Friday, March 29, 2013

QAYG Part #4

So excited!!! I kept right on working on my QAYG the other day and finished part #4!!!! I am totally loving the colors in this quilt!! A little bit of my favorite Kaffe Fasset fabric and solids to match:):)

 Again, I added the front piece and the back piece on at the same time ...with a 1/4 inch seam.....
                                Then zig-zagged the batting on right next to the quilted piece......
              ....and here you go....the next part!!!! I didn't get to finish quilting it...ah..because Nina decided she didn't want to sew anymore:(:( I had to take her to the SPA...for some pampering:):)LOL!

           I actually made a square then cut it in half for this new part. Here is the left over piece.....I think I will cut it up and get it into the quilt some where else?!!

 My QAYG with 4 parts added to it!!
Hope you like:):)
I'm off to spend time with my family:):)
Much love to all

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

QAYG Part #3

 So...a while back I started a QAYG project. (Quilt As You Go) I learned this technique from Mariann over at The Quilting Edge. She has a great tutorial on this method. Above is Part #1.
Here is part #2.   I added the left side. I love this method because I can plan each addition , then quilt it as I'm going along....then when I get to the end of this will only need a binding!!! Very cool indeed!!!!, I realized that I have been sooo into my mixed media arts of late..that I have been missing quilting:):) So, I have ...oh I don't know....40ish UFO's sitting around. I finally decided to get some of them done...instead of starting something new. Here, I pulled this project out and did another section Part #3.
 Planning my colors and ideas:):)
 I am sooooo loving the sound of Momma Nina's hum:):) I have missed it:):)
 Even ....My Bella got into the deciding what to do next phase...!!! :):) "I like it MOM!"
 Cutting out my batting for the quilting parts:):)
Then I sew the top piece and the backing piece to the quilt.

..then Zig- Zag the batting on......

                                                  ...Then spray baste the pieces down.....
...and then machine quilt as you like..... you can see me at the machine....I always add extra on the when I am done quilting ...I can trim it all up to match:):)

 ...the back.... the 3 pieces are the 3 pieces I have added on so far.... I really like this idea. It leaves the quilt nice and added bulk:):)

...and then part #3....
Very happy with it so far...will be working on the next part when I stop writing on this post:):):)
Happy sewing...Ya'll
Much love- Sandie

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A New Art Journal!!

    I took a very cool class with Tracy Moore while I was in Seattle.... We made journals. So, I wanted to make another one ASAP...while all the info was still fresh in my head :):) Although this journal was not made with metal. I used canvas boards that I painted instead. With a leather binding :):)

   I will stamp ART on the heart soon. All in all I am very pleased with this journal :):) It measures 7x10 and has 9 signatures.

                                                                         Back cover
                                                              the start of my opening page
                               This quote is by Picasso...He has several quotes that I love to use:):)

       I have the need to sew, I am off to my sewing baby to make something new!
                                                                     Much love- Sandie

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lovely Trade book :):)

 I am very excited about my trade project with a new friend from Denmark...Tina :):) I asked her if she would like to make an art journal together....and to my great surprise she said ..YES!!! So, we are trading 5x7 pages..and in the end we will both have a book made by us both:):) Above, is my first package from Tina!!!

                                              Here is Tina's first sweet!!!!
                                                           The back of the page:):)
      Then I had the idea to add ephemera to the packages also...which is papers, stickers, old book pages, buttons, laces, trim..and so on....       Since we live in different countries..I thought it would be cool to get things I cant find from Denmark..and Tina from the USA. Look at all the yumminess above!!! She even found some all know how I love hankies:):)   

Thanks for agreeing to trade with me Tina!!! I love how these pages are turning out:):)

Well, that's me for today...
Have been getting my ducks in a row for quilting....
I have many new ideas to start and some old ones to finish.
Much love- Sandie

Monday, March 18, 2013

My Trip Home!!

   I went home for a week to visit my Mom and family. It turned out to be my birthday week...and my Guild meeting week as well...St. Augustine Piece Markers.  I have seriously missed these gals!!. I was so inspired to quilt again...I could barely stand it. Of, course I was 3000 miles away from my sewing machine :):) So, no sewing for me. Above Mary Jane Armato was giving us a trunk show of her life as a quilter....and I must say...WOW!!!! She has made some beautiful quilts...and a lot of them too!

                               Here are all her quilts layed out...and every one looking them over!!!

                                                   Mary Jane and I standing with her quilts:)
There was also plenty of show and tell from the other ladies...One lady showed off this purse. My Mom was with me and she leaned into me and whispered..."I want that purse..will you make it for me?" So, I took it from the lady who made it..snapped some pictures and took notes in my journal...I will make this for her soon. :):)
Next are a few pics of the wonderful ladies I miss so much!!! Above is my "quilt Momma" Pat. She has inspired me to be the quilter I am today....I really miss her guidance, inspiration, and influence A LOT!!!!
Mary :):)
and Gail:):)
Well, that was it for the meeting...My hubby got me a room at a Beach front hotel this trip. My room had a balcony facing the ocean. He knows how much I have been missing the beach. So, for my birthday.... He got me a room where I could just enjoy the beach all week. And I did..because I didn't rent a car...So, if you wanted to see me had to come to me:):) ...and they did...both family and friends. It was a very fun relaxing week.

                                                              .....the hotel I stayed at :):)

                                              ...enjoying some doodle time on my balcony:):)

 ....sigh.... the wonderful sunrises I saw!! ...and what was even better...the sun didn't rise until 7:35 am every morning....because of the time change....and since I am NOT an early made it very easy for me to see them every morning:):)

Nice view ...right??? I had a desk in my room that was on during the day I swung it around so I could art and look out side..then at night I swung it the other way and watched T.V.    I didn't turn the T.V. on during the day..I just opened my porch door and listened to the ocean. Or, I was on the beach shell hunting and walking:):)  

 One morning on my walks these fishermen were collecting their catch for the day. Notice the pelican in the background?... there were several of them waiting for a hand out :):)
 My Parents and sister took me to Savannah, Georgia for my Birthday..and we took a trolley tour ride..then eat at Paula Deen's restaurant!! Yummy!!!
              My sister (left) and her friend Michelle took me out to dinner one night....(girls night!!)

        Ms. Pat showed up for a visit!! She brought the opportunity quilt with her that the St. Augustine Piecemakers are working on with her!!! It was awesome to see!! She brought lunch with her..and stayed for a nice long chat!! I really miss you Ms. Pat :):) Thank you so much for driving such a LONG way to see me!! Love you !!!
           The hotel had a pool and a HOT TUB!!! which I was in everyday!!! Here is my sweet Mom enjoying a soak:):) She was with me for many of the days I was here:):) Enjoyed her visit the 2nd most. Thanks Dad for letting me have her for the week :):)
  The visit I enjoyed the MOST...was my second born whom I haven't seen in a year!! My son, Nicholas!!! He had 2 days off and drove from Pensacola to see just me:):) ....sigh .... why do they have to grow up and live sooo far away? Why cant they just stay close to their Mommas?
....sigh.... I really miss my sons.... 
I enjoyed my visit with just was not long enough!

Well, that was my trip home....hope you enjoyed the show and tell.
Until next time
Much love- Sandie


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