Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I love blog land!!! I have made some wonderful friends!! I can't get enough of everyone who comes and visits me. The ATC above was made a few years ago. With love on my mind :O)

Today is my friend Karen's birthday!! Happy Birthday Sweets!! 

Here are her birthday presents that I made for her!! A catch all bag for her purse and a business card holder.

A look inside the business card holder. See my new card peeking out?! I tell people about my art blog all the time, and it is a rather long name....so I decided to have cards made to just hand out. Karen is my blog designer and she designed my cards too. Thanks Karen!!

I love my new blog card!!

I hope every one has a happy love'n day!!


laurajane said...

Happy Valentines day Sandie.Your friends birthday gift is lovely.I could do with your friend to design my boring blog.It's just another thing I'm not much good at.but I have been practicing the machine quilting.As you told me to do,I have a little pile of squares to practice on.
Hugs Laura.xx

Lesley said...

Happy Valentine's Day back to you. I love your projects and love your cards! Enjoy your day!

Queen Of Dreamsz Art and Collections said...

Hi Sandie,

Happy ♥ Day!

I love your ATC....of course, I love everything you make.

And I totally love what you've made for Karen. She's a sweet lady. I know she will love it.

Your blog card is fabulous.

Come see me!
Hugs and Love,
Steph ♥

Sue said...

And to you too, love the presses you have made for Karen xx

Karen Valentine said...

I LOVE my gifts! And they are the more special because you made them for me!!! LOve U!!!!!

cucki said...

aww so sweetttttttttttttttt
happy valentine day to you too xxx

Marlynne said...

I love your blog cards! I want Karen to make me some too! Please

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