Saturday, July 28, 2012

All Finished!!!

I showed you a sneak peek last week on the project I was working on.....Here it is all done!!! I made myself a new art travel bag!! I wanted a bag that was ready to go at a moments notice with my art journal stuff in it. It my only make it to the couch...but all my needs will be in the bag!! No running around trying to find my supplies. :O) I'm sooo happy with how it turned out!!

I made this bag on blue jean material. You can see it peeking through the cracks of the fabric pieces. I decided to do a raw edge quilting on the blue jean fabric. Then I cut the edges as well...and did the rag effect.

I put circles on the side panels. Everything was raw when I washed it...everything went fluffy :O) Love it!! This bag turned out just yummy!!!!

A look travel journal is in there.

....and finally a close up of the bag flap on top. I used angelina, fabric, and I quilted circles. Then added the big button. 

I have really enjoyed making this bag. Sometimes it is nice to make a project that has a end in sight :O)

Thanks for visiting!!! I love it when you do!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sneak Peak Project!!

I am working on a small project for the last several days. Here are my circles.....

...and my stripes..... they are together....  Can you guess what I am working on??? 

I will show you when I get it done in a few days!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Tape Books!!

I have been following this really talented lady named Jennibellie. She has major cool ideas for mixed media and art journaling all the time. She had a great idea on how to make your washi tapes more portable. So you don't have to carry around all the round tape rolls. They can get bulky..and you can only take a few. Now with the books above...I can have all my tapes come with me to art with friends!!! I will show you how I made my covers...but if you want to watch Jennibellie's video on how to make these books.... just jump on over to HERE to see her video.

First, I find boxes I can use as my covers..then cut them down to size....

..then I get out my collection of painted paper towels...Yes, the covers are made out of pieces of paper towel!!! Then in go the pages...HERE is the video on how to make the inside pages!!

I have 50 tapes in just these 2 little books.

Here are some pictures inside the books.

I LOVE my tape collection. I use it everywhere!!!

I would really like to take a sec to thank Jennibelle for her inspiration...and willingness to share her talent to the world for free!! THANK YOU Jennibellie!!! Love ya bunches!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope all is well...with everyone!!!

Hugs......Sandie :O)


Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Blogger's Create Studio Tour 2012

Welcome to my Art Studio!!! Please come in and visit for awhile. This is my "HAPPY PLACE". This is were I spend quite a bit of my time :O) 

My studio has had several re-dos since we have moved to this state...but, I am a firm believer if your tools don't work...get new ones. Since, my space wasn't working.....I have rearranged until it works. Now I am very happy with the space and where all my supplies are :O)

The room measures 16x22 feet. It used to be the master bedroom...but my sweet Hubby suggested I take it over for my art room. It is the largest room in the house. (I have a great Hubby)

I will pan around the room first, then I will go in for closer shots and show you how I organize.

On this Ikea I keep all my quilt books. In the buckets are scraps, lace, and pre-cut strips. The clear boxes above are my UFO quilt projects.....and the cutting board is right here in front.

On this Ikea I keep my fabric on the top 2 rows , and my batting is up above everything. While my paper products for journals and book making are below. You can also see my rubber stamp collection. (hubby made the stand for me)

My newly painted art desk, and my new paper tape stand. I like to have all my stuff close at hand. It makes the creative process flow better... ..stopping to find things....can really rob the creative flow.

My desk turned out just yummy!!! I love it!! You can see all my paints and sprays on the side desk too.

On this side of the room you will find my biggest passion... FABRIC!!! and my sewing machines!! There is fabric behind the doors on the fabric stand too. You can also see my planning boards tucked away on the left..just waiting to be needed. I have a tutorial on how I made them here under my tutorial button.

I like to keep my ribbons and trims out so I can see them. girls!!! I can't go a day with out hearing them hum.....(I'm talking about my sewing machines:):) You can also see my new collection of baby sewing machines. I have been picking them up when I see them.

I really like my little things well you can see my buttons in sugar jars, and in the draws are my glues, more paints, tools, and my ironing board. I just lay it on my cutting table when I need it.

I have this double door into the room..and I wanted to make use of it. So, I put more planning boards on them to store blocks I'm working on and important info I need to see and not lose. The door can still open if I need it to. And behind the other door..I put command strip hooks to hold my rulers.

I have a closet that I decked out with supplies as well :):)

My most favorite re-do is my new art desk!! I store all my paper art supplies here. You can see my art journals on the bottom 2 shelves. I work on my computer and draw here.

