Friday, September 30, 2011

Mixed Media Show and Tell!!

Today I thought I would show some of my other art projects I have done. I love all kinds of art. Sometimes I have WAY to many fires in the burner going at once. Which leads me to this post. I can't get anything done. I'm in total creative melt down. :( I go in my room and see all the things I've started, and all I want to do is start something else. Am I the only person like this???

This jar I made on a pottery date with my daughter. You know those places you can go to and sit down and paint. I made this my daughter made a snake. (go figure:):)

Me, 5 months old. Blue is also my favorite color. That is if you force me to pick just one :):)

A plain wooden box I bought at the craft store. I painted the inside, and decoupaged the outside with cool papers, stamps, charms, and buttons.

Again,wooden letters that I painted and put yo-yo's, silk flower leaves, and buttons to make a flower.

This book is hand made by me. I cut it to be a 5x5 book, the pages inside hold 4x4 art pieces that I have made.

Here is one of the 4x4 art pieces in the above book. I cut the papers 1/4 inch and wove them to make the background. This piece was a lot of fun.                    Well,  I'm always busy, but every once in a while I shut down for some reason. It drives me crazy!!!!!  I think I will go bind a quilt and watch a movie and cuddle with my poodles :):) Until next time.....

QUILTIE UPDATE.... all is going great. I just sent the mailing address to every one on my list. I know there were a few Ladies thinking they might join in if they got their quilties done in time. So, if you are going to trade email me and I will send you the address. Thanks again everyone for joining in on the FUN.  Happy Quilting, and Crafting to all!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blogger's Block of the Month!!!

I'm so excited!!! There is a FREE block of the month over at Canton Village Quilt Works  with Jackie. When I read about this BOM all I read was we are going to use Kaffe Fassett fabric. I'm a huge KF hound. I have a yard of almost every piece he has ever put out. ( SHHH!! don't tell my husband)   I want my quilt to be BIG, so I have decided to do my blocks twice each month.

Here is my second block. Each month a different quilter will design a block. This month's block was designed by Sherri over at  A Quilting Life. I think she did a wonderful job!!! 

So, if you are looking for a great way to use up some of your fabric.... head on over to Jackie's to find all   the info that you will need to join in on the FUN!!
Happy Quilting!!!!!

QUILTIE REMINDER!!!! How are they all coming??  Don't forget mail out date is OCT 15th!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

My ATC Love Affair !!!

In 2005,  I read my first article on a new art thing sweeping the country. It was called Artistic Trading Cards.  Little by little all the art magazines started talking about this new art craft. I was very intrigued. So, I started to play with making these cards on my own.  That soon was not enough.  I looked all around my town for people who might be trading.  No one was trading and the shops had no idea what I was talking about.  So, what must a girl do??? ..... Start her own group.  And I started teaching classes at the local scrapbook shops too. 

Here are a few of my ATC's that I have made. I have made over 1000 cards. Which means I have collected over 1000. I really love all my little treasures. They are from all over the world. They are fast and quick and so much fun. Everyone should try one or two. But, be careful... they are like potato chips..... you might not be able to make just one. :):)

These cards can be made out of any medium you want.

Some of my favorite cards are of course made with my fabric leftovers.

It is this creative persons opinion that everyone should try to make some ATC's. They are a lot of fun.     If anyone is interested in trading with me, let me know. I'm always game when it comes to making and trading these little guys :):) 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

QAYG part #2

Here is my QAYG part #2. The section with the flying geese was added. I haven't decided what side I want to do next. I have so MANY fires in the burner, that I need to work on some other stuff. One day it will get done. I admire quilters who start on one project and push through to get it completely done. I can do small projects like that, but not the big ones. :):) Oh well :):)
OK, does anyone else have an obsession for this little antique toy sewing machines??? Or is it just me? 

For those who are working on the quiltie trade, how are you doing??? We have 16 ladies signed up so far. With 2 ladies in the thinking mode. :):) Well, I'm just checking on you. Looking forward to October 15th.         

