Sunday, April 15, 2012

Get Em' Done Linky Party!!


                   Welcome every one to the Get Em' Done Linky Party!! I hope you all had a productive month!! I had a great time quilting on one of my projects. My goal for this party is to encourage each other to take time each month and work on things we have already started. (UFO's) If we work on them a little each month...then we will eventually finish them!! Right??   To me, finishing is a great feeling. I don't like have so many things hanging over my head. SO, I wanted us to be able to have a place to show our work once we are done..or just the progress on a project each month.   What is the saying......"How do you eat an elephant?? bite at a time."    It is my hope that you will hook up with me every month on the 15th, and show us what you have been doing!! You can ask for help on ideas, or if you are just looking for others like your self ..who love to start stuff, and never seem to find the time to finish, .....and are looking for encouragement from fellow starters!!  Even though I make a lot of new stuff ALL time..I am dedicating some time each month to finishing my UFO's.
                                      Speaking of are my quilt blocks I showed last month. I got them put together, and quilted!!!! Yeah!!!
I am so excited to have one more project off my list!!!!!

Here is the back.

A close up of my quilting.

I know some of you are thinking...Sandie loves bright colors, this is way out of her usual?? I know, I made a quilt like this for my best buddy. (her colors) I don't know what I was thinking...but, I made way to many many that I could make the quilt again a second time!! Oh well!! Waste not, Want not!!

I also got this quilt put was in 2 large pieces last month. My goal this month is to quilt it!!

My other goal is to top and quilt these Bonnie Hunter, scrappy trip blocks. I am on my way to a quilt retreat this weekend..I am taking these blocks with me to work on.

So, that is my month finish...and my goals for next month.

What are your goals? Do you have any finishes? Please sign up and show us!!


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Lesley said...

Sandie, your tan quilt is beautiful. You did a fantastic job of quilting it. And your " bright " quilt is stunning! Most of my projects are works in progress, though by the end of April I hope to piece a Schnibble quilt!

QuiltinMama said...

The bright colors of your pinwheel quilt are fantastic!

Cindy said...

I love the way your bright pinwheels spin their colors off into the quilt. It is like the colors are all getting together for a party.

Linda in Calif. said...

I didn't realize yesterday was the 15th! I'll be back later to link up.

Linda in Calif. said...

I really like your beige quilt. Yes I'm surprised to see you with something that not colorful. Sometimes it's nice to have something so different.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Congratulations on your finshes. You've done heaps in a month. I love the softness of your first quilt and the bright punch of your pinwheel quilt top. The Bonnie Hunter blocks are looking good too, so colourful!!!

Bonnie said...

What great inspiration... I'll check back next month -- maybe I'll have a finish by then. My recent finishes have been started this year. The UFO's are simmering in the background!

Linda in Calif. said...

Late to the party but I'm here!!

Kelli said...

Your finish quilt is gorgeous, Sandie! Though I am a bright color-lover, too, and I esp. love your bright rainbow-y quilt top that you plan on getting done this next month. Can't wait to see it!! :o)

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