Friday, September 20, 2013

Sewing up a Storm :)

 I am getting all my things in order for my big trip..... I needed to make a mini Ipad case....and a present for my Mom.   I leave for Florida Sunday Morning and it is my Mom's birthday. So, I need a present for when I get off the plane:):) I'm really excited about my trip:):) There will be Paris posts while I'm still ( BFF ) Karen....will keep you all up to date on my trip. I will email her photos..and she will post them for me:):) So, stay tuned!!!!
                                                       Working on my Ipad cover:):)

 Then I found this purse pattern that looked easy enough...So, I pulled some butterfly fabric...Mom loves butterflies:):)

All done....I hope she likes it:):)
Well, I'm off to pack....some more...LOL!!!

I have one more post coming next week...of a new canvas I did. I think you will like it:):)


Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Peek At My Paris Journals nine days I leave for my trip of a life time:) I have had Paris on my bucket list since I was a little girl:):) I asked my sister over a year ago if she was game...she said "YES"....and I cant hardly believe it...but, its now just a few days away:):) On the 27th my toes will be walking on Paris ground...YEAH!!!!!  So, you know I just had to make a Paris journal to play in while I was there!! ...and even though my kid sis is not a journaler...I made her one too. I think I my be able to get her into it on this trip:):) Above, the process has begun.... The maps I used are of Paris.
                                                                 Inside covers...
                                                      Stamp for the front cover......
 Finished covers.... I circled the Paris spots on the maps....added washi tape, chipboard, paint, and buttons....
The back covers...another Paris stamp....and several coats of varnish....and the covers are done!!!
                    I bought some flat pockets for putting extras add to our journals:)
 ...and since I'm a huge washi tape fan...I cant go with out I made these little sleeves to fit inside the pockets I bought...washi tape to go:):)
          Here are some pictures of the insides of the books...I sewed velum into them as pockets:)
                            ....more pockets...they will hold little things we collect....
and here you can see all the pages...different types and sizes...and watercolor paper as way am I going to Paris and NOT drawing and painting:):)
LOL!! I spy a puppy in the photo...I didnt notice until I was writing this post:):)

Very excited!!!! Paris here I come:):)
I will be showing some blog posts of me in good friend Karen will post the pictures for, stay tuned:):)
Much love- Sandie

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just A Little Sewing

       Just a little bit of sewing going on between art journal making:):) I got my baskets done for Lesley...finally!!!! They are on there way to her in Canada:):)
 ......and I'm still sewing my hexies together.....loving this method of putting them together:):)

                                                    Still working on this beauty                                           
 ....and I just can't seem to sew something with out sewing another project in between what I'm sewing on. So, these tumblers were stacked next to my sewing machine...and every time I need to start or stop.....I put a pair of tumblers through my some point I will have an extra quilt top:):)
Thanks for stopping in to see what I'm up to....I'm gearing up for my Paris trip coming up in 3 weeks!!!!!! I have been planning this trip for a year now...and its almost here!!!! Next post I will show you my Paris Travel journals that I made:):)

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