Big HUGS to all,  Sandie

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Grand Canyon !!!

This weekend I took my dearest New York friends Reenie and Trace to the Grand Canyon. I have never seen anything in my life as BEAUTIFUL as the Grand Canyon. !!!!! 
Can you say "Awesome"!! I was just speechless this whole trip. For those who know me... Speechless is not something I do often :):)   It was a wonderful trip. A true blessing to be able to see such wonder.
I mean seriously!! Just gorgeous!!!!! We took the train from Williams, AZ. They were celebrating 110 years on the rails, and had a steam engine pull us all the way to the Grand Canyon. On the way home we were robbed!!!! By armed bandits!! (on horseback)....Of course the train had to stop to let them on. lol!!! Our kids thought that was GREAT!! :):)
Before my friends came I did a crash sewing session. I made this small wall quilt.
Of course, you know me... I have to piece my backs!!

Well, that's it for now.... DON"T FORGET TO WORK ON YOUR QUILTIES!!!
Mail out date is OCT 15th.
                    Hugs to all!!  Sandie

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I love it when I get something done!!

     I love to quilt!! But, sometimes it takes a really long time to finish things. Especially the really big quilts.  Which is why I like to do small things and mixed media stuff. These things get done so much faster.  But, I do hang in there and get the BIG ones done eventually. :):) Here is one now!!

                                        This quilt is 90x90. I made it from scraps off my floor. (in a bin) When I work on projects all the little stuff gets put into this bin. I feel like I got a free quilt. :):)

                And here is the back. I used up fat quarters I didn't think I would use anymore. You know how we always change our minds in fabric choices. One minute I liked the fabric , the next ... not so much. But they make great backing fabrics. :):)   I also quilted it myself. I have been trying different QAYG methods. The method on this quilt is one I didn't like. But , in my blog surfing I found a very talented lady named Marianne, she teaches a fabulous QAYG method that I'm working on in a new quilt.  Well, I'm off to quilt some more. Ya'll have a super day!!

DON"T FORGET TO WORK ON YOUR QUILTIES!!!  I'm so excited!! So far we have 14 Ladies signed up!! They hail from..Nebraska, Washington, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, California, New York, New England, Arizona, and Australia!! I can't wait to see every ones little treasures. Don't Forget Mail out date is OCT 15th.                                                            

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Latest Batch of Quilties

This month I decided to practice my photo transfer onto fabric. Here is a young couple on their honeymoon. ( yes, that's me. looking 12. :):) 

Our first born, he is a United States Marine now. It's hard to believe he was once small and helpless.

              Our second born. He is such a cutie!! This boy was 11 pounds!!! Oh yeah!! that's a big baby. :)

       Finally, our third wee one. We adopted her when she was a baby. The light of our lives. Always ready with a giggle and a laugh. :):) I'm having a super time making my quiltie journal for the year.
DON"T FORGET ABOUT THE QUILTIE TRADE!!! There is still time to join in on the fun :) The mail out date is OCT 15th. It's all about BUTTONS this trade. All the quiltie info is in the previous post.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Come On Everyone Let's Trade!!

Let's begin with, "What is a quiltie?" To me - it is a little tiny quilt made with all my leftovers from other projects. A quiltie can be a great place to practice new techniques. A place you can mix your quilting, scrap booking, and art supplies all together. I also love the idea of having fun, and not taking it to seriously. And most importantly, they are lighting quick.  As a new member to blog land, I really wanted to trade art with other artist. Which leads me to HOSTING A QUILTIE TRADE!! So, here are the rules. (Now, now, don't cringe. There aren't many.)

#1- Make four quilties. Measuring 4x6 inches.  You will only get 3 back. The extra quiltie is for your return postage. I have been having issues with incorrect return postages both in the country and out of the country. So, I propose you make me an extra quiltie as your return postage fee.  
#2- Please grab my new I'm Trading Quilties button, and place it on your blog. The faster we can    spread the news of this trade the more players we can get.  
#3- Mail four quilties to my home.  
#4- Get three different quilties back.  
#5- This is the most IMPORTANT step --- HAVE FUN!!! :):)

So there you have it -- Easy Peasy!! -- the next photo's are on how to make a quiltie.

