Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quiltie Trade Show and Tell

Jennifer from Austraila

Well, we have traded again...and again the trades were just wonderful!!! This time the theme was black and white with one splash of color. The Ladies each did an awesome job! I always love this post is so fun to see all the quilties side by side. Enjoy!!

Laura from England. She out did her self this month. To celebrate the Queen's Jubliee..she sent a lot of extra's for me to give to each we could celebrate with her. Thank you Laura!!

Linda from North Dakota 

Lynette from Arizona

Marilou from California

Marlynne from Missori

Carolyn from Canada

Susanne from Arizona....Susanne made the above fabric. She took my quiltie class here in town.....where I taught the girls how to carve their own stamps to use in their projects....then she added the pink beads.

Tova from Arizona

Vicki from Florida

Cheryl from New York

Like I said.... WOW!!!! The show and tell is just awesome. I love hosting this trade!! It is so much fun when all the quilties start coming in :O)

The next trade is August 15th...and the theme is STITCHES. You can do them by machine or by hand ....the choice is up to you.   I hope you will join us.  Just leave me a comment that want to join in on the fun...and I will get with you through email.

Have a super weekend!!!


Lesley said...

What a wonderful group of quilties! Each set so unque. Well done to all!

Kathy said...

Great quilties Sandy! What a great theme, and your traders have done a fabulous job :)

laurajane said...

All gorgeous as usual Sandie.laura xxx

Michelle May said...

They are all so pretty and fun! I love little bits of art!

Love Bears All Things said...

Thanks for sharing....I really like the ones with the sewing machines and the crazy quilt style...
Mama Bear

Linda said...

Very nice group of quilties. It was a fun theme. I have one from Laura Tova, Carolyn and Marlynn. Thanks for all of you. Sandie-thank you for taking to time to do the swaps.

Marlynne said...

It is great fun to see all the diffferent style quilties1 Thank you for hosting this fun trade!

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