Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just Playing in My Studio!!

            So, I have been just playing around in my studio....with my art journals. I know for those of you who follow me for my quilting...don't give up on me...I will quilt again!!! I have been having headaches, and emotional ups and downs. This makes me (in my opinion) a bad quilter..I have a hard time concentrating on my quilt projects....and the fear that I might mess them up...well, I just decided to do something that was a little easier!! And, messier!!! So, here are some pictures of my new journal I made!!                          
 I bought a old ledger...and decided that the yucky brown color was not a happy color for I watered down lime green paint and painted it up!! I love the color!!! I replaced the old papers inside with watercolor papers!!
I took a class from Mary Ann Moss from Dispatch From LA. She is teaching a class called Full Tilt Boogie!! Loved the class!! You learn how to bind 5 different books.
....... side shot!!
... inside the journal!! I have decided to make this my doodle book. I will sit on my couch while I am watching TV...and doodle away!!!
Now, I want to make a closure for this book!! So, I gathered all kinds of cool stuff..and sat down to my sewing machine...and just started playing around!!! 
You know I had to use Kaffe...I love his fabric sooo much!!
Then I just started adding layers of goodies!!
 Until I was happy with the results.... I really think it turned out cool!!! Now to put it on the book.....
Front cover
Back Cover!!
Close up.... The teal ribbon comes from the back and wraps around the black and white button!! All I did was glue the whole piece down onto the book on the front and around to the back!! It turned out just great!! Very pleased with this book.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my new doodle journal!!

Like I said...I will come back to quilting....I am in a phase right now..and art journaling is just easier for me. I hope you all understand!! 

Many hugs to you all!!!



The Nifty Stitcher said...

I love looking at all the creative things you do Sandie - not just your quilting!.xx

laurajane said...

I love your quilts,and indeed your taught me to machine quilt through emails.
But Sandie it's not just about quilting,you're a very talented girl who likes to spread the love.I love to see all your art whatever it is.
The only compliant I have're not here often enough.
Keep well .hugs and love Laura.xx

Nancy said...

Your journal is delightful!

Anonymous said...

the closure sent it over the top! beautifully done, love it all. i enjoy seeing whatever art you put on your blog.

Mary Ann said...

sandra -
i absolutely love the subtle way you painted the book. it looks like it came that way! your journal is magnificent. and your closure is outta this world. so pretty all together.

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

I took this class too and love making these journals. Mary Ann is just the best.
Love that you made your journal into another colot. How cool is that.

Lesley said...

Hello Miss Creativity! So pleased to see you having so much fun with your art work...a perfect journal for your doodling...and I loved to see that sewing machine in the picture! Yay you for your love of all things art're awesome! Well done!

Marlynne said...

I like seeing all the creative things you do! Love your doddle book! You'll have to show us how you put the new paper in the book.

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