Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello....I'm Back From Florida!!!

I went back home to Florida to see my Mother!!! She had a health scare that prompted my butt on a plane lickety split!!!! I could hold her in my arms!!! This woman is the most wonderful Mother any girl could ever ask for!! I will be heading back to Florida for more regular visits now. I will not miss out on being with her as often as I can for anything.

I gave her my Christmas present early!! She looks so tiny compared to the quilt :):) Do you see the afghan on the right? Mom has been making that for me for awhile. She finished while I was there..and I got to bring it home with me. :):)
She looks like she likes it! My sweet Momma!!! I love you so much Mom!!! (this is now my contact photo on my phone:):)

The rain was all around while I was there...:(:( I soooo wanted to go to the beach!!! When my sister and I made plans each night for the next day...I would always end the planning session with... everything stops if the sun comes out...cause I'M GOING TO THE BEACH!!!!
And it did for one day!!!
 I was all about getting the sand between my toes!!!! I just needed to smell the sea, hear the waves, play in the water, and shell hunt :):):) My Mom and sister just laughed at my child like delights:):)
            It my not be one of the prettier beaches...but it is the beach I grew up on...and its home:):)
                           Momma love!!! Notice she still has her shoes on...LOL!! She and my sister both were cold..and NOT taking their shoes off!!!! But, they were good to me and let me stay for 1 hour roaming the beach shores!!!!! I live in the land of dirt, rocks, and cactus water anywhere!!!
                    Just us three.....myself, Momma, and Baby sister!!!!!

A beach walker took this photo for us!! It was a beautiful day!! ...and then the rain came back.
If you follow me on instagram you will have seen this waving "Hi" to all my IG followers from the east coast :):):)
My sister and I went on a "Sister" date one night to Red Lobster...and we were so busy of us must have said yes to the jumbo question on our drinks!!?!! Needless to say we were very surprised when they came to the table!!! LOL!!!! We were going to flip a coin on who was going to be the driver...when I pulled the "I'm the guest" card...and won the right to drink away:):):) Also, I'm a lot bigger than the little no arguing with me!! I always win!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! ( I know I will pay for this when she reads this post:):):)

It is very good to be home... I miss them already!!! But, I will see them in two months time:):)
Thanks for stopping by my lovely Blog friends!!!!

I have been making thing things..will have show and tell soon!!
Much love


The Slow Quilter said...

There is nothing like a mothers love. Keep her close, love her always, she is worthy all the time.

Lesley said...

Welcome back! Looks like you had a fabulous time in Florida! Your Mom and her new quilt are adorable! So glad you got to give her lots of hugs and had some sister time as well. I think your beach is wonderful!

Sue said...

Glad you were able to make it to the seaside and see your family, have a lovely week, nice pictures!

laurajane said...

Great that you got to the beach.
You and your sister both look like your lovely mum.Making memories Sandie,you can't beat it.
Hugs Laura xx

Linda said...

Do we ever outgrow home or the excitement of visiting where we grew up? Glad to hear you had such a wonderful trip with plenty of fun and visting.

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