Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Letter A

 Good Morning.... I am working away at several project right now....but, I was getting very over-whelmed  with them...so, I put them aside and settled on something that would be quick and easy:):) I started in on this letter A..... Adding vintage papers.......

                                                         ...modeling paste, and gesso.....

                                         ....and then some stains...and then a touch of teal:):)
          Now you might be asking yourself..."What is the A for Sandie?" Well, thanks for asking:):)
               I went to Sweet Salvage a while ago..and found these two awesome rusty metal letters:):)
        I really wanted an A...but never found one....so what is a girl to do???  Make one:)...so I did:):)
I think it turned out pretty good:):) I will hang it in my studio:):)

Well, I'm off to do some more sewing...boy, quilts sure do take a loooong time to get made:):)

Happy sewing and crafting my friends:):)
Much Love- Sandie

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm Hosting A New Trade :):)

 I have decided to host another Art Swap!!! I love trading art with other artists:) The last time I did a trade it was with fabric...Quilties. This time I am doing a mixed media (paper) trade.

You make 4) 5x7 art pieces out of sturdy paper. I used 140lbs watercolor paper. Just use paper that is sturdy enough for all the mixed media stuff you put on it. 
 Like...paint, markers, collage, tissue, ribbons, laces, vintage pages, glitter, modeling paste, watercolor...well you get my meaning....anything and everything.

There will be no theme....just what ever you feel like making.

 You can make them all alike or make each one very different. Above I started mine...they are a like so far...but I haven't finished them yet...so they could become different when I am done:):)

The mail out date will be the 15th of every month.
First trade is July 15th.

To join email me your home address and I will send you a info/welcome letter with more details.

I started this trade on Instagram......so, if you want to follow along there....look up #haswap
This trade is going to be awesome...we have quite a few players..from all over the world.

You can pop in and out of this trade as life gets in the way.
Just let me know you are sending your art work...and mail them on time..and they are in the trade:):)

I love doing trades...because sometimes we can't all afford other peoples art work...this is a way to get others art without spending to much money...just shipping.

Also...it is a great way to encourage others to make art. 

So, I hope you will join me:):)
Much love- Sandie

Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm Back From Vacation:):)

 Hello....everyone:):) I am back from my Vacation!!! I had a wonderful time...here are some pictures of my visit home (Florida) and a little get a way with my Hubby to Las Vegas:):) Hope you enjoy my pictures....

Above we are in Florida with our second oldest child ...Nicholas. He has his own apartment now...and he hosted us for several days:):) Our daughter is being a camera ham:):)...giggle
 went to the beach...you knew I would :) Here is a #sunshineshot picture that I took for a IG friend:):)
                                       I even got my Mom to do a #sunshineshot as well:):)
              My family and I never leave the beach without shark tooth hunting...here was our find:)
                                                  eeked in some time for stamp carving....

                                             Our Vegas hotel had a shark exhibit.....yikes!!!!
                      baby stingrays..... and a jelly fish tank as well...you can see it behind me:):)
 .....sigh....and a nice big bathtub!!! I took a hot bath every night we stayed....can you tell I don't have a bathtub at home..... but, soon I will :):)
 ...as we walked through every hotel...the carpets were driving me nuts!!!!!! I wanted my art journal sooo bad , so I could draw the rugs...so I settled for pictures...I will add all the rugs into my journals:):)

                                     the next few photos are of all the places we saw or did....

I have always wanted to see Celine in person...and my sweet hubby took me to see her concert!!!!! It was a 110 out of 10....FABULOUS!!!!! 
 ....and finally we came home...it is always wonderful to come home from a long vacation...at least I think so:) My girls were in a doggie resort for 9 days....this is us at home just after picking them up....they were very happy to see me...and me them as well.

Well, thanks for stopping by...I am off to start making stuff again....REALLY missed my art room:):)

See ya soon.
Much love- Sandie

Friday, June 7, 2013

A New Canvas

I wanted to show you my very first painted canvas.... I took progress shots so you could see the project grow into an awesome piece of art that will hang in my house:):) It is all paint...no mixed media in it anywhere. It measures 24x36.....Enjoy!! 


...and there you have it:):) I am super thrilled with how this painted turned out.

Thanks for stopping by
Much love-Sandie

I am in Florida as you read this post:):)....to see what I am up to get  the Instagram app and look me up:):) My IG name is sandieloves2art or you can click on the camera button on my sidebar...and you can see on the computer:):) 

Monday, June 3, 2013


Hello, it is good to see you today :):) I got Lesley's baskets in the mail a bit ago...and I'm just getting around to showing you. I am sooooo loving these baskets...we have over 50 collected now. Between the two of us we have over 100 baskets. Lesley lives in Nova Scotia, Canada....... while I live in Arizona, USA. We became friends here in blog land. We have never met...but we became fast friends. Next year I hope to get to Canada to visit Lesley in person.....that will be an awesome day to be able to squeeze her neck:):)

Well, as you all know it is SUMMER.... and my kiddo is out of school....and vacations are on the books....we leave in a few days for FLORIDA....!!!!! I love going home to see my Momma...and now my second son lives there. He has his first apartment, and his own furniture:):) He will be going to school in the Fall. 

All that was said to say my blog posts will be hit and miss over the summer...but, I am still here just having a grand ol' time:):) LOL!!!!!!

Here is to everyone having FUN this summer.

See ya around:):)
Much love- Sandie

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