Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How I Layer My Quilts !!!

I have had several of my blogging friends ask how I get my quilts ready for quilting. So, I thought I would do a tutorial on how I do it. First , I get my quilt on my planning board. Then I measure it.

Then I mark my floor with tape about 8 to 10 inches bigger than my quilt size. I mark all four corners.

I love my backs to be pieced. At this point I'm just taking my scraps and putting together a puzzle on the floor. When I have filled in the puzzle, then I start to piece each piece until the whole back is done.

Once I have made my back I fold it into 4's. Once in half and then in half again.

Then I place a pin right at the fold of all four corners. Make sure you place the pin in just one layer of the fold. You will have trouble opening it if you get more than one layer.

This is my way of NOT being on the floor on my hands and knees trying to pin. (.. .that kills my back) I pull out my table and open up the quilt with the good side down and the seams up. And bull-dog the edges.

You can buy bull-dogs at any office supply store. I place them on one edge first...then I match the opposite edge with matching bull-dog clips. Smoothing as I go. Then I clip the end edges the same way. Until all four sides are clipped.

All four sides clipped.

Next, I lay the quilt top onto a large piece of batting. Here I have the top folded in half. I again smooth as I spread it out.

A quick trim. I like to leave about 2 inches of batting all around.

Then I fold the quilt top and batting together just like I did the back. And place a pin at the fold. Make sure the batting is on the outside.

Here I want to line up the two pins. Match the pin in the back with the pin in the top. Hold it with your hand and unfold once. 
Like this photo. I don't worry to much about smoothness at this time. You will see later why. Then Unfold the other half of the quilt.

At this point I smooth out the top. Being careful to NOT smush the top around to much. I'm focusing on  NO ripples or bumps.

Now you need to check to see if the bottom of the quilt is bigger than the top of your quilt. Walk all around your quilt to look and see if the back is longer than the top. Which it should be. 

Now , I pull up my chair, put in a movie, and grab my box of pins. I start in the center smoothing out as I go. Remember , the back is secured to the table. You are smoothing out the batting and top.

I use this really cool tool called the Kwik Klip. It will close all the pins very easy with out breaking finger nails. :):)

Here is a picture of me closing a pin. (sorta of I'm trying to take the picture too :):) I only put pins in that cover the secured top of the table. Then I close them all. Then I take off my bull-dog clips. And move the quilt to a section that has not been pinned. I re- bull dog the back first, then smooth out the top...then start pinning again.

Here is my view of the T. V. as I am pinning.
This is a picture of the edge being clipped so I can pin the edges. I will take the batting and top and smooth it out so I can pin. I keep shifting the quilt like this until the whole quilt is pinned. This quilt measure 80x80 and it took me one movie and two episodes of the Big Bang Theory to get it pinned and ready to quilt.
Here is my quilt set up for machine quilting. It is very important that you can spread out your quilt. You need it to be supported as well. The part that is hanging will sit in my lap. And of course I have another movie going as well. If someone asks me how long it takes me to quilt a quilt....I say 2 movies or 5 movies. :):) That is how I measure my quilting time :O)

Well, this quilt is half is on my UFO list for 2012. I will have the binding on this weekend. 

At this point I have never had a pucker on the back of any of my quilts!! It works for me...and I hope it will work for you too!! 
Have a super day!! Thanks for stopping by!! Leave me a note...I love to hear from every one!!!


Lisa said...

That's a beautiful quilt! How are you quilting it? Thanks for the tutorial.

Linda Coleman said...

Sandie, thank you so much for this. I have a lot of ufo's as I hate putting the layers together as I always have loads of puckers on the back no matter what I do. I am going to try this over the weekend on a small quilt top to see how I get on.

cucki said...

wow very beautiful quilt..
love cucki x

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Gorgeous quilt! Thanks for the tutorial.

Sue said...

Lovely quilt Sandie, now I need to see you in quilting action!

kheli said...

I do it the same way, and yes it saves my back! I just never knew those clips were called "bull-dogs". Have a good day!

Lesley said...

Sandie, your quilti is stunning! And your tutorial is very well done! You've thought of everything. Can't wait to see it finished...go girl!

Love Bears All Things said...

Thanks for this tutorial.
Mama Bear

sao said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the tutorial on how to get a quilt ready for quilting.....this is one of my goals for 2012 and I am so happy to see the process!

Love your blog!
sao in Midlothian, VA

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