passions. My thought was instead of having a book art journal, why not a quilt art journal.??! The idea is to make a little quilt (quiltie) once a week. I will use all my little leftover pieces that I just don't have the heart to throw away. I could even use some of my scrapbook stuff too:):):) Then I will make a solid square quilt to attach all my little quilties to. Then hang it in my art room as my art journal for 2011. I did start in January and I will show you my quilties every once in awhile so you can see my progress. It is a great place to try out new techniques without wasting to much time or materials.  I numbered each one as I made them. I won't show them in order or put them on the quilt in order either... . .. Hope you enjoy :):)

(# 21)  I had these little red end pieces I just couldn't throw away.
(#20)  Here I decided to make a little house scene with the kitty I had. By the way, this project is a great opportunity to practice your quilting technique. :):) This quiltie was made because we just bought our House.:):)
(#13)   My friend Karen came over to play in my art room. She showed me how to make these really cool fabric roses. I decided to make a quiltie with them to remember the fun we had that day! :):)
(#10)  On this quiltie, I wanted to try out my fabric foils I bought and NEVER did anything with. :):)
(#5)    I just liked this fabric. And decided to just play with thread, beads, and hand quilting.  
I will show more another time. Hope every one is having a good day!! :):) 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey Ya'll, hope yer havin' a super day :):)

Good day to all.!! Thanks for stopping by to see what I'm up to :):) Boy, It sure is HOT here in Arizona!!   I finished up the blue quilt :) I must have started this thing 5 or 6 years ago.
Here it is layed out so you can better gaze upon it :):) 
And this is were it will spend the rest of it's days. On my Great-Grandma's machine. :):)
So, that's what I did this week.
We have a pug named Penny. She LOVES sun bathing. I keep telling her she better be careful. Some turkey buzzard is gonna think she is lunch if she stays out to long. But, pugs can be stubborn.... You can't tell her what to do :):):)
P.S. No animals were harmed in the making of this blog :):):)
Ya'll have a super day now, Ya hear!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My New Quilt As You Go project!!!

As I'm floating through blog land I'm finding the coolest Blogs!! One of the Blogs I just love is The Quilting Edge - by Marianne. She is a very talented quilter. She has great tutorials too! I was completely inspired by her QAYG ( quilt as you go) projects. Soo, Here is the first section of my QAYG project. As my quilt grows I will post the new sections.    Thanks Marianne for the inspiration :):)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sit back and relax. It's time for a little show and tell!!

I went to a quilt retreat this weekend and put together this colorful quilt. (It helped that I had it all cut out and ready to sew!:):)
Here is one of my favorite quilts that I've made. This was a Bonnie Hunter class. In this class she taught you how to use all the little leftover pieces. ( Remember, you pay for the left overs too!!:):)
Here's another class. The rose has about 67 pieces of fabric layered to create the depth in the rose and leaves.
My one block wonder. I didn't have enough fabric, so I had to improvise to get this quilt a little bigger. ( I added the sunflowers) Sometimes, that makes for the best art. :):)
Just so you know that I don't just quilt. I love to play with paper too!! Here is a little ATC book I made to hold an ATC trade that I was in. I'm a huge ATC hound:):):) I have over 1000. I just can't get enough of them:):)
Here is a look inside!!
And here is my friend , Lori's ATC. Just beautiful!!
So, This is me and some of my art. I hope you enjoyed!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust!!! (finished quilt project that is!!)

Here is the finished quilt from the front!!! (yeah!! I love it when I get things done)

This is a sample for the quilt shop I work for. I machined quilted it on my Bernina.

I LOVE all my quilt backs to be pieced. I use all the leftovers from the front for my backs.

My Mom came bearing gifts for me!!! She loves to crochet doilies. So she brought me several shapes and sizes. The center is 3 doilies, in 3 sizes. The smallest is the size of a quarter. She also made the WELCOME banner. I'm truly blessed to have a MOM who makes me wonderful gifts. Our family visit went very well. Sadly, it was way to short. But, there is always next year :):):)
Here is my wonderful MOM!

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