Saturday, December 15, 2012

I LOVE Quilt Shops!!!

      I Love to find quilt shops while I am on vacation!!! When I was in Florida with my Mom, I was very sad to learn my favorite quilt shop had closed!!!......But, not to worry...some of the ladies in town opened another shop!!!! YES!!!! It was a super sweet store with LOTS of fabric to make me drool and plenty of inspiration to be had every where I looked:):):):)
      Here is the lovely model (MOM) standing in the beginning of the store as we walked in!!
                                  OOOOOOOOO......look at all that yummy color :):)
                Those who know me ...know I LOVE color!!!! I love it when I find a shop that has bunches and bunches of color!!!!!!

                    They even had a Christmas room filled with all things Christmas!!! I spy a Santa (Lesley:):) my friend Lesley LOVES Santa's!!!
             I even ran into a very good friend...whom I haven't seen since I left.... Gale!!! She found me a few weeks ago in blog land!!!  She and I are kindred spirits....we LOOOVVVVEEEE Color!!! The brighter the better!!! For example Gale is wearing Lime green from the top of her pretty head to her cute little shoes!!!! And love her glasses :):) I enjoyed spending time with you time I come in town I will bring a project!!!

                    Well, I hope every one is having a very blessed Christmas Holiday!!!
                                                     Much love....Sandie


quiltmania said...

Thanks for the lovely splash of colour!

Lesley said...

Oh Sandie, you know me well. I'm scrolling down through your awesome pictures, with my iPad, drooling as well over those gorgeous fabrics, and then I spotted the Santa and immediately enlarged my screen to get a better look. And he's an awesome Santa! Love the way they framed him! Thank you so much for sharing...your Mom is a little doll and so wonderful that you had a chance to reconnect with your friend.

Marlynne said...

Ditto to everything you said!

Marlynne said...

Have the Trade Quilties all arrived??

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