Monday, February 27, 2012

Blogger's Block of the Month (part 5)

Well, here is another wonderful block from the designers of the Blogger's block of the Month. This month is brought to us from Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter.

My second block. I love Kaffe Fassett fabric so much. This is going to be one of my favorite quilts when it is all said and done. :):)

My blocks together.

I hope you all have an AWESOME week.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fabric Art Book!!

After cruising through Pinterest for months of the things that really fires up my biscuits... are the fabric art journals and books!! YUM!!! I want to make one really bad!!! Above is my first blank fabric book.

Over the next several weeks I will work on the pages inside and show them to you. I went to a decor fabric store and bought from the scrap bucket.

Here is my finished cover!! I am going to do a sewing theme book. See the lovely rose on the dress form?? My blog friend Dana from Lambs and Ivy Designs, gifted me with some of her wonderful hand made ribbon roses!! She is super talented. I told her one day I would put them in my, I have kept my promise!! Thanks Dana, I love your roses. And the vine you made is going into this book as well. I will need to get with you and buy some more...I love them so much. I can't wait to finish this book. I think it will be one of my favorite mixed media projects I have done in a while!!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Great Fun Was Had By All !!!

We had a super fun time in my Quiltie class this month!! Here are the Ladies who made my day by coming to my class. Left to right: Tova, Doris, Beverly, Jennifer, Maureen,  and Susanne.

They were such good troopers...I took them a little bit out side of the quilting box in this class. We played with Neo Colors. We used these crayons on muslin. Add water with a paint brush and you get this really cool effect on fabric. Heat set your fabric, then layer it, and quilt. You have a fabulous mini art quilt!! Here are some great pictures of the class having fun!

Ms. Beverly is adding water to her house.

Ms. Tova is quilting her butterfly.

Ms. Susanne did swirly circles.

Little Ms. Doris was so happy with her birdie quilt.

Here is a close up of Maureen's butterfly!! She did awesome!!

Here are the mostly finished quilties the Ladies made. Tova, did her butterfly and cactus. Doris with her birdie, and Maureen with her butterfly. Great job Ladies!!!

All had a great time...most especially ME!!! I love teaching and having fun with art friends.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playful Weekend!!

I am having a great weekend of playing in my studio!! I know I have plenty of UFO's to work on ......but , sometimes it is fun to step away from all that and do something fast and different. My UFO's aren't going anywhere...they will be there tomorrow :O) Now, onto what I have been playing with. I love Neocolor wax pastels. They are a lot of fun to play with on paper and/or fabric. I drew a picture, then laid muslin on top, and drew on the muslin with the wax pastels. Then you add water with a paint have a water colored fabric painting!! Super fun.!!! Then I pressed it with a very hot iron. Take it to your sewing machine and quilt away. I used black thread on all these pieces to give the cartoon like feel. 

I will be teaching the quiltie class again tomorrow. This is what they will be working on. I am taking them way out of the quilt comfort zone :O) (wish me luck!!) This project will be a great way to practice their machine quilting as well. I always look forward to showing students how to do things a little different than the norm.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Journal Quiltie Show and Tell!!

I wanted to show some more of my quiltie art journal I have been working on. I have 4 more to make to  finish the year. (2011) Then I need to make a quilt to put them all on. My goal was to make 52 quilties last year. I am almost caught up.  Above are 3 quilties that spell out... ART. They were made with teeny tiny pieces of fabric. 

I love poodles!!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my new quilties. This project is on my UFO list...I hope to get it done soon. :):) You know what they say about the best laid plans.... :O)

For all the Quiltie Traders...all the quilties will be traded out and mailed on Monday!! You are so going to love getting this package...Every Trader did a fabulous job!!!

I put the entire year of trades and their themes on my side bar. So, if you want to get started ahead of time you can. The next trade is all about the FLOWER. Any kind, made any way..just have flowers on your next quiltie !!! Mail out date is April 15th.

