Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old to New

        I got this vintage photo album from Etsy!! I wanted to gut it and turn it into a new art journal!!
Here are the old pages from inside the album!
I took the old pages out, and made a new set of papers to put inside the covers. Here are the pages ready for sewing.
I took a class called Full Tilt Boogie. Here is the binding method I learned in that class. The black strips is a velvet ribbon.
A looksy inside the new journal!!
I used nice papers for the outside of each signature, as this binding method is an exposed binding!! I love the way it turned out!! I have 3 more vintage albums I will turn into journals one day!!

Have a wonderful day!!!
Much love


Rosemary said...

I love what you did! It's so much nicer this way and more useful as well! You're so talented!

Lesley said...

Lovely and so creative'

Shocking Hocking said...

that's awesome sandie - great work - i must do a book binding class one of these days

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

It´s SO beautiful Sandie. Love the photo album you used. They are so hard to find over here. Isn´t that a great class :-)

Linda said...

gorgeous! and the cover is a real prize. you'll have to show us the pages as you do them.

gatheress said...

Hi Sandra~ I Love this journal - very nice.

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