Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wonderland Workshop With Tangie Baxter!!

I just had the most wonderful time with Tangie Baxter!!! She is an art journal artist that teaches classes online and all around the country. She lives local for me...and held an art journal class in her home!! Everything was decorated fabulously and super fantastic treats were there to make me fatter :):). That is just the beginning... then we sat and arted for 2 days. Tangie had so many techniques to show us and inspiration was had everywhere. Tangies home is just filled with wonderful art that she did and many other artists she has collected on her travels. I felt so at home while I was there. Every student was just gushing with excitement!! Here are some of my pictures of my adventure with Ms. Tangie!!

Here you can see the class room set up. This is Tangies familyroom. Her wonderful hubby moved all the furniture to the gargae so we could have enough space to spread out!!
She put all our supplies on her panio!!
 First thing Tangie had us do was draw our inner critic!! Which was done with my weak had (left). Then we had to spell are name backwards. This is the name of my inner critic :O):O) Oh...and you could not lift your pen up either.  Then we put them all in timeout!!!
 We did not want to see them again while we were working on our journals!!
Time to paint.... Tangie loves to finger paint!! So, I went for it too!!
Here is my art on the finger painted page!!
Tangie had art journals and kits made up for us...these are what we worked on. She had an Alice and Wonderland theme going.  Collage page.
My finished Alice spread!!

Me working on my next spread!!
....and the finished spread you saw me working on!!

I had a WONDERFUL time!! We worked from 7pm to 11pm on friday night....then 10am to 10pm on Saturday!! WOW!!! There were a few times I just had to walk around... I was sooo over stimulated!! There was so much to see and hear....I want to go back again next year!! 
Thank you Tangie for the most wonderful time!! You are such a fantastic Lady!! I look forward to getting to know you and becoming friends!! ....and arting with you and your Momma (Becky)!! BTW- your Momma is just a true gem!! I really loved meeting her and seeing her artwork!!

I had such a wonderful time they had to kick me out :):) (giggle) I didn't want to leave. (sigh)
Well, That is what I did this weekend!!
Be sure to visit Tangie'S Blog HERE.

Thanks for visiting!!
Much love


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Journal Love!!!

              I wanted to show you what I did this week. I did quite a few journal pages!! I hope you enjoy!!! This journal kick I am on is very therapeutic!! I love it!!
        I was doing a zentangle design here, and when I sat back and looked I noticed a face could be had if I just added the eyes and mouth!! So, that is what I did!! Can you see the atlas paper under the design:):)
                               A new collage spread. I was playing with vintage ephemera!!
           Here is a closeup of the left side. I used old wall papers, children's book pages, labels, bingo page, and the elephant is cut out from an old kid's book. Then I just doodled over it all and journaled!!
     Another collage project in my journal. These strips of paper came from the leftovers from a new journal I made...waste not, want not!!!! All this photo's are taken on my iphone and uploaded to my Instagram app. I love that app!!! I am on it 20 times a day!! Either watching other artists and what they are working on or putting my own art up for those who follow me to see what I'm working on. If you click on the Instagram camera on my side will take you to my profile!!

                A really cool doodle!! I was watching a movie with my hubby...while I was doodling!! :):) I was really watching (wink) truly I was :):)

  There was a lot of collage going on here many, many layers. Spray inks and stencils first, old papers, labels, stamps, rubber stamps, doodles, paints, and markers!!! Love how it turned out!!

                                                    left side close up

                                                                and the right side !!

Well, I wanted to thank every one for all the wonderful comments and prayers for me and my family over Penny!! You blogger's are just amazing!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I did a Penny spread in my journal too...I hesitate on showing you...but I think I will!! So, they are the last two pages you will see!!

       For all the QUILTIE Traders..... I have traded them and will be mailing them off in the morning!!! Again thanks for trading!!

             She was such a snuggle bunny when it came to her Boy!!! We will miss her greatly!! BTW...I told my son Nicholas to read my  post and all the comments... He was very moved by all of the amazing comments and asked me to say thank you on his behalf!!      

           As I said before you blogger's ROCK!!!! And I love hanging out with you all!!!
                                         Please have a blessed day!! Much Love--- Sandie                                                                    

Thursday, October 18, 2012

In Loving Memeory!!

            Yesterday was very sad for my family!! We lost a very good friend and family member!!
                  Penny...she was my second son's dog. Nicholas had some hard times as a young boy. We had him seeing a Doctor, who suggested that we get him a dog. It was his opinion that the unconditional love would help him greatly!! Boy, was that doctor right...Penny turned our sick little boy into a very happy, playful little boy again. They were 2 peas in a pod.
                    Nicholas was nine years old when we got Penny for him. Here they are 3 years after we got her.                           
           Where ever one was the other was right there. They have always been close. It was hard on Penny and Nick when we moved. He couldn't keep her with we kept her with us. But, when he came to was like they were never apart :):)
              Here they are on his last visit one month ago. Nick is now 22 years old and Penny 13yrs.
                She has been struggling for the last two months...but 2 weeks ago it became apparent that she was really hurting....after taking her in to have the Vet look at was with his  advice we let her go.     With my husband at my side we was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.
She will be greatly missed!!! Thank you Penny for all the love and devotion you gave were a wonderful addition to our family!!  You will always be in our hearts!!

