Monday, July 23, 2012

New Tape Books!!

I have been following this really talented lady named Jennibellie. She has major cool ideas for mixed media and art journaling all the time. She had a great idea on how to make your washi tapes more portable. So you don't have to carry around all the round tape rolls. They can get bulky..and you can only take a few. Now with the books above...I can have all my tapes come with me to art with friends!!! I will show you how I made my covers...but if you want to watch Jennibellie's video on how to make these books.... just jump on over to HERE to see her video.

First, I find boxes I can use as my covers..then cut them down to size....

..then I get out my collection of painted paper towels...Yes, the covers are made out of pieces of paper towel!!! Then in go the pages...HERE is the video on how to make the inside pages!!

I have 50 tapes in just these 2 little books.

Here are some pictures inside the books.

I LOVE my tape collection. I use it everywhere!!!

I would really like to take a sec to thank Jennibelle for her inspiration...and willingness to share her talent to the world for free!! THANK YOU Jennibellie!!! Love ya bunches!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope all is well...with everyone!!!

Hugs......Sandie :O)



cucki said...

It is so beautiful and so creative xxx

Marlynne said...

Probably won't make the books for tape but love the covers and the idea of collection of colored or paainted paper towels. I keep forgeting to safe mine, although none of my a=have been that pretty! Is it just a toweel used for clean up or do you watercolor wash them?

Marlynne said...

Sorry for all tthe mistakes! I didn't check the comment first before I posted it!

Deborah O'Hare said...

Love these and ditto on Jenniebellie and her videos.

Sandra said...

I'm in love with your book covers! What a super fun idea ( I'll have to try this when I have more then one washi tape! ) hehe... TFS

Crafty Hugs

Sandra Amelia

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Sandra, isn't it wonderful how we can learn from each other and be inspired? Artists are the most generous and kind people on earth! Patsy from
HeARTworks and

Lesley said...

These are much prettier than tape dispensers! So cute!

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