I also decoupaged my ceiling fan too :O) :O)

I have sewing/art companions who are always in my room when ever I am.....

Bella, Zoey, and Daisy...they are always ready to help with anything that hits the floor :):)

Well, that is my HAPPY place...I hope you all enjoyed your visit!! I love to share my art and my process anytime. Come and see me again. Please let me know how you liked your visit. I always respond to every comment. They always make my day :O) is one last photo...Me and my fur babies!!!

Until next time... many poodle kisses from us :O)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Desk Art!!

So I painted my art desk. I wanted a little color on it. Since I am getting my room ready for the to WBC tour party....I decided I wanted a pretty desk to go with my art room. Here is the desk white.

Add a little paint.....

add some stencils and spray inks.....

add white paint with stencils....

add a little splattered paint, some glitter, and black trim all around the desk.....

and vola...I have a new art desk. I will have to put spray protector on it. 

Okay...I want to thank everyone for joining my Blog anniversary give-a-way. There is still time to leave me a comment if you want in on the give-a-way... just read my previous post.   I will draw the names on Friday.....I will email the 2 winners then.

Don't forget...the Where Blogger's Create tour kicks off on Saturday. Come and check it out. Then you will see all my changes in my studio too :O) :O)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blogiversary and Give-A-Way!!

I just realized I have been blogging for one whole year!!!! I started at the very end of June last year. I was really worried that this computer thing would be to hard for the likes of me....but with the encouragement of my wonderful blog designer...who happens to a very good friend. I did it and have loved every minute of it!! With 120 posts under my belt, and almost 200 followers...WOW!!!! I am just awed by everyone who comes and visits me. I have made some awesome friends here in blog land!! I have decided to have 2 give-a-ways for my AWESOME stay tuned to the end of this post!!

You may have noticed that my blog just received a little tune-up! As I am getting ready for the Where Blogger's Create Studio tour..I asked Karen Valentine to help my blog put on a different dress :O)
...and as always she did a super job!! I went from a 3 column to a 2 column blog. This allows my pictures to be bigger!!! I also got new category buttons too!! Thank you so much Karen for the tune-up....I LOVE it!!

I also wanted to remind everyone that next Saturday the 14th is the WBC studio sure to go to Karen's blog and sign up or just hop around and see all the wonderful studios.

I know I am getting mine all neat and pretty :O)

Sooo, onto my give-a-ways...Now I know I have quilters and non-quilters who follow I wanted to have 2 give-a-ways for each group of followers.....up first is for those who love to quilt. 

I have a lovely kit and pattern that I just have never found the time to use and would LOVE to give it to one of my quilting followers. It measures 15x25 when made...and it has a mini 12x12 also included.

....and for those who don't a collection of fun stuff from my stash that you can play with. Papers I have made, buttons, lace, sheets from old books, flowers, and snippets of my washi tape collection., leave me a "I WANT THAT" comment, and which one you would like to win....(remember you have to be a follower to win) ......and this Friday just before the WBC party I will pick the 2 winners!!!! I think I love giving stuff away better than winning it!!!!! I'm so excited!!! This is truly my way of just saying THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!

My blogging experience would NOT be the same without each and every one you coming to see me.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Am Sewing Again!!!!

                          I am (sew) excited!!! I have finally dusted off my sewing machine and started sewing again. I have not sewn in over a month!! Why??? I really don't know...I just wanted to take a break. Sometimes I just want to play with other things...paper, paints, and art journaling. It felt sooooo good to sew. So, I made my Blogger's block of the month blocks..... And I pinned a UFO which I will be quilting this weekend. I have friends coming over Saturday to sit and sew with me in my studio!! Here is my show and tell......   I have a lovely little Vanna to show you my work this time :O)
Her name is Daisy...and if you look close enough she has thread on the tip of her nose!!! LOL!! She is the dog of a quilter after all :O)

We are on the 10th month of the free Blogger's block of the month. Only 2 months left.

Here are both of the blocks together. This month the designer was...Pam from Pamkittymorning
I am having a blast making these blocks. I can't wait to start putting them mind is already starting to gather ideas.

I finally got my rear in gear and pin basted my batik UFO. 

I have sewing friends coming over this weekend...I wanted something to work on!!

Yes!!! I did it!! I had not finished pinning when I started this post. I was determined to get it done!!

                                   Hope all is well with you on your side of the world :O)                                                                                                       

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