Thursday, August 16, 2012

Art Journaling Junkie Part 2 !!!

Here is a book that was given to me by a very special new friend!! How did I meet her you ask?? Through instagram!! I am a huge fan of instagram. It is like twitter..but with pictures!! So, I have been following several art journal Ladies. One such lady is Emily..from Canada. She posted on instagram that she was coming to my town...Well, I just had to meet up with her..and she was game. We met at the Frenzy Stamper store, and had an instant connection. She made an altered book and gave it to me!! I was just tickled pink.!! And I have been using it a lot. Above is the inside cover!! 

Emily sat and showed me how to do gel transfers and how to draw her wonderful doodles!! The above is a gel transfer of one of her doodles. Emily also has a blog..if you want to see more of her wonderful doodles go HERE!! 

I find myself wanting to just sit and doodle all the time now. It is very relaxing!!

I carry this little book in my purse with pens. Then when I am sitting and waiting on something...out it comes and I doodle!! My little one was jumping with her friends in a trampoline park!!

Since I finished a journal..I decided I needed a new one!! (not that I don't have 4 I am working in right now) LOL!!!

First page in my new journal!! Been practicing my Emily like doodles!!

If you go to the app store and pick up the Instagram app for your phone. You can follow me by searching.... sandieloves2art.  You can find Emily under... emilylagore.

Well, that is it for now!! Thanks for stopping in!!

Hugs to all. 


Emily Lagore said...

Oh Sandie you are such a treasure - I am honored to be your friend :). Thank you so much for all your kind words! I love your doodles and totally see your style evolving! Hugs sweetie

cucki said...

aww cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
hugs x

Linda said...

beautiful! the doodles are very elaborate which makes them very interesting.

Holly Loves Art said...

Wonderful Sandie! Love all the color and the lines... you've got great style!

Linda in Calif. said...

So beautiful. I should try this sometime.(doodling) At least my granddaughter has a doodle book. So we have one down, 5 more of us to go.

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