Tuesday, October 16, 2012


       Good Morning!! I am having a great day!! I hope you are having a good day as well!! I will be going to a book binding class in a few hours!!! I love learning how to bind books!! Today I thought I would show you some of my attempts at faces. I REALLY need to practice more....but I am trying, and that is all I need to do!! Enjoy!!
I don't know if you remember this face...I did back in January. I haven't tried a face again until now.
  Well...hmm, I think her eyes are way to big for her face..(giggle) Okay, let's try again....
Okay...a little better!! (right?) You know what the say.."Practice makes perfect"
 Bingo!!!! I like this face!!! I love that the paint from under the face is peeking up through the face!!!! Well, I am very happy with her!! I will be practicing a lot more!!! 

               Personally, I would rather stick to the no face people...they are sooo much easier!!! LOL!!! But, I will keep practicing on my faces!!          On a more personal note.... My Baby Bear turns 24 today!!! Happy Birthday my sweet Baby Bear!! Mama loves you!!!!
                    Were has the time gone??? And when did I get old enough to have a 24 year old adult as my child!!?!!!! I mean come on!!! I am not getting old!! I am NOT getting old!! Nope not doing it!!!! I am a spring chicken!!
              See...don't I look to young to be this mans mama??? Work with me girls!!! LOL!!! All kidding aside I am very proud to be his mother and the mother of my 2 other kids too!!   They are my greatest creative art work I have ever made :O)

                                              Well, I am off to class....Y'all have a great day!!
                                                                       Hugs to everyone!!!               




Rosemary said...

Love your faces! You're so talented. I couldn't draw a face if my life depended on it. You look way to young to have a 24 year old son! I'm in the same boat. My daughter just turned 23! How did that happen?? Enjoy your class!!

Karen Valentine said...

I have t say sweetie, that I think your faces are fabulous!!! Much better than I could ever do!! They are pretty, and whimsical and just awesome! Hope you had fun at the bookbinding class!!!

Marlynne said...

Fun Times! Super face! I like the others too though. In our art world these days it's cool to enlarge some of the features! Are the Oct quilties all in yet?

Lesley said...

Hello Mss Spring Chicken! You look like the proudest mama! And your faces are adorable...I think you should do a face of a grey-haired lady...giggle! Love your art work!

cucki said...

so pretty..i love to make faces too with material..i recently made two..i will post on my blog soon..please have a look and tell me how they are??
thank you
hugs cucki xxx

Linda in Calif. said...

Oh my gosh! No way could you be old enough to be a mother to that man in the uniform. No way. Although if you were, you should be so proud! As for the faces, they are all wonderful! I love each one.

Anonymous said...

Your faces are great! They have character and interest and don't all look like anorexic 5 year olds. Hope you will keep this look as you do more faces. I like the no face people also, they are fun.

Susan said...

Sandie, how is it that our children grow up and we don't? Yes you look so proud and well you should, Please Thank your son for serving our country. It takes someone special to do so. Your faces are great! I like the all of them even the larger eyes, they look so much more creative!! You know I had signed up with you for a UFO thing then got the promptly forgot about it. Guess I didn't get to many UFO's done that way. LOL But been trying to catch up your posts and see you have managed a few! Well Sew ON

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