Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Art Swap #2 August

        I am super excited to show off this month's Happy Art Swap cards :):) All the Ladies did an awesome job!!! There is so much diversity, color, and just makes me HAPPY :):) Enjoy! 
                                                              Sarah from Australia
                                                             Katie from Nebraska
                                                                  Emily from Canada
                                                               Rachel M. from Florida
                                                                 Pat from Florida
                                                                 Rachel A. from UK
                                                            Dawn from Tennessee
                                                            Kimberly from Connecticut
                                                                    Tina from Denmark
                                                                  Cindy from Arizona
                                                           Marianna D from Arizona
                                                                 Jill from Massachusetts
                                                             Ann-Marie from Canada
                                                               Syda from California
                                                                  Kelly from Canada
                                                        Kathy from New Hampshire
                                                                Celia from Virginia
                                                                   Lori from Florida
                                                         Kelley H from Minnesota
                                                                 Melissa from Texas
                                                           Sedley from North Carolina
                                                                     Leta from Nevada
                                                                   Mivi from Florida
                                                            Shelby from Arkansas
                                                            Katie from South Carolina
                                                                  Bri from Wyoming
                                                           Sharon from Missouri
                                                                  Gloria from Georgia
                                                       Marianna R from Maryland
                                  ...and finally but certainly no the least....... Mandee from Georgia
           These are my keepers for the month:):).....which I love each and every one of them:):)
                                                        .....the sorting process.....
I was even excited that my Darling Hubby wanted in on the action:):) He has loved all the artwork coming into the house...He helped me with the sorting...and saved me several hours:):) Thanks Honey!

Well, that is this months trade...hope you enjoyed the show:):)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hexie Queen Hop :):)

     Welcome Hexie Queen Hoppers:) I am very excited to be part of this super fun hop:):) Thanks to Debby for hosting it....Her blog can be found HERE.  I will have today's list of players at the bottom of this post:):)    So, Hexagons...what can I say about Hexagons? I LOVE them...Have always been fasinated by them:):) Above...was a quilt given to me by a friend...She found it at a gargae sale. It is all hand done!!!! and king sized!!!    Next I will show you my attempts  over the years at making Hexies quilts.
       On a smaller scale...I decided try my own hand at hexies....1/2 inch...yikes...what was I thinking?.....well, I must confess...I have started many Hexie quilts over the years and have never finished I the only one???
                My very first attempt was a 1/4 inch hexie...and this is how far I got on those:):)
                                                        Super tiny!!!                                                                                 
         Here get a better idea of how small they are:):) So, after those failures...I moved on to paper Hexies....They are super fun and fast............
                  I make these for cards all the time:):) Or...other projects.....they are a lot of fun:):)
 I got this very cool die cutter at Hobby Lobby in two sizes....I could punch these out all day...LOL!!!!
    But, with my love of all things Hexies...I decided to try one more time...So, I have been making these in front of the TV ...for a while now....But, I have not sewn them together...cause...well, Its they sat again.....Then I signed up for the Hexie Queen hop...hoping to find inspiration once again:):).... and just went searching for something that would really ring my bell...and I found it...I saw someone on Pinterest sewing Hexies together by machine.....MACHINE??? Yes!!! I was totally in!!!! ...and now I may get a scrappy Hexie quilt done for the first time in my life!!!!! Yeah!!!!!
                 I used clear mono-filament thread, and a very tight, small zig-zag...and presto!!! You have a quilt:):)

                     Sew them in long rows ...then sew the rows together....Easy Peasy!!!!!

                         The tight zig-zag perforates the paper super easy....makes for quick removal :):)
So, here is how far I got in just two hours...I am off and running and know exactly where I am taking this quilt...will post as it grows!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...hope you find a wee bit of inspiration while you are here:):)

Be sure to go and check out the rest of the Ladies and their blogs and see what awesome Hexie quilts they are up to:):)
                                                               Around the Homestead 

                                                        Sew Mollie Sue, Quilt Much?



Monday, August 19, 2013

Peek into my Journals...and Bathroom Finish

        I have been super busy the last 2 weeks....with the house renovations....I have done pretty much zippo art!!! But, I have quite a few pages I haven't shown so I thought I would show you a looksey into my journals..... and then the last photos are of the finished bathroom:):)

                                              The 2 butterflies are made of washi tape:):)

                               This journal page was inspired by my friend Kelly Watts.
                                         Pattern Play with the Sewn class by Mary Ann Moss.

               ....Some times I like a page so much...I repeat it several trade journals.

                            My new bathroom finish:):) So, very happy with the end results:):)
                                                New bathtub....deep soaking tub:):):)
 There are no decorations up yet..... but, my friend will be over on Friday to help me figure it out:):)
Enough said on the last photo:):)

Hope you all are having a great week:):) Hope to get back to making something soon:):) Hexies...I must work on my hexies for the Hexie blog hop:):)

Bye- Bye
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