Monday, August 8, 2011

Sit back and relax. It's time for a little show and tell!!

I went to a quilt retreat this weekend and put together this colorful quilt. (It helped that I had it all cut out and ready to sew!:):)
Here is one of my favorite quilts that I've made. This was a Bonnie Hunter class. In this class she taught you how to use all the little leftover pieces. ( Remember, you pay for the left overs too!!:):)
Here's another class. The rose has about 67 pieces of fabric layered to create the depth in the rose and leaves.
My one block wonder. I didn't have enough fabric, so I had to improvise to get this quilt a little bigger. ( I added the sunflowers) Sometimes, that makes for the best art. :):)
Just so you know that I don't just quilt. I love to play with paper too!! Here is a little ATC book I made to hold an ATC trade that I was in. I'm a huge ATC hound:):):) I have over 1000. I just can't get enough of them:):)
Here is a look inside!!
And here is my friend , Lori's ATC. Just beautiful!!
So, This is me and some of my art. I hope you enjoyed!!


Sunny Florida said...

Wow! Girlfriend! You are doing an awesome job! I love all the quilts. The ATC trades were alot of fun. I sure miss those times. We'll talk soon!

Karen Valentine said...

I never tire of looking at your beautiful handiwork.I love them all, but the sunflower one is my fav!! Maybe it's because I'm already longing for Fall!! Ha!! Wishful thinking!!!

Lois Arnold said...

Sandie, congratulations on your blog award! Your quilt retreat sounds like a great time! It's been quite a while since I've had time to go to one of those. I did go to the NQA Quilt Show in Columbus, OH this year, though.

Anonymous said...

Sandie, your quilts are beautiful. I love how colorful they are. I especially like the sunflower one! That's a lot of ATC's. How fun!

Talk to you soon!

Andee said...

I LOVE your Bonnie Hunter Quilt! I haven't tried doing crumbs or letters yet but both are on my list! That is the best quilt...I do so love anything Bonnie!

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