Monday, November 11, 2013

Kaffe Fasset and Friends :)

On Sunday I went to my once a month class called "Kaffe Fasset and Friends" at a store called the Bernina  Connection. LOVE this monthly get-together. As I'm sure you have figured out...we make quilts with our Kaffe Fasset stashes!!!! Yummy!!!!

Above, is Kate...and this is her very FIRST quilt!!! We are very proud of her!!!

 Then we have Tova...who used the more muted Kaffe's that she had to achieve this wonderful delight:):)
 ...and then she brought in 3 ring note books that she covered in Kaffe (on the right)..She is going to share how she did this at our next meeting.
....and then Barb...wowed us with her quilt that she is working on...she has more to do on it...but, brought us the quilt so far!!! LOVE the colors!!!!
 ...and then there was Me....I brought in my Queen size Kaffe quilt for the girls to see. I quilted this myself on my Bernina. Very happy with this quilt...Kaffe's fabric just makes me soooo HAPPY:):)

Well, I am still working like crazy on my new art space. And my company coming...Ms. Marianne, and my boys are coming home for an early Christmas!!! I NEED to get my house clean and back in order:):)

Thanks for stopping by, and leaving me a "How-do-you-do"
Much love- Sandie


Marrianna said...

Wow, everybody's quilts are wonderful. Such great colors, too. I made 1 quilt when I took a quilting class and have not made another. Maybe it's time to get the fabric stash and make a simple quilt where the colors do the talking. Thank you for sharing the beautiful artwork with us.

Jen said...

HI! Sandie, Your quilt is fabulous the fabric and colours. Thanks for the quilt show they are wonderful. Looking foreward to seeing the "Women's Cave" aka the sewing room when it is done.

Karen Valentine said...

They are all lovely!!!!1 You are not going to believe this... (neutral girl that I am) but I LOVE Kate's quilt! It's so bright and intense!!

I cant wait to see how you use your Kaffe fabric in your new studio!!

Love you sweetie! See ya tomorrow!

Lesley said...

Beautiful quilt, Sandie! Loved seeing all those beauties!

Maggie said...

LOVE me some Kaffe Fassett! What an amazing colorist!! One of my clients manufactures tote bags and Kaffe did a couple of designs for her; they are by far my favorites---so vivid and gutsy.

And all of these quilts are wonderful! The one by Kate is so vibrant. Gorgeous.

And wow, your new studio is looking pretty FAB, Sandie! Lucky you!!

Marlynne said...

Oh how fun! Love his fabric! Really neat quilt Sandie!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

What a fun time! Love all the quilts.

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