Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Art Swap #6 December

      Hello Blog land....I have another amazing set of goodies to show you!! The girls made wonderful cards again this month!! I LOVE this swap so much. Please enjoy the show:):)

                               Above we have..... Sarah M. from Australia
                                                         Tracy M. from Oklahoma
                                                            Rachel M. from Florida
                   Rachel M. was sweet enough to make extras...which I gave out to the group.
                                                       Carla M. from The Netherlands
                                                             Lori B. from Florida
                                                          Karen A. from California
                                                           Emily L. from Canada
                                                            Tessa W. from Scotland
                                                            Kelly W. from Canada
                                                            Kelli R. from Australia
                                                          Marianna D. from Arizona
                                                          Jill A. from Massachusetts
                                                       Kathy M. from New Hampshire
                                                             Cindy O. from Arizona
                                                           Katie R. from Nebraska

                                                          Syda H. from California
                                                          Stephanie D. from Florida
                                                              Caroline B. from Texas
                                                            Leta M. from Neveda
                                                              Kim H. from Connecticut
                                                        Deborah B. from Wyoming
                                                         Darlene W. from Florida
                                                             Chris A. from Michigan
                                                           Kelley H. from Minnesota
                                                              Shelby H. from Arkansas
                                                        Sharon P. from Missouri
                               ...and finally there are my set of cards....Sandra Kaye from Arizona
and this month I kept all the extras...and here they are!!! Love them all!!

Thanks for coming by and taking a look....Hope you all had an awesome Christmas:)

If you are interested in joining the me. We would love to have you come and play:)
We have 28 states and 11 countries playing:):)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Making my Lamp :):)

        I decided to dress up my little lamp...that sits next to my lazy-boy. So, every time I sit done to just watch TV or a movie...I pull the lamp over into my lap and start to zentangle:):) ( Daisy is on the floor watching me)

                                           putting the final touches on the zentangle
                I decided to add buttons on the lamp shade to match the colors of the curtains.
                                    Super fun project...and a great addition to my room:):)
I went to a grown-up party the other first in years. And you would think I would have taken it a little more seriously:):) .....but, nope...not me...had to have some fun with it:):)
I had a wonderful time!!! ...and my antlers were a hit:):)
Hugs- and thanks for stopping by:):)

I probably wont get another post in before Christmas!!! So, I want to wish you all a....


Monday, December 16, 2013

Sewing Curtains:)

 So, I finally bit the boring bullet do some very boring sewing!!! I have been putting off making my happy curtains with the fabric I bought from Ikea....really dreading making them. The windows are 120 inches wide...and 8 feet tall. So, you see ...lots of straight boring lines...and a huge bundle of fabric fighting you the whole way...LOL!!!! Okay, enough of the whining...I did it!!! And I am VERY glad I did....because THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!

                                                    putting the grommets in place
                                                          hemming the bottom
TA-DA!!!! They look great!! ...and they are done, and I NEVER have to do them again...LOL!!!!
I used the hospital track you can buy at an upholstery the time you have the track cut to size and get the parts to go with it...I spent 50 bucks.!!!! Amazing!!!  Trying to buy a curtain rod for a window this big ..will run you 600 or more...I know I looked!!! I love the hospital attaches to the ceiling and your curtains just slide along!!!

Will post more pics soon. Trying to figure out how to upload video. So I can walk you through my studio:):) Have a great day!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Marker Organizer Tutorial :):)

     I am having so much fun organizing my new Happy Place.....I am thinking of different ways I can store my supplies. Since I have a ton of markers...I was looking for a way to store them...and came up with this idea....PVC pipes cut and painted... then stacked.
                               ...after the pipes are cut to size....sand the edges smooth.......

                                          ...then take them outside and spray paint them....
....I even sprayed the insides as well.....
                             ......I need to buy another PVC pipe to fill in the holes:):)

This is my art desk...(command center if you will)
All my everyday supplies are right where I can reach them:):)

More pictures later on the room:):)
Lets call this the tease (sneak peek)...LOL!!!

Much Love- Sandie
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