Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This and That :):)

My trade blocks came in from Nova Scotia !!! My good Buddy over yander sent me her Friendship basket blocks! I love them Lesley!! You did a smashing great job (again). Hugs

Then one of my Block Swap Adventure blocks came in from Laurrie. Thanks Laurrie, I really love the color!!

Yesterday was my last day as Guild President for Sunrise Stitchers here in AZ. They gave me a gift card and this adorable wool sheep, and funky needle nose scissors :):) Thanks Girls!! I enjoyed serving you this last year and a half :):)

I have also been trying to clean up around art space is a wee bit messy. And I don't know about you... but when it gets this way....yuck...I don't create very well. 

Its amazing to me when I clean up..I find the coolest stuff...I forgot I had :):) Here are my very fun washi tapes!! Love these tapes!!

And finally the real reason why I am NOT getting as much done these days.......

Boy...oh boy...she sure is a cutie.....but...she is a handful :):)

Hope every one is having a wonderful summer so far. I am off to play with the pup :):)


Linda said...

cute distraction! i do the same thing-find things i forgot i had.

Sandra said...

I can't really create well when my area is messy either ( which can be often)lol...loving your washi tape collection ( I only have 2) so I'm amazed by your basket..hehe

Crafty Hugs,

quiltmania said...

Play, in no matter what form, is good for the soul! Have fun.

Lesley said...

Your creative area looks like it gets lots of use...and that is what it is all about! I had to google washi tape...can you tell I am one dimensional...all I do s quilt! Love that little sheep and such cute scissors! Glad the blocks arrived safe and sound! Yours are wonderful as usual!

Linda in Calif. said...

Puppies are a handful, but they are so cute it doesn't matter!

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