Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Finished UFO:):)

I have been having sooo much fun with the mixed media side of me....that my quilting has been put on the back burner:):) ...But from time to time I feel the need to quilt and sew!! I LOVE the sound of my sewing machines hum:) So, I have decided to pull out my gazillion UFO's laying around and just start finishing them. The above quilt has been pinned and ready to quilt for 6 months (yikes):)

Here is a better view of me working on it!!! Very excited...coming around the last corner!!! As, you see the T.V. is on..I watch movies while I quilt...or listen to them. It took me 5 movies to get this beauty quilted up:):)
All done!!!! Yeah!!!
I was trying to give you a shot of the quilting...but, I cant see it. I used the swirl design I like to do..with flowers thrown in the mix.
Here is the back..I think you can see it better here.

Did ya notice I learned how to add watermarks on my photo's?!!! 
Very happy about that..I had a very patient teacher... Karen Valentine:):)
Thanks sweetie for teaching me:):)
..and now I am off to start a quick project. I have a vacation pin quilt that is very full. I need more space.  So I have decided to make a new spiffier one for the house...I am using this Bali Pop...(watermelon) yummy, love the colors. Will show you it in a few days:):)

Thanks for stopping by ya'll
Have a great day
Much love- Sandie


Marilou Bain said...

You go girl, that is one amazing quilt and alot of work!
Hugs and glad you are having fun!
Marilou xoxo

MariQuilts said...

It's looking fabulous!!

Fran Kingston Dill said...

Beautiful, love that quilt pattern.

Vicki W said...

I love that quilt! Is there a pattern?

laurajane said...

Lovely quilt,fantastic quilting.As you know I am new to FMQ having being taught by you via email last year.I can now do squiggly lines lol.Trying to master better patterns...must keep at it.xx

Debra said...

Wow Sandie that's a gorgeous quilt. Love all those bright happy colours together. Your quilting looks really good. I'm currently quilting a quilt that I'm sure has been basted for 2 years. It's just straight lines and I've hated doing it but will be very happy to have conquered another UFO. Noticed the watermarks, very professional :)

Qltr89 said...

Well done! Your quilt has such vibrant colors, very nice.

Lisa said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I love the colors.

Jen said...

HI! Sandra, Your quilting is beautiful and the fabric colours are lovely and bright and happy. It is a good feeling to finish a UFO.

Art and Sand said...

I just found you via My Desert Cottage who mentioned that you love color. Me too!'''

I just finished my space for creating and am retiring in 48 days. I am going to spend some time looking at all your different ideas because I get to play for the rest of my life.

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