Monday, April 30, 2012

Quiltie Trade #4 Show and Tell

                        This month was all about the flower!! 10 ladies joined in to trade their flower quilties here on my blog!! I love getting the packages in the mail. It is always fun opening them up to see what every one has done!!                                             Enjoy the show!!
Laura from England. 

Jennifer from Australia 

Tova from Arizona (no blog)

Vicki from Florida (no blog)

Marlynne from Missouri 

Marilou from California

Lynette from Arizona (no blog)

Linda from North Dakota (no blog)

Cheryl from New York (no blog)

Carolyn form Canada

Like I said at the top...These Ladies did an awesome job!! Thank you so much for playing girls. 

The next trade is June 15th..and the theme is Black, white, and one splash of color. The quilties can be black background fabric with white print on it....or the opposite way...white background with black print. The splash of color can be in fabric or your embellishments. Do black and white quilties and make your embellishment on top made out of the one pop of color you picked.  Leave me a comment or let me know you want to be on the trade list. Your mail out date is June 15th. Remember if you live in another country you need to mail out 2 weeks sooner than the 15th. Hope to see some new traders...we are having a great time..come and join us!!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Creating A Blog Was Just Made Easier!!!

I want to take a minute to tell you about a great lady who wrote an awesome ebook!! Her name is Karen Valentine... as I am sure a lot of you know she is a blog designer!! ( In fact, she created this awesome art blog for me!!) I call it awesome because I love coming here and posting all about my art life :):)

I decided I wanted another blog to write about my fur-baby adventures. But, this time I wanted to try my hand at making a blog. So, I bought Karen's new book....and I followed it step by step.
.....and I did it!!!! I have a great new blog!! I love it!!! The book is very easy to follow and understand! Trust me...if I can understand it and do it (slightly computer challenged here :):) You can do it!!!.... It's a great book. It is
 worth it!! Thank you Karen for writing this book!!

Here is the link to Karen's ebook.

You can also go to her personal blog here.

Here is my new Poodle blog.... I am so excited that I did this by myself... (with Karen's book :):) I hope you will come and check it out. I am still working on it. I have things I want to add....but, I do have to sleep from time to time :):) We have a new poodle pup coming to live with us next week. It is my hope that she will become a great therapy dog! We will be training her from the beginning.
My new blog is HERE.

Well, that's it for me today..I just wanted to show you what I did..and share how I did it :):)
Please check out Karen Valentine's new book.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh MY.... 100th Post Already and my Hedgehog Collection!!!

I have a huge passion for the little rubber stamp Hedgehogs. I collect them every chance I get. I am up to 30 stamps now. These stamps are put out by Penny Black. I thought I would show you some of my Hedgehogs and the things that I make with them. Above is an ATC, made with my h2o's twinkles.

These little guys just make me so happy!!

This is a journal page in my new art journal.

I even found some stickers with these little guys on them :):)

Some of my rubber stamp blocks.

I even made a little book to collect all my hedgehog stamps in. Every time I come home with a new stamp...I ink my new Hedgehog and stamp it in this book. Then I take the book with me to the I know what Hedgehogs I have and don't!!! Smart, right??

Inside the book.

My set of ATC's I made with my stamps!!!

Hope you liked seeing my collection!!

The quiltie trade group was another success! I traded the quilties and mailed them all. Hope you will join in on the next trade!! The date is June 15th..the subject is ..White and black and one splash of color. Leave me a comment that you want to be added to the quiltie trade list.....or email me!!

Oh my!!..... I just realized I am on my 100th post!!!!! WOW!!! When I started I told Karen I didn't think I could do this blog thing...I just didn't think I had anything to say or show.... giggle....well, I proved myself wrong on that note didn't I !!!! In  nine months I have written 100 posts!! A BIG hug to all my blog friends and followers. 

P.S. I started an new puppy blog!! It is called "My Poodle Parade". I used Karen's Valentine's new book. "Building Beautiful Blogs". So, Karen designed this blog...but, I read her book to make my poodle blog!! I am so stinkin' proud of myself :):):) Come check it out!! and let me know what you think!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Visiting with Karen Stone!!

