Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Art Romp Part 2

Here is how I started my days...taking a picture in the mirror to see if my hair looked okay...I forgot my mirror :):) (giggle) I will show you how our days went ...and things that I made..or tried:):)

                               I made this fabric junk journal with Teesha's yummy fabric stash!!!! I totally copied her journal..I loved the cover very much...then I pieced all kinds of different papers and sewed them together to form pages.

 ... a sample of the pages I worked on..I didn't finish my pages..I wanted to use some of my own stuff instead when I got home....will finish soon.

                          I got to try the copic marker airbrush tool....very cool!! Had fun with that!!!
 Teesha and Tracy's daughters also got into the teaching mode.... This is Trista..and she taught us how she does Celtic Knots..very fun..and zen like doodles. Below is a sample of her work.
                                                           ....all done free hand.....
                                  ...ate lots of homemade cookies from Tiffany..... YUM!!!!

                                          Tracy set up for a carved rubber stamp lesson.....

                                     I was determined to carve ART ROMP before I left:):)

..and here is my new stamp..with me and the Bee.... Cynthia made a little journal and had us all in it.
 I was a very bad girl..and had a few fresh donuts:(...but they were sooo good!!!
started a Teesha like journal page.... I didn't think this was going to work very well...but with advice from Teesha...I made it work..and LOVE it....
I was very happy with the final results:)
played with the stinkn' cute grandpup:):) "Sherlock"
sat and listened to many awesome lectures from Teesha:):) journaled as a group in public.... we went to a indoor mall with a stage near the food court..and listened to really great music and worked in our journals!! It was one of the most fun nights for me:):)
Fell in love with Tracy's tiny art journal he carries with him..and has people sign it or draw in it every where he goes!! Love that idea!!!
...Of course I left my mark in it too :):)
..took silly pictures:):)
...and then my favorite part was making a metal art journal. I fought the idea for several days. I can get migraines very easy...and I was worried that the banging noise would set my head off. But, then I saw all the awesome journals being made..and said "screw it"..I'm making one:):) And I am VERY glad I did:):)
..and then the final picture of the cover:):) It is super cool and I love it!! Thank you Tracy for being such a patient teacher:):) I have been running around trying to collect supplies so I can make more :):) Be sure to run over to Tracy's blog to see his awesome leather and metal journals...HERE.

Well...that was all the things I played and tried while I was there!!!
I have one more post of all things I bought!!!
Until next time...

"In case I don't see ya...
Good Afternoon
Good Evening
and Good Night:):)"
(can you name the movie?) 


Marlynne said...

What a wonderful and inspiring post! I love the idea of going to a food court with music and art journaling! I'm going to use the Teesha Journal page as an inspiration for a page for me too! So glad you were able to make a Tracy Metal Cover Journal Too! His idea of carrying a homemade journal for people to add something to is a neat idea to copy also!. All I can say is lucky you! I have an artist friend that saves all her money earned from sales and prize money then takes a workshop or maybe retreat once a year with her savings.I don't think I would get very far out of town with mine!!

kathyinozarks said...

what an awesome day! I enjoyed your post very much. I have always wanted to try making a stamp maybe I will look into that yet.
those cookies are too cute. enjoyed seeing your journal making

Karen Valentine said...

You look sooooo in your element there Girlfriend!!! The journal page turned out fabulously too! Can't wait to see your new journals!!!

Patrice said...

Looks like a cool art romp!

Marrianna said...

Oh, thank you so much, for taking the time for photographs AND for publishing them on your blog. I love the Teesha journal page - your page is fantastic. And I love Tracy's small metal journals. I hope you make some of them for yourself in the future.

The fabric junk journal is also wonderful. I love books, especially handmade books. I've made a few but have only sold 2.

I read the comment from one of your followers above about the artist who saves money from her sales and prize money and takes herself on an annual retreat. Since I already have a weekend planned in Scottsdale and 1 class during the retreat, I'll start a special savings fund for 2014.

Great artwork and great photos.


Lesley said...

I can see that you loved your time at the art romp! Such a variety of fun stuff you got to do! Awesome for you to experience this with such creative folks just like you!

Marianne said...

yep. I knew it.....You had more fun than kids at DisneyLand....more fun than Dogs at a dog park....more fun than ...
Jim Carrey in "The Truman Show" !

and I am so jealous. I wanna break out my metal stamping tools and make a mini journal.
I want to paint one of my walls hot pink.
but no I'm sitting here in the rain dreaming of ArtRomp and all the fun I missed.
(like how I slid the answer to your question in there?)(hee hee)

gatheress said...

Looks like it was such a wonderful time! I think you are going to have to give us desert gals a little metal journal class!

Stasa Lynn said...

What a wonderful time you had! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us and I cannot wait to see more metal journals coming out of your studio!

John Rose said...

So cute family.Really very nice.I think you have spent a good time with another.
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Nancy said...

Mirror answered the question- hair looks great! What a fun post.. very inspiring. Glad you enjoyed your workshops. You produced some great things!

Linda in Calif. said...

Wow, I can't believe all the stuff you did! It's amazing. Oh, and that grandpup you played with? That the kind of dogs we have. They are so much fun.

Kathy said...

Your results are wonderful!! I still can't get over the notion of spending a week with Teesha Moore.

Terri said...

Hello Sandra, Wow! You have woken me up this morning with such eye candy and inspiration! Thank you! I love everything you are doing. The classes look amazing. I would love to have been there too : )

Linda said...

your art is so fun. enjoyed seeing what you did. i've thought of buying the copic airpainter but undecided so far. i've never airpainted.

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Everything looks so wonderful Sandie. Love your Teesha like journal page. It´s awesome with the writing. That tiny metal journal is so cool. Great work.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Ok, so I was away in Texas and now I'm back catching up. Oh my gosh!! I'm loooooooooooving that tiny art journal. It's so awesome! What a great idea to carry it around and have people sign it and draw in it. Cool!
Ok, off to read the next post.

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