You need to start with three layers. A backing fabric, batting or felt, and your top piece. On this quiltie I decided to use a pre-printed fabric I love. But, your tops can be pieced, painted, appliqued, or even a sadly unused block that didn't make it into a quilt. Whatever makes you Happy!! The size of all your quilties should measure 4 inches by 6 inches (4x6). Please stick to this size. I have several ideas of what to do with these quilties once you have a good collection. But, I need them to be all the same size. It doesn't matter which way you lay them out, horizontal or vertical. Next , hand or machine quilt all your layers together.

Next, you will need to finish your edges. Here I have shown you four different ways that I have finished some of my edges. You can use a real tight zigzag, couch yarn on the edge, use your fancy stitches on your machine, or hand sew the edges over with floss. Of course, there are a million and one ways to finish these little babies :):) 

Now we move on to my favorite part!! The embellishments!! I love all the dimensional embellishments you can add to your little quilties. Here is a picture of just a few of the things you can add. Again, there are a gazillion options :):) 

PLEASE don't forget to sign your quilties!! We all want to know who made our little treasures, and where they are from. If you have light colored fabric, you can sign right on the back. But, if your fabric is dark. Try writing on white fabric and gluing it to the back. Please put your Name, City, State, or Country if you are out of the USA. The Date, and an email address. ( that way the lucky recipient of your quiltie can contact you with hugs and kisses for their new treasure :):)

Here is my finished quiltie.  I really LOVE doggies!!    You can use any medium of your choice. But, fabric should be the base of all your quilties. For those of you who have a hard time starting without a guide line. I will give a guideline for each trade.  I will have a theme or product I want to focus on. Your quilties can all be the same, or you can make each one different. That is completely up to you.

Next, you are going to need to mail your quilties off to ME :):)
 Place a self addressed envelope with NO POSTAGE in your package. I have been having trouble with all the don't worry about return postage. I have decided to have you make me an extra Quiltie in exchange for your return postages. :)
 One last note--- Leave me an email or comment that you are joining the trade. At that time I will email you my address. I will also give updates and reminders here on my blog. I will do a post of all the traders and a link to their blog.                 

The theme of this trade is FLOWERS. You can use any kind of flowers, buttons, ribbon, paint, fabric...the list goes on.
The mail out date is April 15th, 2012. If you are from another will need to mail out 2 weeks sooner. I will only wait one week after mail out date to trade and return all quilties. So, if you know your mail will take longer PLEASE mail sooner.

Remember, it doesn't matter what your skill level is, from newbie to experts. We are all here to have super fun and get to know each other. 

So, come on every one let's trade!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Love Making Quilties!!!

I absolutely love making quilts, but sometimes it is nice to make something that is finished sooner.   So, since I'm a quilter I have a lot of  little left overs from this project and that project.   I'm not very good at throwing things away! :) ....... Which is how my little quilties were born. I wanted to use up all the left overs. And it was a great way to try out new ideas as well.   I have gotten a great response on my little quilties, so I have decided to .......................HOST A QUILTIE SWAP !!!!!! ...............Anyone want to trade??? My next post will have all the instructions on the swap.    So, leave me an email or comment, that you want to join the swap. In a few days the next post will talk about how to make them and how to do the trade. Meanwhile, enjoy some more quilties !!:):):)

This quiltie was made with an old windbreaker. The Sandra label was bought when I got my first sewing machine. I was 10 years old. :):)

Little pieces of fabric left from a quilt.

I really like this quiltie with all the buttons on it.

Last one for now. I just moved to Arizona, I had to do one of my new home. :):) Well, that's my show and tell for today.  Don't forget to let me know if you would like to join...... MY QUILTIE TRADE....... I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it.

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