Monday, March 26, 2012

Sneak Peek At My New Book !!

I am in love with this kind of book. These books are called hybrid books. Which means... you buy the designed papers from an artist online and print them out on a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of card stock and make your scrapbooks or art journals. Once you buy them you get to keep them forever. You can make cards out of them or smaller scrapbooks for a friend...whatever you want to do. The designer of this is Marion Smith...she is super talented!! I LOVE her stuff!! She comes out with a new book every buy how ever many pages you want. Her idea is to make a journal monthly...while taking a picture every day and place it your journal.  I am just buying the books I like and doing my own thing. I have gotten away from my scrap booking for a while and plan to get back into it with these hybrid journals. You can check out her site here. She also does You tube video's on how to bind her books and put the pages together. Just search her name on you tube..and she will come up.

Here is my spine all nice and pretty :)

The front of this journal says February on I needed to cover that up. My Mom makes me the most wonderful doilies... I use them in my art when ever I can. Then some flowers and bling :):)

Now I will show you some pages on the inside...this book is filled with tags to pull out, and envelopes to fill...just yummy!!

I loved this book because of all the butterflies in it :):)

All these pages were printed onto card stock. Marion has wonderful you tube video's that show you how to put the pages together. Just GREAT!!! She does an awesome job!!

My first page with my Teddy Bear!! ( what is my issue with the bears?!? :) Those who follow my blog know I call my kids Baby Bears, myself Momma Bear...and I guess my husband Teddy Bear :):) Oh well :):)

I will leave you with my last photo of me getting some puppy love :):)

Have an awesome week every one...I know I will...MY MOMMY is coming to town:):):) I pick her up tomorrow. Two whole weeks with her..yes!!! I love my Mom!! 
Bye Ya'll 


Chrislyn said...

Those are wonderful, Sandie! I am going to visit her site.This is something I would love to do. Thanks for the info!
Have a great time with your mom--I know you will!
Of course I love the puppy love photo!

Take Care!

laurajane said...

The book is lovely,I will have a look at the site(I love books and journals ).
Have a lovely time with your dear

quiltmania said...

So is your Mom Grandma Bear? Love your book, I'm heading off right now to check out the cite.

Lesley said...

What fun you are having! Your creative juices are just flowing! Have a wonderful visit with your mom...I can see from the doilies that she is ultra-talented just like you!

Cindy Craine said...

I LOVE your new book and I want to make one too! I needed some inspiration to create something and this is it!!! Many thanks!! xxoxoxo-cindy

PS I'm a quilter too!

Rosemary said...

Love your book! You are so creative and artistic! The doilies look great! Can't wait to see more!!

Cindy said...

Cool books!

Linda said...

beautifully done! enjoy seeing what you are doing. have a great visit.

Beach House Quilter said...

That book is gorgeous!

And I think you are wearing that green sweater I fell in love with! :)

Marilou of Lulus Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Your book is great and you and your puppies are darling, Hugs and here is the link:) I sent you an email about., xoxo Marilou

Casperdarin said...

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