Saturday, May 19, 2012

Art Journal Pages!!

I have a traveling art journal...that goes to Florida and back every few months. My dear friend Lori and I are swapping books between us. We both work on the books we have then again, then switch. When we are done we will have 2 art journals made by both of us.        Here are my pages for this month. Tissue paper base, white paint, markers, then clear embossed.

here is a different angle...hopefully you can see the texture from this view.

a closer look :):)

My friend photo page.

close up.

Lori and I wanted 2 pages facing each other...with our photos.

Lori is the Queen of textures. Can you see all the different textures she puts in her pages?!! Love her pages. These books are going to be so cool when they are done. Lori and I are very different artists. So the journals will have wonderful art in them.

Here is another page from is filled with just yummy texture.!! Lori loves the ocean and beaches. 

I miss the Lori made this page for me. She used real sand and shells!!

She even made this page on a sheet of you can see through the back too!!! 

Well, that is it for me today!! Have a great day!!


Linda said...

Oh my that is gorgeous! Love your pages-the glitteriness of the flower page. I doubt that is a word but seems to describe the page.

laurajane said...

Absolutely love all that art work.They will be great when

suziqu's thread works said...

Well isn't that just such a cool idea - swapping between the two of you?
Love your pages - so bold and bright!
Such treasures to keep forever!
Have a great Sunday,

Lesley said...

You and your friend are pretty creative! So nice to see the pages!

Rosemary said...

You guys are so artistic! Love the pages! So fun!!

Marlynne said...

How fun! That really keeps you lookin for the mailman!

Rischa said...

Loving these art journal pages!! I do art journaling, too. I also do a swap with my BFF who lives in WA. We swap ATC's, though. This is a cool idea you're doing with your friend! I may bring it up to my friend and see if she's interested. We got a little bored with the ATC's. Your blog is great! Thanks for stopping by mine and saying hello!

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