Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quiltie Trade Show and Tell

Jennifer from Austraila

Well, we have traded again...and again the trades were just wonderful!!! This time the theme was black and white with one splash of color. The Ladies each did an awesome job! I always love this post is so fun to see all the quilties side by side. Enjoy!!

Laura from England. She out did her self this month. To celebrate the Queen's Jubliee..she sent a lot of extra's for me to give to each we could celebrate with her. Thank you Laura!!

Linda from North Dakota 

Lynette from Arizona

Marilou from California

Marlynne from Missori

Carolyn from Canada

Susanne from Arizona....Susanne made the above fabric. She took my quiltie class here in town.....where I taught the girls how to carve their own stamps to use in their projects....then she added the pink beads.

Tova from Arizona

Vicki from Florida

Cheryl from New York

Like I said.... WOW!!!! The show and tell is just awesome. I love hosting this trade!! It is so much fun when all the quilties start coming in :O)

The next trade is August 15th...and the theme is STITCHES. You can do them by machine or by hand ....the choice is up to you.   I hope you will join us.  Just leave me a comment that want to join in on the fun...and I will get with you through email.

Have a super weekend!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yucky Fingers:):)

I LOVE yucky fingers!!!! When I get into my art fingers always get yucky!!! Love it!!
Tammy over on the Dasiy Yellow blog is doing a ICAD challenge. I decided to jump on the band wagon ....and make an Index Card A Day.... For 60 days you are to sketch, paint, doodle, sew...whatever you want. Just make a quick piece of art every day for the months of June and July. I am usual... trying to catch up. 

30 index cards ready to do back grounds.

I really like my new spray inks..they are very vibrant in color. And do the coolest things on paper.

They are called Dylusions ink spray...way cool to play with should try them out!!!

I always use a 2 ply-paper towels to clean up my messes...then when I am done I peel them apart...and get really cool papers to add to your art some where :):) Waste not, want not !!! 

My first card...this is a magazine eye..that I played with . I see you!!

These cards are to be quick...not much thinking. This image came off a card sent to me...and the saying is one of my favorite's :):)

Another ICAD.

I am really liking this should hop over Tammy's to see the ICAD rules. 

Have a blessed day !!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oldies but Goodies!!

I have a new friend named Cindy. She has graciously given me several older quilts that she didn't want any more!! I was sooo excited to receive them. Here is the first one. It is huge..this is a king size bed. All hand done. It has a couple of holes. But I plan on folding them up and putting them under you won't see the holes.

This pink one is just yummy!!! All hand done..and no blemishes...just beautiful.

Another simple pattern...a few holes...but still lovely!!

This quilt I bought for 25 bucks at an antique store. All hand done. There is some wear and tear...but all that know how many hours this took?? Yeah..I love it any way.

Here you can see the wear. But, I don't care...It is just lovely to me. 

Cindy and I are doing a trade of sorts...
Cindy has some of her Mother's hand embroidered blocks...that she would like me to make into a baby quilt for her son one day... which of course I will do happily......Thank you Cindy for your generous gifts :):) 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Making My New Tape Stand!!

I was at a scrapbook store a couple of weeks ago and found this cupcake stand...and I thought..that would make a great stand for all my Washi tapes that I art journal with. So it came home with me:):)

All the parts. Now to decorate!!

Add a little paint.

I found this cool paper.... which of course, I didn't even remember having...

It is starting to look great...a little more work...

add some lace on the edges, paper flowers, and some lime green shiny stones..I am really liking it now:):)

Ta Da....I added a rabbit to live on top, then added my tapes...hmm...I think I have more room for more tapes..time to go shopping!! :):) LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by..I love your talk to me :):)
Have a Blessed day!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This and That :):)

My trade blocks came in from Nova Scotia !!! My good Buddy over yander sent me her Friendship basket blocks! I love them Lesley!! You did a smashing great job (again). Hugs

Then one of my Block Swap Adventure blocks came in from Laurrie. Thanks Laurrie, I really love the color!!

Yesterday was my last day as Guild President for Sunrise Stitchers here in AZ. They gave me a gift card and this adorable wool sheep, and funky needle nose scissors :):) Thanks Girls!! I enjoyed serving you this last year and a half :):)

I have also been trying to clean up around art space is a wee bit messy. And I don't know about you... but when it gets this way....yuck...I don't create very well. 

Its amazing to me when I clean up..I find the coolest stuff...I forgot I had :):) Here are my very fun washi tapes!! Love these tapes!!

And finally the real reason why I am NOT getting as much done these days.......

Boy...oh boy...she sure is a cutie.....but...she is a handful :):)

Hope every one is having a wonderful summer so far. I am off to play with the pup :):)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Quiltie Book Tutorial :):)

I wanted to take a few moments to show you all how I put my Quiltie book together. We have been having a lot of fun here on my blog trading quilties from all across the world. So, the big question is ..."What do I do with these now?" Well, I have several answers for you...First, make a book, like the one above. Each page is sewn in by hand...then you have an art piece with art from all your new blog friends. The other idea is to make banners with your quilties. For example..we did a Christmas trade..I am taking those quilties and making a really cute wall hanging with them to display at Christmas time only. Or you can sew them to a blank quilt. Make a solid quilt..and sew down each quiltie on the can have a very cool art quilt when you are done. Well.. let's move onto the tutorial---

 Pick the quilties that you want to be in one book. Stack them in order..and measure how thick they are. For example this stack is 2 1/2 inches I cut my spine piece 6 1/2 x 2 1/2. My cover pages are 4 1/2 x 6 1/2. Each book will be different in the all depends on how much extra stuff is on each quiltie.

I use Pellon 70 as my filler for the book cover. Cut (2) 6 1/2 x 4 1/2.  Cut (1) 6 1/2 x ?? however thick your pages stack up to.

You can make your cover any way you would like from here...but this is how I made this book cover. I sewed strips to all three pieces at once. Pressed, then added another strip. Keep this up until all the covers are covered.

Here you can see me adding new strips. ( the sewing police is keeping a good watch :):)

Then I went back and used my fancy stitches to add textures.

Then I flipped over my cover and ironed my inside liner with wonder under...or any sticky iron on fusible.

Next get out your buttons and floss that you want to use on this project. And a large eyed needle. This is how you will attach each page (quiltie) to the inside of this book.

Starting from the outside of the book....have your needle go through the outside of the book to the inside...nick or grab a small piece of your quiltie..then go back down through the book to the outside again.

As you see, I go down into the button, into the book, grab a small piece of the quiltie then back out through the other side of the button. Then tie the floss several times, forming a knot.

I like to add a dot of Fray Check on each knot. This will ensure that your knots will never come undone :):)

Here you can see that I always grab each page twice.  I move the places I grab the pages across the they don't all line up on top of each other.

As you can see, the buttons are every where...two of the buttons holds one page in.

You just start from one side of the book and keep adding pages...until you have all the pages attached.

Then you can add all the fun stuff to the ties, label if you want, and pretties :):)

Then I made a second book the same way I made the first. It has 15 pages as well. 

I have 40 quilties so far. 30 made it into these 2 books..The other 10 are waiting for more quilties. I hope to have 4 books by the end of this year.

Each and every quilties is a true treasure to me :):) I am thankful to each Lady for playing and sending me their quilties :):)

A peek inside :):)

Thanks so much for visiting today!! Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

Have a super week.

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