Monday, August 27, 2012

Look What I Found!!!

It was just a quiet day.... not expecting to find much of anything. Just decided to hit a few of my favorite stores. Well, I came home a very happy are my treasures for the day!!
I found this wonderful jar of yummy buttons!!
Happy Dance!!!

I am absolutely in LOVE with these pretty hankies!!! I just can NOT get enough of them!! I found 12 of them on this day!!!...more happy dancing :O)

I also found these hankies!! ....happy, happy dance!!

I am doing a lot of art journaling lately too!! I really like making my own journals. So, I have been on the hunt to find very unique and cool vintage books. So, I can turn them into journals!! I love this book the cover is very embossed and detailed!! Yummy!!! .....more dancing!!!

Now... I am a huge Winnie-the-Pooh fan...especially the original Pooh. So when I saw this book it was in pretty bad shape...but not for making an art journals. So, this little beauty came home with me....I will use the covers as my new art journal....  (dancing)

....and the wonderful yummy pages will be reused into the art journal and other mixed media art. Happy dance again!!

Then the final treasure I found....a new baby!!! I collect these little sewing machines. I buy them when ever I see them!! Which is not very often. ..and it is in my favorite color too!! Happy dance... happy dance...happy dance!!!! Wosh...I am tired!! Why am I so tired?? Oh, yeah!! I have been dancing all day!!! :O)   Believe it on not..I found all these treasures in one day!! A very GOOD day...if you ask me!!

Here's to every one having such a treasure filled day!!


Gill said...

WOW! I can't believe you found all that fabulous stuff in one day!
I love it all!

Marilou Bain said...

Wow Sandie I need to shop with you, no great deals like that in my area, they get snapped up quick and usually cost and arm and a leg, lol What treasures, every little bit of it, those hankies well I would think I went to hankie heaven and I collect buttons, hankies and vintage linens. You are one lucky lady but you deserve it! Hugs Marilou

laurajane said...

Well then lovely girl,you had a great day.Wish I lived closer to you ,and not thousands of miles away, I could do with a happy day right now.
Laura xx

quiltmania said...

Nice! I haven't seen anything that yummy around here in years!

Holly Loves Art said...

LUCKY YOU! All of my favorite things! Love the jar of buttons - some really nice ones in there! And all the pretty hankies make me smile.

Judys Fabrications said...

Love, love those Thrift Shop finds!I adore buttons and lace. Happy finds!

Terry said...

Oh I love Pooh! What a great find that book was! :0)

Jen said...

HI Sandie, So glad you had a treasure filled day What fun and all in one day. I love the hankies . I have some stored in my stash that came from my mother, not sure what to do with them as yet.

Dortesjs said...

awww lovely things, i to collect buttons and hankies what a joy
What a treasure to find you to

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