Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Project for a Friend!!

   So, Karen Valentine and I make presents for each other every year!!! I want to show you what I made her!!! I am so stinkin' proud of myself :):):) LOL!!!! The really big challenge for both of us... is our color choices. Karen is very neutral and shabby....(white). While I am very Colorful and Bright. So, it becomes a challenge to both of us to make something for the other that we will like!! But, I am very happy to say I DID IT!!!!! I took the roll of stuff above and made a background.....
                             I zigzagged them together to form a foundation for my project!!!
 Then I decided to do a drawing of her favorite furry pal "Rocky"....this took a dozen tries!!! I was working off a photo from her blog that was 1 inch square....yikes....but I think I did a good job!!!
 Then came the sewing....this took a lot of tries as well!! (giggle) you should have seen the others!! I cut them up and threw them away fast!!! I traced my drawing with the water pen above.
 Karen loves laces and layers so I went into my hankie stash to see what I could find to use. This hankie was the perfect size as a base for Rocky!!!
                                           Now to pull out my trims, ribbons, and laces!
                                                                     ....and buttons!

                                                             ...starting to look great!!!

 .... close up of my stitching. I wanted it to look like it was drawn I added a second line to the stitching.....
                ...and the finished project!!! I really love the way it turned out!!! I will be making more of these!!!! Now..... who will be my subjects ? :):):)
....and finally....Karen and her furry pal Rocky!!! looks like him!!! Well, I was very happy with my present...and Karen loved it too!! ...and Rocky gave me a ruff and a tail wag :):):)

             I am hooking this post up with Lily's Fresh Sewing Day her work!!! Thanks for stopping in and any kind words you may leave :):)
                                   I hope every one had a wonderful Christmas!!!
                                                            Much Love - Sandie

                    PS.... The Quilties have been traded and went into the mail this morning!!!!
                                                HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Blog Land!!!!!

I am so happy to be spending time with my family!!
Presents have been opened
Our faces are stuffed with sweet rolls
We have attempted to dance to my daughters new "Just Dance" game
(which we big people were very bad at:)
We have called all the family on the phone
......and now we are off to play in the snow :):):):)

I wanted to wish each and ever friend a very BLESSED Christmas!!!!!!
one last photo.... our Marine came home for Christmas....
 ....I made a blanket for my daughter...She loves USMC stuff!! Hmmm...I wonder why :):)
We are greatly missing one son...he just got a new job after looking for 5 months...and couldnt come home :(:( But we skyped him and set him presents!!!

Merry Merry Merry Christmas ALL!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Quilty Christmas!!!

      I am so excited that it is the Christmas season!!! I love this time of year.... I love the cold weather, the smell of wood burning in fire places, presents, family, and parties...oh, and ALL the food!!!!! Above is my Snowman Quilties I made for my Canada friend Lesley!!!
      I used PDF muslin...and my rubber stamps. Then I colored the fabric with my copic markers. Added a little sparkle......This was super fun to make.

     Lesley and I are trading basket blocks that measure 4.5 inches. Here are her blocks she sent to me this month...Lovely!!!!
     The blue and white snowman quiltie was made by Lesley...hand embroidery....I LOVE it!!!! The little snowman ATC is from Cheryl.
                    Here are my blocks I made to give to Lesley!! One day we will combine all these blocks and make a really cool quilt!!!
                I will end this post with a cute picture of Baby Bella...and My Daughter!! They are 2 peas in a pod!!! They are great play buddies:):):)

          Almost all the quilties are in....just a few more in the mail..then they will be traded.
                                    I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday!!!!
                             *****Remember .....Jesus is the reason for the season*******
                                                            Have a blessed day!!!
                                                             Much love-- Sandie 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I LOVE Quilt Shops!!!

      I Love to find quilt shops while I am on vacation!!! When I was in Florida with my Mom, I was very sad to learn my favorite quilt shop had closed!!!......But, not to worry...some of the ladies in town opened another shop!!!! YES!!!! It was a super sweet store with LOTS of fabric to make me drool and plenty of inspiration to be had every where I looked:):):):)
      Here is the lovely model (MOM) standing in the beginning of the store as we walked in!!
                                  OOOOOOOOO......look at all that yummy color :):)
                Those who know me ...know I LOVE color!!!! I love it when I find a shop that has bunches and bunches of color!!!!!!

