Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Art Romp Part 2

Here is how I started my days...taking a picture in the mirror to see if my hair looked okay...I forgot my mirror :):) (giggle) I will show you how our days went ...and things that I made..or tried:):)

                               I made this fabric junk journal with Teesha's yummy fabric stash!!!! I totally copied her journal..I loved the cover very much...then I pieced all kinds of different papers and sewed them together to form pages.

 ... a sample of the pages I worked on..I didn't finish my pages..I wanted to use some of my own stuff instead when I got home....will finish soon.

                          I got to try the copic marker airbrush tool....very cool!! Had fun with that!!!
 Teesha and Tracy's daughters also got into the teaching mode.... This is Trista..and she taught us how she does Celtic Knots..very fun..and zen like doodles. Below is a sample of her work.
                                                           ....all done free hand.....
                                  ...ate lots of homemade cookies from Tiffany..... YUM!!!!

                                          Tracy set up for a carved rubber stamp lesson.....

                                     I was determined to carve ART ROMP before I left:):)

..and here is my new stamp..with me and the Bee.... Cynthia made a little journal and had us all in it.
 I was a very bad girl..and had a few fresh donuts:(...but they were sooo good!!!
started a Teesha like journal page.... I didn't think this was going to work very well...but with advice from Teesha...I made it work..and LOVE it....
I was very happy with the final results:)
played with the stinkn' cute grandpup:):) "Sherlock"
sat and listened to many awesome lectures from Teesha:):) journaled as a group in public.... we went to a indoor mall with a stage near the food court..and listened to really great music and worked in our journals!! It was one of the most fun nights for me:):)
Fell in love with Tracy's tiny art journal he carries with him..and has people sign it or draw in it every where he goes!! Love that idea!!!
...Of course I left my mark in it too :):)
..took silly pictures:):)
...and then my favorite part was making a metal art journal. I fought the idea for several days. I can get migraines very easy...and I was worried that the banging noise would set my head off. But, then I saw all the awesome journals being made..and said "screw it"..I'm making one:):) And I am VERY glad I did:):)
..and then the final picture of the cover:):) It is super cool and I love it!! Thank you Tracy for being such a patient teacher:):) I have been running around trying to collect supplies so I can make more :):) Be sure to run over to Tracy's blog to see his awesome leather and metal journals...HERE.

Well...that was all the things I played and tried while I was there!!!
I have one more post of all things I bought!!!
Until next time...

"In case I don't see ya...
Good Afternoon
Good Evening
and Good Night:):)"
(can you name the movie?) 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Art Romp Part I

 Well..I must first say it is good to be home...I love my family and home..I missed them all very much:):) But,.... I have to say I had the time of my life:):):)  This art retreat was by far the BEST art experience I have ever had!!!!!! For those of you who do not know... I went to Seattle, Washington to visit Teesha Moore and her hubby Tracy. They opened their home for 8 students to come and get immersed in art for 7 days!!! ..and boy did we ever!!!! And we also got to see Seattle as well!!! This post is loaded with tons of pictures .....I will have to do several posts!!! So, go get a cup of coffee and enjoy the show :):)
     A new moleskin journal I took with me..and did several spreads while waiting for my pick up :):)

                                         ..... here she is the Lady of the hour.... Teesha Moore.

     ...and her wonderful teddy bear husband... Tracy Moore :):) sweetest guy you will ever meet:):)
 When you walk into Teesha's  house you are greeted by this very cool chandelier made of gifts, found and handmade treasures Teesha has collected over the years!!! Love made me smile ever time I saw it:):)
Teesha's in house studio. This is were she does most of her own work. They have a two story building in their back yard where they create also. Tracy has the bottom level as Teesha has the top.
                                                    ...more of Teesha's in house studio
 One of the things that really struck me...was that Tracy and Teesha surround themselves with art..their own and many other artists!! I really love that idea..and have wanted to do it my self for many years...but, the logical side creeps in and whispers to me..."That is way to much one is going to like your house!!" and sadly I listened.... but NO MORE!!! Watch out Hubby dear...color is about to bust out all over our house:):):) Above is their living room...where the walls are covered!!! The man is one of Teesha's journal pages blown up big!!! LOVE IT!!!!!
.....of course every time I went to the bathroom I was greeted by this funky gal :):) She made me laugh every time!!!
 Teesha and Tracy had a room were they layed out all their work..we had the privilege to read and look at every page..they held nothing back:):) Above are Teesha's journals.
one of her journal pages
Tracy makes the coolest metal and leather journals!! Above are just a few of them!!
Tracy's art work:):) 
Now I take you into the above studio were Teesha had a desk waiting for each of us:):) ..and again the color!!! I was so at home with all this color surrounding me :):)

 Yeah....I had a very hard time NOT pulling every thing out to see what I could find :):) LOL!!
 So, what were we to learn on this retreat you ask?? Well, Tracy and Teesha  left that up to us...we were to look around us..and if we saw something we liked..They would show us how to make it!!! Yeah!!! I know...really!!! Yes, ...and we all went nuts!!.....I personally got my fingers into ...collage, painting, air brushing, metal journal making, sewing, junk journaling, rubber stamp carving, Celtic knots, and self portrait water, I did a lot!!! We started every morning with getting a Coffee and Bender fix :):)
                                       Here we are outside the Issaquah Coffee shop
                                                          Bender shop greeter:):)

                   I keep going and show you more???? I have many more pictures:):) They did more than art with us.....they showed us Seattle...and for someone who has never been there..I loved every minute of the tour!!!!
                                                    Okay a few are some things I saw....
                                                                Snoqualmie Water fall
                                                      Japanese dollar store!!! so fun!!!
Boehm Chocolate factory
 Yummm it sure does smell good in here!!!!!

                                                                            one point we were driving along..and this old rusty train was just sitting there...we said stop!!! and took lots of pictures!!!
                                            Archie McPhee's novelty and crazy store

        I bought the above finger monsters ....and this bee:):) We went every where in this Van.....

         I saw my first Troll!!!! He resides under this bridge!!! Very cool...That is myself and Cynthia. He is squishing a real life size Beetle bug car.

       I wanted to find pins for my vacation pin quilt.....that said Seattle on them... so Cynthia and I went for a walk by the wharf.....and I found my pins at Ye Old Curiosity Shop by the water.
                                                    .....very cool graffiti on the walls...
                                           These were huge on the walls every where!!
 .....then we went to see Carla Sonheim studio and her art..the little piece she is holding I bought and brought home with me:):) She showed us around and then did a drawing lesson with us...very nice lady:):)
 ...and finally I will end this post with a visit to Teesha's downtown Seattle studio. After years of having it..they finally decided to let it go...we were the last people to see it!! Very cool!! The city was just outside the windows...very inspiring!!! Teesha and Tracy's art was blown up and covering all the walls!!!
  Thanks for reading about my adventure..come back in a few days to see more...also, you want to see what I was up to :):) I made some really cool things :):):)
                                                        See ya soon....Sandie


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