Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Art Swap #5 November

Well, here we are into November already...boy, where has the time gone?!! We had a fantastic swap this month...we had 33 players!!! So, here they all are....enjoy the show!.... the above cards belong to...
                                                                Tessa from Scotland  
                                                               Rachel from Florida
                                                                   Kim from Connecticut
                                                                   Emily from Canada
                                                                 Sarah from Australia
                                                               Tina from Denmark
                                                              Jill from Massachusetts
                                                              Katie from Nebraska
                                                               Kelley from Minnesota
                                                             Tracy from Oklahoma
                                                           Deborah from Wyoming
                                                                  Kelly from Canada
                                                              Cindy from Arizona
                                                             Dawn from Tennessee
                                                          Kathy from New Hampshire
                                                             Rebecca from South Carolina
                                                           Marianna from Arizona
                                                                  Karen from California

                                                           Chris from Michigan
                                                              Syda from California
                                                          Patricia from Alabama
                                                                Linda from Ohio
                                                       Penelope from Washington
                                                             Leta from Nevada
                                                                    Toni from Arizona
                                                          Marianne from Maryland
                                                               Lynn from Ohio
                                                              Caroline from Texas
                                                                 Shelby from Arkansas
                                                               Sharon from Missouri
                                                             Lori from Florida
Tamara from Illinois
 ...and then there is Me...I made 5 for this swap to share with the group. I will make five every month and give them out until everyone has one of mine:):)

As I did a few months ago I had the FAVORITE contest again...meaning I had 3 judges go through all the cards and pick one that was their favorite. Here are the results....
                                    Judge Karen chose Sharon's beautiful butterfly doodle card:):)
                                        Judge Daughter chose Lori's amazing sea shell card.
...and Judge Hubby chose Syda's wonderful face card:)

Congrats to the 3 winner's you will be getting your 3 cards in the mail plus...6 more. A total of 9 awesome art cards will be coming your way!!!!!!

Again Ladies...THANK YOU soooooo much for trusting me with your wonderful artwork...and playing with this amazing group of artists!!!!

December cards are next....please come and play again!!!
If you are interested in playing just email me:):)

Much love....and HAPPY THANKSGIVING....
Swap Momma- Sandie


Penelope Samuel said...

So much beautiful art!! Thank you Sandy for organizing and facilitating this swap! It was so much fun to participate, and I cannot wait to receive my happy mail :)See you next month!!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the diversity of the art in this group! I can't wait to get involved, hopefully December!

Lesley said...

Amazing collection of art! Looks like you have found so many kindred spirits in your art world! Way to go!

Vario Creative Art said...

Wow! This month has incredible cards!!! GREAT JOB everyone!!! (Jill@glimmerbug.com)

Vario Creative Art said...

Wow! This month has incredible cards!!! GREAT JOB everyone!!! (Jill@glimmerbug.com)

Marrianna said...

All, and I mean all, of this month's cards are fantastic. Looking forward to getting mine. I'll see you soon, dear friend.

Deborah OHare said...

These are lovely! Looking forward to receiving some of your art :D

Marlynne said...

Enjoyed looking at the card exchange again for old times sake!

di said...

These are all SO AMAZING Sandie!!!! I am hoping and praying that I can start playing along again in January! I sure am missing out on some fantastic art from everyone! <3

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