Great big hugs to you all  :O) 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I love blog land!!! I have made some wonderful friends!! I can't get enough of everyone who comes and visits me. The ATC above was made a few years ago. With love on my mind :O)

Today is my friend Karen's birthday!! Happy Birthday Sweets!! 

Here are her birthday presents that I made for her!! A catch all bag for her purse and a business card holder.

A look inside the business card holder. See my new card peeking out?! I tell people about my art blog all the time, and it is a rather long I decided to have cards made to just hand out. Karen is my blog designer and she designed my cards too. Thanks Karen!!

I love my new blog card!!

I hope every one has a happy love'n day!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Another UFO Bite's the Dust!!!

YES!!!!! UFO #3 on my list is done!!!!! This calls for another happy dance :O) The front is made with Kaffe Fasset fabric.

The back is made with Jane Sasserman Fabric. This is the biggest quilt I have ever quilted by myself on my Bernina. It measures 83x83. I decided to quilt something different on this one.....

but...I don't think I did to hot of a job :(   I was going for the really big spirals you see sometimes on quilts...not so easy to do on a little Bernina. Those quilts were probably done on long arms. 

Very shaky. Oh well, lesson learned! 
The up side... I got it done!!! Yes!!! I am very satisfied :O)

Here is our Penny-pug!! She was NOT leaving her sun spot!! But, she was happy to share it for the photo. "I am NOT leaving my spot..but go and do what you need to do..I'm not moving!!"

I think she is still out there. That girl loves the sun!!

Please have a wonderful weekend :O)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Playing with my Ceiling Fan!!

I decided that a plain white ceiling fan would be no fun!! I need to dress it up just a wee bit :O) So, this post is me being silly and playing around!! Above are my blades.

I pulled out my tissue paper stash! (yes, I have more stashes than I know what to do with :)  I need to decide what colors I want up in the air :O)

Then I cut up the tissue into smaller pieces.  Then I get out my modge podge, and cut out butterflies.

Here are the blades up...I forgot I was to take pictures as I was making them..oops!!

And here is my finished ceiling fan!! I love it!! I just makes me HAPPY!!! I love having color all around me. The more the merrier!!!

Have a wonderful day ya'll :O)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Planning Board Tutorial!!

I have had many questions about my planning I thought I would show you how I made them. 
First off, I went to Home Depot to look at the insulation section.

They come in 8 feet pieces and are about 1 1/2 inches thick. I bought three at first but, now I have four. They are tongue and groove on the sides and fit together when I want them all side by side. 

Then I stand next to them and put my hand up as far as it will go...and have my Hubby cut them down for me. Then go out side with a can of permanent adhesive spray and some warm and natural batting.

Now spray the board and smooth the batting on the board. Then trim up your edges. Make sure when you put your batting on that the words printed on the board are on the back. This will ensure that all your tongue and grooves will lock into each other.

As you can see here I used 3 boards for this quilt. The four pieces together measure 81 inches tall by 96 inches wide. If you are doing something small just pull out one piece, or two. I love these boards... they are very light weight, and I can hold all 4 pieces at once and move them around.

When you don't need them they tuck away waiting to be used later.
I think these boards are so cool.  I found other places to use them as well.

Here are the double doors into my room. I always keep one of the doors locked into place. Why not use it as a space as well. I used velcro command strips to attach it to the door. Now I have a great place to stick notes, schedules, small project, and other little things. 

When you cut the boards down to size you will have small pieces left. I will put the batting on these as well and put them on the side of this case next to the door. A perfect little corner for pinning. These boards are also great for putting your pins in. Nice and thick. The boards are 10 dollars each at Home depot. A can of spray cost 5 dollars, and my warm and natural I always buy with a coupon at Joann's. All together the project is much cheaper than the ready made store bought ones. And I can break them up into smaller units if needed.

Well, that is how I do it ya'll !! Hope this helps someone.

Hugs to all!!

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