Monday, January 30, 2012

Just A Simple Monday!!!

Hello Everyone!! Not much going on here but Monday stuff. Cleaning my house after the weekend, doing laundry, and  playing with my pups. I did get to a chance to layer and pin UFO # 3. (Kaffe Fassett squares) I will start quilting on it tonight.

Little Miss Daisy needs a serious hair do, and a bath....shhh...I can't say the B word to loud!!! She will run away and hide :):) Just like a kid... to NOT want to take a bath.

I will see ya'll later!!    Have a Good Monday!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quiltie Class Fun!!!

Yesterday, I had the awesome opportunity to teach a quiltie class at one of my local quilt shops. I had 5 students show up....and FUN was had by all!!! Here are some pictures of the class.

I was showing the girls...that even the smallest pieces can be kept to make art with.

Tova, she also trades with my online group. She loves making Quilties.

Here is Tova's work so far!! I see some yummy Kaffe fabric!!!

Tova brought her friend Carol....some of the students didn't want their faces in my pictures, so I tried to take shots of their wonderful work.

Carol actually got her's done!!! Great job Carol!!

Susanne was working on this cute as button flower print. She was cutting out each flower and making her own flower!!

Here is how for Susanne got for the day...can't wait to see how she finishes it.

And here is Ms. Theresa.  

and finally we have Ms. Beverly. She wants to make Valentine's quilties to trade next month.

This class is going to be like a club, I will have a new technique every month for the girls to try. Then they have a month to finish what they started and make extra's they can trade at the next class.

I had a wonderful time, lot's of laughs, and great fellowship with girl friends. If you live in the area, you should come by for the next class. The next class is being held at Quiltz, on Feb, 19th. From 12pm- 4pm. 

Well, that's all folk!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Mixed Media Friday!!!

I have been catching up on my mixed media projects... and starting some new ones. The above page is my traveling art journal to my friend Lori in Florida. We both have a book and we work on each book..then we switch books and do it again. One day the books will be full, and we will have art journals filled with art from both of us!

We all have things in our past that we tend to drag around with us. This page is me saying I will let it go. My word for this year is RELEASE. You will see that word pop up on a lot of my journal pages.

I started an altered book journal called Book of Days. You take an old book and paint and journal in side of it. I think we are suppose to journal every day, not me... I will do at least once or twice a week. The book I decided to use was a diet book I never used. (anybody have any of those? :):)  I am turning this book into an art journal, focusing on the word... RELEASE.  Effy is hosting this for free on her blog Love and Glitter. She has great video's as well.

Then Tam over on Willowing and Friends is having an awesome journal class.  She is teaching a year long class called Life Book. Here is my first page. It has been a long time since I have done a face. Her book is about thinking positive about your self. Which is a good practice for me..I am my own worst critic at times.  

This is the flip out of the page above. I love the quote from the movie "The Help"

You is kind, You is smart, You is important
We all need to become our own cheerleader. !!! 

Have a great day..and I think you are all special!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Sewing Day!!!

Today I am sewing away on another UFO from my list. (#3 the Kaffe quilt) ....This quilt turned out to  small. I needed to add 11 more blocks. Now I am picking fabric from my stash (store), to put on the back. Then piece, and then layer. That is my goal today.

I also sent my Block Swap Adventure off to it's new owner (Shannon). I hope she likes it.

That's it for me. Please have a great smilely day!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

My New Studio is Done!!

                          Hello Lovely Blogger's!!!! I hope each and everyone is having a smashing Monday?!! I have finally finished my new room! I am such a HAPPY CAMPER!!!!! And so is my daughter. With the room switch in our house we both got bigger rooms. She can have a social pow-wow in her room now.  And so can I !! I love to have artsy friends over to play art together, and my last space didn't allow that very well. Now, I have room to share!!! (which makes me HAPPY :):) This room switch has taken all my time for the last week and a half. I wanted to get it done as fast as possible so I could get back to making ART.
..........................Drum roll please!!!!! Here is my new room!

I am standing at the door into the room. I love the double glass door it let's in so much light.

I really needed several spaces to work, I don't just quilt. I absolutely LOVE mixed media stuff as well.
I really wanted a place I could spread out paints and glues without getting mixed in with my sewing machine and fabrics. Now I have 2 desk surfaces to play on.

I also, wanted to be able to have a designated cutting board , and iron station. Here is my cutting place.

My right hand girls, Mama Nina, and Baby Nina. As I have said before I measure my time on my Nina's by how many movies I watch while working on a project. :):) I love to have all the things my family and friends buy me or make me surrounding me. And the silly beanie baby bear thingy I was in a few years back. I keep them with me cause they make me happy. :):)

Gotta have fabric!!! That whole stand is filled with the yummy stuff. And there is my iron station. :):) No more putting it up and down. It stays right there. The cool thing is my sewing chair has wheels, so I just putter around the room to all the different stations. :) giggle (lazy much)

Here is one of 2 closets I get to use. I made the curtain. I painted the black swirls on the pink fabric.


