Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quiltie Trade #3 Show and Tell !!!

Hello, Every one!! It feels so good to be home!! I had a very good time with Baby Bear!! But, I am super glad to be home!! I have been meaning to show you the Quiltie Trade #3...but life just got away with me. All the Ladies had a wonderful time...and they did a wonderful job!! 

Above, are Sandra Kaye's quilties (me :)

Tova from Arizona (no blog)

Cheryl from New York (no blog)

Grace from Arizona 

Jamie from Arizona

Laura from England

Lynette from Arizona (no blog)

Marilou from California 

Marlynne from Garden City, MO

Carolyn from Canada

Vicki from Florida (no blog)

Kathy from Australia

Lori from Florida (no blog)

Sandy from Washington

And finally Jennifer form Australia 

I am so happy to be trading quilties with all these Ladies. Be sure to visit their blogs and say "Hi".

The next trade is set for April 15th, the theme is FLOWERS.
Until next time!


Marlynne said...

Nice display of the quilties! Also enjoyed reading about "Baby Bear" Is he out of the service now? I never had to go thru that with my sons but I can just imagine how terribly hard it would be!

quiltmania said...

They all look LOVELY! Way to go everyone.

Sue said...

Hey Sandy, they turned out great... love them all!
I may have to play next time.
Sue xx

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