Monday, April 22, 2013

New Vacation Pin Quilt:):)

Decided I needed a new vacation pin quilt as I filled up my last one. I have had this Bali pop sitting around for no time like the present:):)
I thought I would just sew them together in strip form...boring!!! squares looked better for me:):)
...the top.... still a little boring...hmmm, what can I do......

A little wonky on the edges...YES!!!!
I decided to free hand my quilting
 ...making flowers with the Clover flower maker....

....close up of the flowers and some of my pins....
....I am really happy with this new quilt :):)

Hope you all have a week
Much Love

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sweet Salvage Find:):)

Just a little show and tell....I went to Sweet Salvage with my friend Karen on Thursday. Oh My Goodness...COLOR!!!!! Was everywhere!!! As you all know I am a color gal :):) And this month it was the Bohemian style :):):) Happy Camper that was me...color as far as the eye could see!! I took 2 steps in...and BOMB!!!!! I knew I was coming home with it is.....

                                     I mean REALLY!!!! You know I had to have that!!!!!
                     This beauty is made out of metal...very cool:):) I am a very happy girl :):)
                                This is totally going in my new studio with art all around it:):)

                                      Thanks again Sweet Salvage for an awesome time:):)
                                          If you ever get the chance to go should:):)

                                                    Well...that's it for me...see ya:):)
                                                              Lots of hugs-Sandie

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lovely Mail From Australia :):)

  I now you have heard me say this....but I will say it again.....I LOVE INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!! I have made the coolest friends there. From all over the world. Today I will talk about lovely friend from down under:):) She has the cutest little people that she creates...LOVE them!! They never fail to make me smile when she shows one on IG. I ordered some of her work.....but, since then she and I have become great friends.....we chat all the time:):) Super sweet lady...I really like her a lot!!! Today I got her packages in the mail.....and a wonderful box from my Denmark friend Tina:):)

                  Here I have opened her package...she even sent me some scraps from her desk!!
 Jane wrapped everything so was like my birthday or something!!!! Jane sends out her original art. She is one of the few people I can afford...I will get prints from other artist if that is all I can afford...But I really like it when artists make their art affordable for us common folk....I like the real stuff a lot better :):)
...and here are my new art pieces!!! They are mixed media canvas measuring 4x4, and 5x7. So, sweet!!! They just make me so happy!!!You can find Jane on instagram under the name ... janeblogs
                       .....above is where Jane's work will rest until I get my new studio built:):) Mindy is the two pieces on the out side, while Jane is in the middle, and my quilt hanging behind them all:):) And of course a small part of my ribbon collection under it all:):)
So, the packages Jane sent me had these cute little drawings on them...well I couldn't throw them out!!! So, I peeled them off the package very carefully....and made my own art piece with them:):) If you go back to the first photo you will see where I took them from:) This one measures 5x7
....and the second one!!  Now, I have a collaborated piece of art with my friend all the way from Down Under :):)
The last little drawing I stuck in my art journal!!! ...and found this saying that I really liked. "There is a magic in a long distant friendship. They let you relate to other humans in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound." by Diana Carla.  The background on this page was all the little scraps that Jane sent me...then I added color and paint...then her doodle on top of it all!! Very happy with how they all turned out.
Thanks Jane for making such wonderful art my dear...never stop!!! You little bald people always make me smile and feel good inside...especially now that we have become friends:)

                                                If you want to check Jane out go HERE.

                                                    Thanks so much for stopping by......
                                                             Much Love- Sandie

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Finished UFO:):)

I have been having sooo much fun with the mixed media side of me....that my quilting has been put on the back burner:):) ...But from time to time I feel the need to quilt and sew!! I LOVE the sound of my sewing machines hum:) So, I have decided to pull out my gazillion UFO's laying around and just start finishing them. The above quilt has been pinned and ready to quilt for 6 months (yikes):)

Here is a better view of me working on it!!! Very excited...coming around the last corner!!! As, you see the T.V. is on..I watch movies while I quilt...or listen to them. It took me 5 movies to get this beauty quilted up:):)
All done!!!! Yeah!!!
I was trying to give you a shot of the quilting...but, I cant see it. I used the swirl design I like to do..with flowers thrown in the mix.
Here is the back..I think you can see it better here.

