Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I LOVE To Make Quilties!!

Okay, I am going to show you some more quilties I have made. Remember I'm making one a week. My goal was to have 52 by the end of the year. This project is in addition to the Quiltie Trade I'm hosting. Here is my butterfly quiltie, I used a small piece of card board on it too.

Here is a ripped fabric and batting mix. Then I added paper flowers.

The charm broke off of a key chain. And I never throw anything away :)

Random pieces of fabric with painted paper towels, dryer lint, beads, and funky yarn.

Last quiltie for today,   A woven fabric, with beading!

Well, Ladies the mail out date for the QUILTIE TRADE is this Saturday the 15th. Don't forget to mail your quilties and your return postage. The quilties that have come in are wonderful. I can't wait for every one who is trading to get their news back and hear all the oo's and aa's. And trust me that is what you will be doing. 



These are so bright and cheerful.

Contelitas said...

Me gusta mucho el de las flores de papel. Es fantastico. Y me gusta que estés bien. Un abrazo Alicia.

Lesley said...

These are absolutely amazing! I am so impressed with the creativity that you've put into each and every quiltie. And yes, I've made the deadline and my quilties will be in the mail tomorrow! This is so exciting!

Always smiling said...


Blog hopped and found you and these quilties are absolutely glorgeous.. Are they to be post cards?


AlessandraLace said...

I love your amazing quilts. hugs

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