Monday, January 28, 2013

Dare to Dresden Blog Hop!!

           Hello Dare to Dresden Blog Hoppers :):) Welcome to my creative ...HAPPY :):) I am so very excited to be on this hop with everyone!!!! I would like to send a special thank you to Christine from Quilt Monster in My Closet and Madame Sam for hosting this wonderful blog hop.  I have the list of the other blogs for today at the end of this post. Just click on their names.             
            I am also having a give-a-way at the very end of this post. So, stay tuned to the end...

            So, I have a few Dresden plates to show you...above is the little quilt I made about 10 years ago. The plates are 4 plates :):)
I used my stash of 30s fabric to make this cute little quilt....and it is one of the few quilts I have ever hand quilted :):)

                                                           The quilt measures 20 x20
                                                Little Miss Daisy wanted to pose for you :):)
I decided to use this tool to make my new Dresden quilt with . 
I cut out some wedges!! .....Kaffe any one?? :):)
 Stitched them up....
I then had the block ready to sew down....I had planned on making a lot of these blocks....I have always wanted to have a bigger Dresden plate quilt.... but, after just putting this one block together...hmmm... I think I'm NOT going to make a bigger quilt after all. ....So, a few pillows will have to do. 
..but I think it will make a lovely pillow :):)

.......I am so excited to say that the Dresden plate design also found it's way into my mixed media stuff too :):)
                                This was a white 10 inch by 10 inch canvas when I started :):)
                                         .......the plate is made out of scrapbook papers......
Ta-Da:):):) Ink, paint, glitter, stamps, paper, and markers... :):) I really LOVE the way it turned out.

Now ...on to my give-a-way.... I am giving away 3...yes!! 3 prizes!!!!
 The above patterns I bought and will just never get to I want to pass them along:):)

All you have to do is leave me a comment...and if you want a greater chance at winning ...become a follower. Leave me a comment that you are a follower too....and your name will go in the hat twice :):) Make sure in your comment you tell me which prize you would like.
I will close this give-a-way in one week :):)

Here is the list for the hop today...please be sure to visit all the other blogs :):) (all though...I am the last on the maybe you already have :):):)
January 29th, 2013
                                             Sandra Kaye Design (you are here)
                      Thanks again for stopping by to see my art work :):)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Few Art Journal Pages!

         I love to art journal!! So, here are some pictures of my latest journal pages....and a few canvas pieces too!. I really hope you enjoy the show :):)

                        This pages was started with the sticker on the left. Then went from there.
              I have been playing with my Gelli plate. And making all kinds of really cool papers :):)
                                            This page is in my new Old Leather Photo album.   
Here is the beginning of a girl over a collage of labels and stickers. 
....and the completed girl. I really like her!!!
I did everything but the girl ...she is a magazine clipping that I really liked.
Then I decided to do some canvas work...and here is another girl. She is self portrait ... sort of!! LOL:):) The hair is made out of scrapbook paper.
  here you can see the layers...
She is not quite done...her nose bothers me. And I want to add more to the canvas...but I am having fun :):) and that is all that matters :):)

I am joining in on the Dresden Blog day is on come back on Tuesday


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grow Your Blog Party!!!

Hello Blogland!!! Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to have your stop in for a visit:):) I want to take a second to thank Vicki from 2 Bags Full for hosting this awesome blog party:):) Please stay and look around.... It is my hope that you find some inspiration while you are here.
 My name is Sandra (Sandie) and I am crazy about color!!!! I love to make art...all kinds of art. By the time I was 5 years old and playing with my first set of crayons :):) I have been making stuff. (as my Mom would say :)  Right now my most favorite art mediums to play with are fabric and papers. Which has me QUILTING and ART JOURNALING. I love making art quilts, and binding my own art journals...then filling them up with collage, paints, and ephemera. They are my visual diaries. 

So, if you are a quilter and want to see all my quilting projects click HERE.
And , if you would like to see my mixed media side click HERE.
Or, you can just keep panning down and see it all :):)

Next I will show you some of the things I have made.....
             This is a 4x4 inch paper piece..I wove the 1/4 inch pieces of paper to make this piece :):)
                                                                Some of my quilts....
                                  As you can see I love Color:):) The brighter the better :):)
This was my art journal bag....but it didn't stay with me for was bought right off my person:)
      I really need to make myself another one :):)                                     
                                                                 Art journal pages......

                                      I made this for my dear friend Karen for Christmas:):)
Here is my new art is filled with a bunch of different papers and such. I am super in love with this journal. The cover is a vintage leather photo album. Yummy :):) 
                                                          a page in my new journal....
                       Quilted panel...that I painted with silk paints!! Then turned into a pillow:):)
 I have been playing with my new toy...Gelli Plate. I have been getting great pages full of color with this new toy :):)
                                                     Mandala drawn over stamp collage.

Well, that is a small collection of the things I like to get into :):) LOL!!!! Like I told ya...I like all kinds of stuff :):) It was a pleasure to have you visit me today... I would love to get comments and it is my hope that you will decide to follow me. I am always looking for new friends :):)

                                                THIS GIVE-A-WAY IS NOW CLOSED:):)

     Thanks to Vicki again for such a great blog hop!!! Click HERE to go back to the list:):) 
                One last photo...these ladies are my art companions :):) They are with me all the time.
                                       Zoey (7yrs)    Daisy (5yrs)   and Bella (10 months)
Bye ya'll
Hope to see ya again :):)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My First UFO of 2013:):)

    A few months ago I went to the Houston Quilt show and came back with this pillow panel and some very yummy paints. And I showed how I painted it with the silk acrylics....
                                                                      this is were I had left the project. I am so excited to say I finished it off...and made a pillow for my studio :):)
                  I used Kaffe Fasset fabrics to add the pop I was looking for!!! Gotta love Kaffe !!!!

I am very happy with my bright happy pillow!!!
...another one done...and only 200+ UFO's to go :):):)
Thanks for stopping by!!
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