Karen an awesome artist, quilter, teacher, and woman!! I took her class New York Beauty. The quilt above.

This is Karen and I together..I wanted to take a picture of this quilt with her..because I was in Houston a few years ago, and saw this beauty in person, with a big fat ribbon on it!! In person this quilt will blow your mind...I tried to give you a close up...

There is soooo much going on here...reverse applique, ribbons, bobbin stitching....and major quilting!! Karen is very talented. The class sat and drooled over this quilt for quite a while :):)

I had the honor of taking her out dinner after class...and we had a great time...(except when I got lost) I am still new to this city, and I was to take her out for dinner and then get her back to her embarrassing :(:( blush!!.....But, Karen was gracious and kind!! Thank you Karen for the talk, and inspiration!! I will always be a fan!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quilting In The Mountains!!!

I took my scrappy trip blocks to Emmanuel Pines in Prescott, AZ to a quilting retreat!! I got really busy and made these blocks turn into a topped quilt! Fun was had by all the Ladies in attendance. We had 30 women show up. And one special guest. I will show him to you last..... 

Ta-da!!! Here is my quilt top!!! I am very happy with it. I just need to make a back and layer it.

We had a visit from Mr. Frost too!! It snowed on us!! I went to bed with green all around me..and when I woke up and opened my door.....

Brrrrr!!! For me...from Florida my whole life....this is snow..a lot of snow :):) I know there are some of you laughing at me...cause you now real snow :):) But, this Florida girl was happy with this much. Now I will show you some of the awesomeness the ladies put together while we were all there for 3 days. Enjoy!!!

Here is Judi's Baskets!!

Laura's Pinwheels...from here on I will just give you photo's..I can't remember every ones names :):)

This itty bitty twist quilt is soooo cute!!

Judi was working on another basket quilt...they are 4 inch baskets....Can you say...."WOW"!!!

And the special guest I told you about....

Tim...he is a working dog who has been training for 2 years now. He will go to his forever home this summer. He was just to was very hard not to touch him :):)

WOSH... I had a great time with everyone. I made new friends and visited with the ones I knew already:):)

 Next time I post I will have some Karen Stone pictures...She is an awesome national Quilt Teacher. She is here for our AZ guild.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Get Em' Done Linky Party!!


                   Welcome every one to the Get Em' Done Linky Party!! I hope you all had a productive month!! I had a great time quilting on one of my projects. My goal for this party is to encourage each other to take time each month and work on things we have already started. (UFO's) If we work on them a little each month...then we will eventually finish them!! Right??   To me, finishing is a great feeling. I don't like have so many things hanging over my head. SO, I wanted us to be able to have a place to show our work once we are done..or just the progress on a project each month.   What is the saying......"How do you eat an elephant?? bite at a time."    It is my hope that you will hook up with me every month on the 15th, and show us what you have been doing!! You can ask for help on ideas, or if you are just looking for others like your self ..who love to start stuff, and never seem to find the time to finish, .....and are looking for encouragement from fellow starters!!  Even though I make a lot of new stuff ALL time..I am dedicating some time each month to finishing my UFO's.
                                      Speaking of are my quilt blocks I showed last month. I got them put together, and quilted!!!! Yeah!!!
I am so excited to have one more project off my list!!!!!

Here is the back.

A close up of my quilting.

I know some of you are thinking...Sandie loves bright colors, this is way out of her usual?? I know, I made a quilt like this for my best buddy. (her colors) I don't know what I was thinking...but, I made way to many many that I could make the quilt again a second time!! Oh well!! Waste not, Want not!!

I also got this quilt put was in 2 large pieces last month. My goal this month is to quilt it!!

My other goal is to top and quilt these Bonnie Hunter, scrappy trip blocks. I am on my way to a quilt retreat this weekend..I am taking these blocks with me to work on.

So, that is my month finish...and my goals for next month.

What are your goals? Do you have any finishes? Please sign up and show us!!


To join just click on the blue Enter Here button below.

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