Saturday, November 30, 2013

Let's Build A Snowman:)

 Let's go out and build a snowman...shall we?? Ummm...since I live in Arizona...there is no how about we make some out of Styrofoam. I went over to Karen Valentine's house and made an adorable snowman!!!! Go over to here blog HERE...and you will find her snowman tutorial you can buy and make a dozen of these cuties:):)  We started with just two simple shapes:)

                                                         ...he is starting to take shape:):)

                                                     ....adding sprinkles and glitter:):)
                                                          ....I am having a great time!!!!
                                                     .....I am in love with this little guy:):)
                                                ....finishing the bottom of my snowman.
                All done.... Joy, Sandie (Me), and Denise... Aren't they just the cutest?!!!!

                                                                  .... close up....
I had such a wonderful time!! Thanks Karen for another great class!!!!
Now...I'm off to decorate my house for Christmas:):)
Much Love- Sandie


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh Sandra
These snowmen are really gorgeous and a great project to kick start for Christmas decorating!
You're really lucky with the classes you've got over there.....

Happy Sunday

Createology said...

Absolutely adorable snowmen you each created. Classes are such fun. Creative Bliss...

laurajane said...

Lovely,looks like you had great fun too Sandie.xx

straythreads said...

very elegant snowmen but making a snowman with a tank top on is just wrong ha Looks like a really fun day!!

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