                             Thank you for listening to my story... all your prayers and comforting words will help tremendously !!!     Please hug your fur babies for me!! They are a great addition to our human lives. It is my opinion they make us all better humans :):)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


       Good Morning!! I am having a great day!! I hope you are having a good day as well!! I will be going to a book binding class in a few hours!!! I love learning how to bind books!! Today I thought I would show you some of my attempts at faces. I REALLY need to practice more....but I am trying, and that is all I need to do!! Enjoy!!
I don't know if you remember this face...I did back in January. I haven't tried a face again until now.
  Well...hmm, I think her eyes are way to big for her face..(giggle) Okay, let's try again....
Okay...a little better!! (right?) You know what the say.."Practice makes perfect"
 Bingo!!!! I like this face!!! I love that the paint from under the face is peeking up through the face!!!! Well, I am very happy with her!! I will be practicing a lot more!!! 

               Personally, I would rather stick to the no face people...they are sooo much easier!!! LOL!!! But, I will keep practicing on my faces!!          On a more personal note.... My Baby Bear turns 24 today!!! Happy Birthday my sweet Baby Bear!! Mama loves you!!!!
                    Were has the time gone??? And when did I get old enough to have a 24 year old adult as my child!!?!!!! I mean come on!!! I am not getting old!! I am NOT getting old!! Nope not doing it!!!! I am a spring chicken!!
              See...don't I look to young to be this mans mama??? Work with me girls!!! LOL!!! All kidding aside I am very proud to be his mother and the mother of my 2 other kids too!!   They are my greatest creative art work I have ever made :O)

                                              Well, I am off to class....Y'all have a great day!!
                                                                       Hugs to everyone!!!               



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Show and Tell...and an idea !!!

          Hello, Lovely Blog Peoples:):) I decided to show you some of my quilts from time to time!! I have not shown them all yet. So, here are 2 of my quilts...... And I went to my guild meeting this week..and our guest speaker brought a really special quilt. I will tell you about that in a minute... First quilt up....
I am using this quilt as my computer cover. I really love it..the colors are just super fun!!
This quilt was my very first attempt at designing my own quilt!! I had no pattern.

So, back to the quilt idea!! Carol brought in a beautiful quilt made out of the old vintage hankies!!! I have NEVER falling in love with a quilt so fast!! Soooo, I am now on a mission....I NEED hankies!!!
I thought I would show you what I have already!! gears are just a turning!! I want to make this quilt sooo bad!!!
 Don't they just make you ....sigh.....? They sure do me!! Now, the hunt is on!!! I need at least 100 hankies!! 
I also, went to lunch with my friend Susanne....and we hit a couple of estate sales!! I found some cool stuff!!
 These are teeny tiny tart tins!! They will make awesome Christmas ornaments!!
Well, that is it for me today!! 
Many hugs!!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just Playing in My Studio!!

            So, I have been just playing around in my studio....with my art journals. I know for those of you who follow me for my quilting...don't give up on me...I will quilt again!!! I have been having headaches, and emotional ups and downs. This makes me (in my opinion) a bad quilter..I have a hard time concentrating on my quilt projects....and the fear that I might mess them up...well, I just decided to do something that was a little easier!! And, messier!!! So, here are some pictures of my new journal I made!!                          
 I bought a old ledger...and decided that the yucky brown color was not a happy color for I watered down lime green paint and painted it up!! I love the color!!! I replaced the old papers inside with watercolor papers!!
I took a class from Mary Ann Moss from Dispatch From LA. She is teaching a class called Full Tilt Boogie!! Loved the class!! You learn how to bind 5 different books.
....... side shot!!
... inside the journal!! I have decided to make this my doodle book. I will sit on my couch while I am watching TV...and doodle away!!!
Now, I want to make a closure for this book!! So, I gathered all kinds of cool stuff..and sat down to my sewing machine...and just started playing around!!! 
You know I had to use Kaffe...I love his fabric sooo much!!
Then I just started adding layers of goodies!!
 Until I was happy with the results.... I really think it turned out cool!!! Now to put it on the book.....
Front cover
Back Cover!!
Close up.... The teal ribbon comes from the back and wraps around the black and white button!! All I did was glue the whole piece down onto the book on the front and around to the back!! It turned out just great!! Very pleased with this book.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my new doodle journal!!

Like I said...I will come back to quilting....I am in a phase right now..and art journaling is just easier for me. I hope you all understand!! 

Many hugs to you all!!!

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