Monday, May 27, 2013

21 Secrets Update

 As you know I am taking the 21 Secrets class Connie Hozvicka.  I am having a blast so far all the teachers have been awesome. Above is Cathy Bluteau..." Doodling Our Way" .....these are my two pages from her class.
                                                    Really enjoyed myself in this class.
                          My next class was by Tammy Garcia.... "Watercolor Playground"
 ...Tammy takes you through waterclor basics. I have never played with I was excited to get started:):)
                                                              .... word bubbles....
                                                             ....slow journaling.....
...and then the last page....just playing with watercolors :):)
Well, that is my play time in class so far...
I'm off to a book making class in the morning:):)

much love- Sandie

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Journal Peek :):)

    Good day lovely peoples:):) I thought I would show you a peek inside my journal of late:) I decided to try my hand at some water coloring.... started with some circles...
                                                            ...then added a black marker....
                                               ......working on  a background page.......
Then the finished page......  Hope y'all have a super day!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Update on my Blogger Quilt

      So, here is the update of where I am on my Blogger BOM.  I got the sashing done...then I needed to decide how to set the quilt.  I am a huge Kaffe Fassett I thought I would go scrappy all around the quilt.......hmmmm....I am feeling like the blocks are lost in all that color...........

....then I decided to go with yellow Kaffe to set the quilt.... better.....but, the room this quilt is going to hang in is lime green....and I think the yellow and lime green will just not work for me.......
                           .....then I decided to try PINK.....Yes!!!! I'm totally liking the pink!!!!

 ....and here is the top on my lawn:):) I really like it. 
Now ...I'm off to work on the backing, layering, and quilting:):)

Thanks for dropping by
Much love- Sandie

Monday, May 13, 2013

Working on My Blogger's BOM

 Hello Blog land :):) I am still trying to kick some of my UFO's to the curb :):) Today I pulled out my Blogger's get it ready for sashing and piecing. I stuck them all up on my board to figure out how??? I wanted to piece them together....and decided to put them on point...I love quilts that are on point.
          I LOVE this black and green polka-dot from the Kaffe Fassett line!!! Perfect for sashing!!!
                                     , cornerstones or straight sash?????
Yep....I definitely like the cornerstones a lot!!!!

I didn't have enough blocks for this lay out...I was one block, one of my favorite Kaffe's became the center of this quilt:))

.....and I'm decided to show you that I can never seem to quilt just one quilt at a time!!!! I always have at least two quilts I'm sewing at the same time.

These little baskets made it into the mix of my sewing the BOM together today!! So, when I am done sewing this top together...these little blocks will be done , and any other project I want to throw in the mix:):)   That's me...always the multitasking queen :):)

Well, that is what I was up to today!!!
Hope ya'll had a great creative day:):)
Much love- Sandie

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fabric Journal

 I went to my dear friend Karen Valentine's house last week and had a whole bunch of fun making this fabric journal. Here are the pictures I took while I was there.....enjoy!!!
                                                                    Making the cover....
                                                                wrapping the frame....
                                                                making my fabric roses.....

                                                                     finished roses.....
                                       my finished cover......and a look inside the rest of my book:):)

All When I go to Paris in the Fall....I will be on the hunt for Paris postcards to put in my new fabric journal.

Here are some class you can see we were having fun:):)
Karen has a very lovely home...I always enjoy spending time with her in her house....and her beautiful garden. Thanks Karen for the class....really enjoyed myself:):)

Thanks for stopping by...I love to hear from you so leave me a note:):)
much love- Sandie

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Peek Into My Art Journals :):)

I thought I would show you some of my journal pages..... above is a doodle I did watching TV. Then I used watercolors to make it bright.

                                  In my 21 Secrets class I did a self portrait journal spread.....
                             is the full spread. The dots are my thumb prints:):)

I got some scraps from my friend in Denmark...Pia Diem. I took her scraps and made this journal page:):)
 ...and then my friend from down under...sent me scraps from her desk...and I made this journal page with those left over scraps:):)
This is what I started with .... next I will add color!!
Ta-Da....The doodle was also Jane's..... I used to make this page with all the scraps.

Hope you all have enjoyed a climpse into my art journals:):)
Much love - Sandie

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A New Canvas :):)

I decided to make myself a new art piece for my studio. I love this saying... 
Take Pride In How Far You Have Come...
And Have Faith In How Far You Can Go!!
I used lots of layers ...paper, paints, spray inks, molding paste, and glitter.
I used my baby photo:) I was 7 months old in this photo. 
I was such a HAPPY BABY :):)
 I found the lime green frame at Sweet Salvage. I have had it for a while...and finally found a piece I can use it with:):) Very happy with the results:):):)

Sorry..I haven't been around last week...I was hit hard with a super bad cold!!!!
I am doing much better now...and completely on the mend:):)

Hope ya'll have a great week
Much Love- Sandie

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