                    They even had a Christmas room filled with all things Christmas!!! I spy a Santa (Lesley:):) my friend Lesley LOVES Santa's!!!
             I even ran into a very good friend...whom I haven't seen since I left.... Gale!!! She found me a few weeks ago in blog land!!!  She and I are kindred spirits....we LOOOVVVVEEEE Color!!! The brighter the better!!! For example Gale is wearing Lime green from the top of her pretty head to her cute little shoes!!!! And love her glasses :):) I enjoyed spending time with you time I come in town I will bring a project!!!

                    Well, I hope every one is having a very blessed Christmas Holiday!!!
                                                     Much love....Sandie

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello....I'm Back From Florida!!!

I went back home to Florida to see my Mother!!! She had a health scare that prompted my butt on a plane lickety split!!!! I could hold her in my arms!!! This woman is the most wonderful Mother any girl could ever ask for!! I will be heading back to Florida for more regular visits now. I will not miss out on being with her as often as I can for anything.

I gave her my Christmas present early!! She looks so tiny compared to the quilt :):) Do you see the afghan on the right? Mom has been making that for me for awhile. She finished while I was there..and I got to bring it home with me. :):)
She looks like she likes it! My sweet Momma!!! I love you so much Mom!!! (this is now my contact photo on my phone:):)

The rain was all around while I was there...:(:( I soooo wanted to go to the beach!!! When my sister and I made plans each night for the next day...I would always end the planning session with... everything stops if the sun comes out...cause I'M GOING TO THE BEACH!!!!
And it did for one day!!!
 I was all about getting the sand between my toes!!!! I just needed to smell the sea, hear the waves, play in the water, and shell hunt :):):) My Mom and sister just laughed at my child like delights:):)
            It my not be one of the prettier beaches...but it is the beach I grew up on...and its home:):)
                           Momma love!!! Notice she still has her shoes on...LOL!! She and my sister both were cold..and NOT taking their shoes off!!!! But, they were good to me and let me stay for 1 hour roaming the beach shores!!!!! I live in the land of dirt, rocks, and cactus water anywhere!!!
                    Just us three.....myself, Momma, and Baby sister!!!!!

A beach walker took this photo for us!! It was a beautiful day!! ...and then the rain came back.
If you follow me on instagram you will have seen this waving "Hi" to all my IG followers from the east coast :):):)
My sister and I went on a "Sister" date one night to Red Lobster...and we were so busy of us must have said yes to the jumbo question on our drinks!!?!! Needless to say we were very surprised when they came to the table!!! LOL!!!! We were going to flip a coin on who was going to be the driver...when I pulled the "I'm the guest" card...and won the right to drink away:):):) Also, I'm a lot bigger than the little no arguing with me!! I always win!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! ( I know I will pay for this when she reads this post:):):)

It is very good to be home... I miss them already!!! But, I will see them in two months time:):)
Thanks for stopping by my lovely Blog friends!!!!

I have been making thing things..will have show and tell soon!!
Much love

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at my house!!! I am so excited to be decorating for Christmas!!! I love is the only holiday that I decorate for!! The above quilt I made a few years ago...but I love bringing it out every year to hang for the Holidays.
Here are close ups of my quilt!!

 ....and now I will show you where I hang it!!! ...and my grown up tree :):)

I am posting this from Florida....I am visiting with my Momma and baby sister. But I wanted to decorate before I left so I could come home to a pretty house all ready for Christmas!!!

Thanks for visiting!!! Do you hear "Deck the Halls?' or is that just me :O)

Much Love--- Sandra

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quilting + Paint + Stuffing = Pillow

I have been working on something NEW!!! When I went to the Houston Quilt Show last month I picked up the new silk paints. They are acrylics...but have mica dust in them. So, everything you paint with them turns out with a shimmer to it. Well, the gals at the booth were painting quilted pillow panels with these paints...YES!!!!! I was in!!! So, I bought the above quilted square and my paints.....and here is what happened!!

    Some paint added.... At this point I got clumsy and dropped my paint brush...(yikes) ..but I carried on instead of scrapping the project. I did my best to cover it up.

Adding paint!!!
 Okay..another spot I didn't like...the strips are sooooo not working for me....what to do?? I will just paint it black!!!
 Yep....the black looks better!!! Here I am drawing on the quilted lines for more definition! I wanted to be able to see each feather better. Yep...still liking it :):)

Next...the black was to I used my new wood blocks to stamp on the black!! Yep!!! Really liking it now!!
Ta Da!! I reallllllly love this pillow top. I will pick a Kaffe Fasset to go with it and make a pillow out of it. It goes to show ...keep going with a project even when you don't like it could always discover that if you keep working it you will like it!!

Much love everyone!!!
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