Monday, March 12, 2012

Let's Get Em' Done Ya'll !!!

Hello Blog Friends!!!  I wanted to introduce to you a new Linky Party here on my blog!! I really wanted  a place where we can support and encourage each other with all our projects that we have started and have a place where we can get encouragement on finishing up our UFO's.    If you are anything like me...I start a lot of things and never seem to Get Em' done. Of course I get distracted by all the wonderful things that others are doing and think to myself...I want to do that!! And then I'm off and running into a new project :):)   So, this being said, I wanted a place where I could look forward to finishing up some UFO's.  While encouraging others to finish also. 

Here is my idea... On the 15th of every month I will post a linky party here. Where you can link up and show us a finished project or a progress report on finishing one up. Every little step forward will get you one step closer to finishing your UFO's. We can encourage each other with the progress. You can handle this linky party one of two ways.   First, You can just show progress of a UFO.    Second, you can pick a project and give yourself a goal to have it finished by the next 15th. Some months we will be able to do just that, other months life will run away with us..and progress on a UFO will only be possible. ( and that will be okay too!)

I hope you will all join me in this linky party. I will be back this Thursday the 15th with the Linky gadget.... ready for any one who would like to show us a progress report. 

Be sure to grab my new button. I'd love it if we spread the word around blog land!!

Take the next couple of days to sort your UFO's and make a list. I placed my list on my side bar. My goal is to get it completely finished by the end of the year. That will be 12 finishes!!! Yes!!!

I look forward to seeing you on the 15th!! 
Let's GET EM' DONE ya'll !!!

If you are looking for the current Linky Party ?......CLICK HERE.


Agnes Warren said...

What a great idea. I'm in.

Cindy Craine said...

I'm putting my pinkie toe in.... but I'm still afraid to commit! Oh all those unfinished quilts and projects! I think the first thing I need to do is to identify them, there are soooooo many! THEN, I'll put my second toe in and we'll go from there. OK I'm committing to hopefully commit how's that! xoxox-cindy


Linda in Calif. said...

Great idea! Okay so I'm going to get my quilt binding finished by the 15th. (I hope! And if not I'll at least have some of the binding sewn down, so that will be a good start.) Get 'em Done!

Fran Kingston Dill said...

I am in! How do we link in on your Linky?

Sheila said...

I just came here via Lesley , great blog and great idea , I may join you next month :-)

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