Monday, November 21, 2011

Look What Came In The Mail!!

I received a wonderful package all the way from Nova Scotia. One of the wonderful things about blog land....are the people. I have made some wonderful friends. One such friend is Lesley from The Cuddle Quilter. She and I have made a great connection. We talk often, and laugh at each other's jokes. She is a wonderful encourager as well. She sent me this package for being her first follower.  She sent a book for me to read my daughter. (which we loved) Wool tool bag, pens, charms, a fat quarter, a wallet, a first aide kit ( for when I run over my fingers :):) And she had mailed out her Quilties for the last trade, but they went back to her... so she sent them to me any way.. WOW!! So, I'm showing you this to say-- this is an awesome Chick. Make sure you check out her blog. You will find a wonderful lady over there. Thanks Lesley--- I really appreciate your heart and talents and warmth. Super big Hugs-- And Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Well, I'm off to work on Christmas presents. Hope you all have a wonderful week, and a very Happy Thanksgiving!!   On Wednesday I will post what I am most thankful for.     See ya !!


Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Wow, what a wonderful gift you have received, what a blessing Sandie!
Your booklet is in the mail m'dear so you will have another happy mail day soon:)
Hugs and blessings

cucki said...

wow..really it is the most beautiful gift you received..i love them so much..
please tell me the rag it a cross stitch kit?or something else..but it is so pretty..colors are so beautiful..
have fun and enjoy your gifts xx

Lesley said...

Oh have me in is only because you are so special that special gifts come your're a doll!

Karen Valentine said...

How fun!!!! Getting surprises in the mail is such a treat!! It's fun to have friends all over the world isn't it??? I hope you had fun today. I was bummed I had to cancel on you. Love ya lots!

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