Thursday, April 4, 2013

Junk Trade From Denmark:):)

   Hello ...lovely, wonderful Visitors:):):) Thank you so much for stopping by to see me today:):) I wanted to share with you a Junk swap I did with my Instagram friend Pia Diem...who lives in Denmark:):) Her IG name is "doodlediem"......She had posted on IG one day about all the scraps on her desk..and how she had to get rid of them in order to work...I commented  that she should bag them up and mail them to me:):) I was joking of course..but Pia thought that was a great idea and sent me a bag of all the stuff off her desk!!! (above picture) Most of the writing is in Danish...cant read it..but it is WAY cool. So, I sent her my scraps off my desk...we are very happy with each others stuff. You know the saying..."One woman's another woman's treasure!!!"
.....close up of Pia's stuff......
So, I set out to make a 11x14 collage of all her stuff she sent me!!
...getting there...still needs more....
At this point I forgot to take more process pictures..and skipped right to the finished project :)
Pia sent me the chip board on the left all ready stamped..I just dressed it up a bit.
...I even used the stamps from the package:):)
Pia is an AWESOME doodler..I like to call her the Doodle "Queen" :):) She has a You Tube channel..where she shows her self working on projects while she doodles. So, I turned on several of her video's while I was working away on this piece..and her work influenced me greatly:):) She has these fantastic eyes that she, one got on my piece:):)
...ta-da!!! the finished piece. Now I have a memory art piece from my friend in Denmark:):)
I am sooo thrilled with it!!!

Be sure to check out Pia's blog HERE
...and her YouTube channel HERE

Thanks again for checking out what I'm up too:):)
Much love my friends 

P.S. I am making mixed media art like crazy right now....the 21 sercets has my creative engines all revved up!!! Stay tuned there are more posts coming than I know what to do it is now I have 3 waiting their turn to be posted. :):)


iHanna said...

Oh what a fun bunch of papers and you put them to good use. Very creative!

Marlynne said...

What a fun trade, and you did such a neat job on your journal page!

Marrianna said...

I'm loving your mixed media art that you are learning in the 21 Secrets online workshops. I enjoyed the YouTube videos that your Instagram buddy posted and signed on as a subscriber. And a follower of her blog. The question I have for you is this: how do I translate what she writes into English?

Thanks and keep up the great and colorful work.

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