Saturday, September 1, 2012

My New Art Journal!!

        I have been having the coolest time on Instagram!! There is a whole new art community there to have fun with !! I have even made friends there! One such friend is Emily and her wonderful sister Carol!! They are from Alberta, Canada. And from time to time they are here in my own town!! I have had the privilege to get to know them. Emily and her daughter Karly make their own art journals...I asked Emily if she would show me how next time she was in town. So, this post is about the fun I have been having in my new art journal! Enjoy!!
Here is my new journal which I call my #emartjournal. 
  My first page.
Second page... my Hubby handed me his fortune cookie was the inspiration for this page.
hmmm.... I see a reoccurring theme here...COLOR!!! Me thinks I like color!!LOL!!!
 I call this my free is the backside of the above page. The color bled through onto this side..I just added the doodle and my word for the year...RELEASE.
I went shopping one day with Carol and Emily...I used my shopping bag as the starting point for this page!! The photo is Emily and I.
I call this my Dr. Seuss page...I was just doodling around my new stamp. This page feels very Seussical!! LOL!!
My David transfer with an Edgar Allen Poe quote.
.....and finally my gift from my friend Susanne. She was playing around with photo transfer on muslin....and gave me this piece. I love it!! I also used her hand carved stamp for the border on the next page. Thank you Susanne I love this spread in my journal!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!
I hope you all have a great day!!
Hugs- Sandie



Marlynne said...

Love your new Journal! It oozes with Creativity!

Christine said...

Beautiful journal! Love instagram still learning though.

Hope said...

Hi Sandie~
So glad I found your blog before Handmade U! I can't wait to meet & swap with you. I have a white poodle too...her name is Lassie...not too poodle-lie I know but we love her! You are going to have so much fun at the art retreat!

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