Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Canvas

 I made another very colorful canvas the other day...just thought I would give you a looksey while I was making it:):) Enjoy!!

 ....finished can still see the papers peeking through..and I added modeling paste for texture as's definitely a canvas that screams look see all the depths:):)
Close up of one section:):)
Thanks for stopping by my wonderful blog friends.
Construction on my new art studio has started...will post pics as it moves along:):)
Very excited!!
Until next time...


laurajane said...

Love it,I love bright colours and that is supreme .xx

Lesley said... reminds me a little of the Kaffe Fassett colorful and pretty!

Marianne said...

there should be a
sign at the top of this post.
Wow !

Eden said...

This is so cool, I wish I could tell how big the canvas is?

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