Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yucky Fingers:):)

I LOVE yucky fingers!!!! When I get into my art fingers always get yucky!!! Love it!!
Tammy over on the Dasiy Yellow blog is doing a ICAD challenge. I decided to jump on the band wagon ....and make an Index Card A Day.... For 60 days you are to sketch, paint, doodle, sew...whatever you want. Just make a quick piece of art every day for the months of June and July. I am usual... trying to catch up. 

30 index cards ready to do back grounds.

I really like my new spray inks..they are very vibrant in color. And do the coolest things on paper.

They are called Dylusions ink spray...way cool to play with should try them out!!!

I always use a 2 ply-paper towels to clean up my messes...then when I am done I peel them apart...and get really cool papers to add to your art some where :):) Waste not, want not !!! 

My first card...this is a magazine eye..that I played with . I see you!!

These cards are to be quick...not much thinking. This image came off a card sent to me...and the saying is one of my favorite's :):)

Another ICAD.

I am really liking this should hop over Tammy's to see the ICAD rules. 

Have a blessed day !!


Marlynne said...

Your Index Card Challenge does look fun! But we're taking a little vacation right now. although like always I'm taking several art projects to work on!

Lesley said...

Your cards are adorable...happy art all around!

quiltmania said...

WOW, what else is there to say!

Love Bears All Things said...

will you be joining them together when you're done. The colors and designs are fabulous and I like the idea of the paper.
Mama Bear

Linda said...

You are a brave soul. Nice art.

Linda in Calif. said...

These cards are really cool. Such a nice way to be creative. I don't do cards and paper stuff, but I enjoy seeing you do it.

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