Sunday, March 3, 2013

Art Romp Part 3

       I thought I would start today's final post of My Art Romp trip with the AMAZING ladies I had the great pleasure of hanging out with for a week .....These ladies were just super sweet and fun to hang out with! We all got along great!!!! It is my hope that they will be life long friends :):)

   I wanted to insert a picture of Catherine's car here!!  Very cool indeed:)

                                  Next, I will show you some stuff I picked up  ........Enjoy!

                                           I bought my Tombow markers at Dick blick
    Also from Dick Blick I got these amazing giant moleskin's. 11x13 and 16x20....can't wait to work in them:):)
                                                          New tapes and stickers:):)
                                                     Finger monsters for my kiddo:):)
                                                 Carla Sonheim's book- which she signed for me:):)

                                                      a better look at all my goodies:):)
....and here is all the stuff I came home with just piled on my desk after taking it all out of my suitcase :):)  
                                  The next set of photos are just fun pics I took on my trip........
                                                                Cynthia and myself
                                                   Norma, Teesha, Lisa at the water fall:):)
                                         .....yummy Chocolate being hand rolled and made:):)
                                                              Close up of Tracy-man:):)
                                   a bucket of tentacles any one??? ..and YES..I bought some:):)

                                           Grandpa Tracy loving on Grandpup.."Sherlock"
      One of Tracy's AWESOME metal journals...not sure how he carries these...that are very heavy!!!!
 Cathrine came bearing gifts...She made small journals for every Art Romp Student!!! I love mine Catherine...Thank you !!!!

                               .......and finally ....The last photo of my Art Romp experience.....
                                         The most AWESOME people you will ever meet........
                                                                Teesha and Tracy Moore
                   I want to thank them both for the amazing week I had with them.....they opened their home and their studio supplies to us....and I have never been so well taken care of...except by my hubby:):) The entire experience was life changing for me...I will never forget. I hope to have Teesha and Tracy ...and all the girls as long time friends:):)

                            Please visit Teesha's blog HERE..... and Tracy's blog HERE

                   Thanks to all my followers for joining me on my trip through my blog:):)
                                                            Much Love- Sandie


Lesley said...

Wonderful post! What a time you had...thanks for sharing such great pics of your art romp!

Colleen said...

Hi Sandie! Great pictures! And omg - what an awesome pile of stuff - how did you fit it all in your suitcase!?!

Kathy said...

This sounds like the experience of a lifetime and I am so glad you got to go. Thank you for sharing!

Linda said...

Lots of new fun items to play with and good memories. Enjoyed the postings.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

What a fun time. Such great friends, great hosts and the most wonderful memories you'll have forever.
I loved reading along on your adventure.

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