Did ya notice I learned how to add watermarks on my photo's?!!! 
Very happy about that..I had a very patient teacher... Karen Valentine:):)
Thanks sweetie for teaching me:):)
..and now I am off to start a quick project. I have a vacation pin quilt that is very full. I need more space.  So I have decided to make a new spiffier one for the house...I am using this Bali Pop...(watermelon) yummy, love the colors. Will show you it in a few days:):)

Thanks for stopping by ya'll
Have a great day
Much love- Sandie

Monday, April 8, 2013

21 Secrets Project :):)

Today's class was brought to me by the lovely....Erin Bassett. She taught on wearable arts:):) I fell in love with her sneakers idea..and took myself off to Target to get some sneaks:):)

           The green ones I played with first..the white ones I will do a zentangle all over them!!!
                LOL!!! At one point I had 4 projects I was working on at the same time!!! Yikes!!!
                                                                  ...add some paint.....
                                                             ...then some markers......
 ...and Cinderella got some new shoes:):)...giggle:):) These shoes have no laces...they have elastic under where the laces should slip on ...slip off!! Love them!!!!!
 Well, that is it for to start another class..there 21 in total...I have done 3 so far!! WOW!!!
On a personal note.... my son (baby bear) came home for Easter...the Marine. He is shipping off again for another tour of keep him in your prayers please:):)
                                              Momma Bear and Baby Bear :):)
 When he was in Afghanistan we could not use each others names when he sent me, we started calling ourselves Momma Bear and Baby Bear :):)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Junk Trade From Denmark:):)

   Hello ...lovely, wonderful Visitors:):):) Thank you so much for stopping by to see me today:):) I wanted to share with you a Junk swap I did with my Instagram friend Pia Diem...who lives in Denmark:):) Her IG name is "doodlediem"......She had posted on IG one day about all the scraps on her desk..and how she had to get rid of them in order to work...I commented  that she should bag them up and mail them to me:):) I was joking of course..but Pia thought that was a great idea and sent me a bag of all the stuff off her desk!!! (above picture) Most of the writing is in Danish...cant read it..but it is WAY cool. So, I sent her my scraps off my desk...we are very happy with each others stuff. You know the saying..."One woman's another woman's treasure!!!"
.....close up of Pia's stuff......
So, I set out to make a 11x14 collage of all her stuff she sent me!!
...getting there...still needs more....
At this point I forgot to take more process pictures..and skipped right to the finished project :)
Pia sent me the chip board on the left all ready stamped..I just dressed it up a bit.
...I even used the stamps from the package:):)
Pia is an AWESOME doodler..I like to call her the Doodle "Queen" :):) She has a You Tube channel..where she shows her self working on projects while she doodles. So, I turned on several of her video's while I was working away on this piece..and her work influenced me greatly:):) She has these fantastic eyes that she, one got on my piece:):)
...ta-da!!! the finished piece. Now I have a memory art piece from my friend in Denmark:):)
I am sooo thrilled with it!!!

Be sure to check out Pia's blog HERE
...and her YouTube channel HERE

Thanks again for checking out what I'm up too:):)
Much love my friends 

P.S. I am making mixed media art like crazy right now....the 21 sercets has my creative engines all revved up!!! Stay tuned there are more posts coming than I know what to do it is now I have 3 waiting their turn to be posted. :):)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Signed up for 21 Secrets!!!

I'm soooo excited!!! I have never done this workshop before....and after one day...WOW!!!! If you are an art journaler, mixed media fan...or even thinking about it...or wanting to learn how....this is the workshop for YOU!!! For 60.00 bucks you get 21 teachers who now their stuff!!! You print out the workbook shown above....and then all the teachers have oodles of videos and they have discussions on any thing you may need help with !!! Super cool.  If you want to know more click HERE.
 I am taking Terri Kahrs class first!!! I love her work...her blog is HERE. Above is the little journal I am making for her class.

 Getting the pages ready for art work. I have a few more to color...I will post more pics as I go along:):)
Hope every one is having a great day:):)
Much love- Sandie

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