Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm Hosting A New Trade :):)

 I have decided to host another Art Swap!!! I love trading art with other artists:) The last time I did a trade it was with fabric...Quilties. This time I am doing a mixed media (paper) trade.

You make 4) 5x7 art pieces out of sturdy paper. I used 140lbs watercolor paper. Just use paper that is sturdy enough for all the mixed media stuff you put on it. 
 Like...paint, markers, collage, tissue, ribbons, laces, vintage pages, glitter, modeling paste, watercolor...well you get my meaning....anything and everything.

There will be no theme....just what ever you feel like making.

 You can make them all alike or make each one very different. Above I started mine...they are a like so far...but I haven't finished them they could become different when I am done:):)

The mail out date will be the 15th of every month.
First trade is July 15th.

To join email me your home address and I will send you a info/welcome letter with more details.

I started this trade on, if you want to follow along there....look up #haswap
This trade is going to be awesome...we have quite a few players..from all over the world.

You can pop in and out of this trade as life gets in the way.
Just let me know you are sending your art work...and mail them on time..and they are in the trade:):)

I love doing trades...because sometimes we can't all afford other peoples art work...this is a way to get others art without spending to much money...just shipping. is a great way to encourage others to make art. 

So, I hope you will join me:):)
Much love- Sandie


Art and Sand said...

I'm in.

Marlynne said...

I like your new swap idea but not ready to commit again yet. I will keep watching though!

Florida Joy Bedo said...

Hey Girlfriend! I think I am alive again !LOL I am wanting to create! Yay! I love your swap idea! It reminds me of our ATC swaps but bigger! I need to get back to an organized thought of art and expand my thinking right now...I NEED ART THERAPY! :) I want try this one. I am headed to Hobby Lobby with a coupon to buy some 140 lb watercolor paper so I have no excuse but to use it all up with the trade. I'll send you an email! Love Ya, Sis!!!!! Thanks for the trade!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am in! just sent you an email with my info~
sounds like fun!

Holly said...

Hi Sandie! I'm a new follower, and have been looking for an art swap to join. I have pictures of some stuff on Instagram (@hollyem1210)...let me know if I can join you in your swap!

Holly :)

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