I am soooo excited to be in my new space!!! Big smiles, Big smiles!!!!!

Thanks for coming to see my new space. I worked in it last night for the first time...sigh!! It was wonderful. I wished everyone lived closer...I would love to have everyone come play and make treasures!!! 

Many Hugs to you all !!!  
Sandra Kaye


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Confessions of a Craft Hoarder!!

        Hello, my name is Sandie and I am a craft hoarder. I am a very organized crafter...I can't think or create with stuff every where. So, I didn't realize how much stuff I have until it is all turned upside down and inside out. For the last week I have been moving my art room to another room in my house. It is bigger but, the move is stressing me out!!!!!! I have found so many things that I forgot I had, and UFO's  that I forgot about as well.....There used to be a time I knew and remembered everything I had......not so much any more. So, I am going to show you some pictures.......DON'T laugh or yell or gasp!!!!
This is just the fabric. I still have both Ikea cubbies to empty.

As you can see I have a lot more to do...can you see all the things still on the shelves.

Here are my books....boy, I have a lot of books!!!

Okay, please someone tell me I am not the only crafty hoarder around??!!

And here is the room I am moving hubby helped me get my sewing machines set up.
So, here is my plan...I am not doing any big craft shopping for a while, I will only buy stuff I run out of like thread, batting, and papers and stuff. NO FABRIC or BOOKS!!!!! (I'm talking to myself here:):)

Sigh.....Well I'm off to organize some more :):):) Cheers!!


Monday, January 16, 2012

First UFO finished for the Year!!

My snowflake quilt is DONE!!!! It measures 75x75. This was on my list...I'm doing a happy dance :):)

Here is a close up of my quilting. For those of you who don't know me.... I do all my quilting on a 630 Bernina. No stitch regulator. My very good friend Ms. Pat in Florida taught me how to do my own quilting! She was a very good teacher.

Of course when I went outside my babies followed. Then they didn't want to come back Mommy, play....pleaseeee!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Are You Ready To Trade?!?

I sure am!!  We have traded Quilties here on my blog several times now, and it has been such a fun experience. I am ready to host another trade. First, read "COME ON EVERYONE LET"S TRADE" post and check out all the requirements for trading Quilties. Ladies who have traded before you still need to check out this post because some of the info has changed.

The theme this trade is LACE. Any kind of LACE. Just as long as lace appears on your quiltie.

This trade we will be trading 4 for 3. You will make 4 quilties and get 3 back. I have been having issues with in country postage, and out of country postage. So, I decided I will pay for all return postage in exchange for a quiltie just for me.

Mail out date is February 15th. If you live real far away....please mail early.

If you are new to the trade there is a Quiltie button on the right side of my blog where all the past trades are saved.  Please go and check them out.

Leave me a comment that you want to trade, and I will add you to the list . :):)

I think I covered everything, please feel free to ask questions!!

Now you know what I'm going to say next...."COME ON EVERYONE LET'S TRADE"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quiltie Trade #2 Show and Tell

These are my Quilties...Sandra Kaye.

I am so excited to share ALL the wonderful Quilties that were traded. The theme this trade was Christmas. Every Lady involved did an AWESOME job!!! (mine are above)
I added everyones blog sites under their quilties, so please check them out. They are cool people to meet.

Marilou from Lulu's Lovelies

Tova from Arizona (no blog)

Lori from Florida (no blog)

Marguerite from Arizona (no blog)

Cheryl from New York (no blog)

Carolyn from Sew Darn Quilt.

Vicki from Florida (no blog)

Sue from Chickadee's Country Cottage. And of course I can't seem to write a blog post with out making some silly mistake. I forgot to take a picture of all three of Sue's quilties. I kept the one above, so I had it to show you. (Sorry Sue) All three were great!! I was in such a rush to get them back out I forgot to  stop and take a picture! :(   

While writing this post I discovered YET another I hang my head in shame...... I found a set of quilties in a different place than the rest of the quilites...another words... I so totally forgot to trade out poor Barbs quilties!!!! Barb, from the bottom of my heart I AM SO SORRY!!! Here are hers.

So, Tova sent me extra's, I will send you one of hers and mine of course....and I will make a SPECIAL one just for you to say I'm sorry. You will still get three back.  Not that this matters but ,all the drugs I was on after my surgery obviously impaired my judgement a wee bit. 

WOW!!! I'm exhausted!!!!! Like I said, this is one AWESOME list of Ladies!! Thank you so much Ladies for playing. I have thoroughly enjoy trading with each and every trader. :):)

Information on the next trade will be in my next post. 

Have an awesome day!!!!!!

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